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The table below contains links to data for various sectors. Some of them are off on other people's websites. The eras covered vary but are only CT, MT, & TNE-1202. Someday, I hope to have 1248 data, but that's still a ways off. The default is TNE with MT data. Years listed in parentheses indicate sites for that time period only.

Stellar data continues to be off. I wish it was never added to the game. Between incorrect stellar population distribution, varieties that don't exist, and garden worlds orbiting the stellar equivalents of a wet match, it's proven to be more of a headache than a feature. While I've tried to fix all three, I don't believe I can make Traveller's stars and planets jibe with what we're learning about the cosmos, particularly M-class dwarves, and still be what I consider to be fun. I've decided to err on the side of fun. Please forgive me.

2021 UPDATE: Thanks to Brett Kruger, a copy of B.A.R.D. has been salvaged. Links to its sector data have been restored.

Zhdant Tienspevnekr Usingou Gvurrdon Tuglikki Provence Windhorn Meshan Mendan Amdukan
Yiklerzdanzh Far Frontiers Foreven
Spinward Marches Deneb Corridor Vland Lishun
Antares Empty Quarter
Fulani Vanguard
The Beyond Trojan Reach Reft Gushemege Dagudashaag Core Fornast Ley
Theron Iphigenaia Touchstone Riftspan Reaches Verge Ilelish
Zarushagar Massilia Delphi Glimmerdrift
Faoheiroi' iyhao Ftaoiyekyu Afawahisa Hlakoi Ealiyasiyw Reaver's Deep Daibei Diaspora Old Expanses Hinterworlds
Esai'yo Waroatohe Karleya Staihaia'yo Iwahfuah Dark Nebula Magyar Solomani Rim Alpha Leonis Spica
Kefiykhta Heakhaeaw Etakhasoa Aktifao Ulistilrao Ustral Quadrant Canopus Aldebaran Neworld Langere
Fahreahluis Hfiywitir Irlaftalea Teahloarifu Ahkiweahi Banners Hanstone Malorn Hadji Stoerr

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