NeoArms 18mm/12 Manual Action Shotgun

NeoArms ShotgunThe NeoArms 18mm/12 Manual Action Shotgun is a TL-12 version of the Neostead Corporation's shotgun of the same type. Claude Murdoch did the conversion into FF&S stats.

The NeoArms 18mm/12 MAS is a bullpup configuration, manually operated, pump action shotgun, using a fixed breech face and a movable barrel as the cyclic action. The weapon is chambered for Imperial Standard 18mmx 70mm shotgun rounds, and fabricated from superdense stampings in order to minimize assembly costs and maintenance requirements.

Operation of the weapon requires the operator to push the slide/barrel assembly forward, until it clears the shell case, which is held in position against the fixed breech by the extractor. As the barrel clears the case, the shell is ejected down though the receiver assembly, and a fresh cartridge is forced from the 'active' cylinder, down the feed ramp, until aligned with the barrel against the breech face. When the slide/barrel is pulled rearward, the barrel locks with the breech, allowing the weapon to be fired.

The dual feed assembly consists of two 5-round tubular magazines, mounted side by side, each above the barrel, with the assembly hinged to the forward portion of the weapon's frame. To load the weapon, the magazines are unlocked, and the breech end tipped up, exposing the mouth of the tubes. Upward movement of the tubes is restrained by the elevated rail sight assembly, the housing of which doubles as a carrying handle. At the rear of the magazines, above the receiver, is the magazine selector. It is operated by a simple external ambidextrous push plate, located above the weapons safety, on the side of the receiver group. Magazine selection involves pushing the plate while the barrel is locked to the breech.

With the simple iron sights folded out of the way on the carrying handle rail, various short range optics/pointers can be mounted to increase close range accuracy. The fore grip can be fitted with a folding or fixed vertical grip, to assist in weapon operation and control in close quarters. The trigger guard is removable for operation with gloves. An adjustable choke muzzle brake is fitted, for recoil reduction, and shot pattern adjustment.

Tech Level:Average Stellar (12)
Weapon Type:Pump action longarm
Ammunition:18x70 mm TL-12 shotgun
Muzzle Energy:3775 J (Tranq: 2265 J)
Weapon Length:72.25 cm
Weapon Mass: 1.812 kg loaded, 1.168 kg empty, with no magazine.
Weapon Price:281 Cr
Magazine Mass:0.322 kg loaded, 0.055 kg empty
Magazine Price:0 Cr (Two 5-round tubular magazines)
Ammo Price: 0.53 Cr (Ball, Shot), 1.06 Cr (DS, HE, Tranq), 1.59 Cr (HEAP), 2.65 Cr (Flechette)
Ammo Mass: 53.4 g each; 1.602 kg for box of 30; 0.534 kg for box of 5 (specialty rounds)
Features:Bullpup stock, iron sight, muzzle brake.

Traveller: TNE Combat Stats
TypeROFDamValPenRtgBulk MagazineRecoilShort Range
BallPA42-3-Nil45i 540 (40)
DSPA41-2-345i5 50 (48)
HEPA8Nil45i5 30 (30)
HEAPPA82-2-245i5 30 (30)
TranqPA-1*Nil45i3 20 (24)
4 5i58
Flechette**1x24Nil45i 540 (40)


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