House Rules

This section contains write-ups of how things work in my Traveller Universe. It includes stuff that I've written up, collaborated on with others, published here with the permission of the author, or just link to.

Aslan Collapse Procedure - My proposed tweak to the TNE World Collapsing Procedure to accommodate Aslan worlds.

Gas Giants - The link will bring you to Ken Pick's thorough update on everyone's favorite free refuelling station.

Gun Combat Rules - Doesn't everyone have their own idea on how this works? My version is d6 but relies heavily upon TNE.

Heretical Engineering Rules - Some modifications that I feel enhance the performance of starships without going overboard, though plenty would disagree.

Misjump Roll - Follows CT but breaks down the +5/+10 DM into a line with DM's proportional to distance from the world.

Money - It makes worlds go round and galaxies spin. An explanation for how things work IMTU.

Nanotechnology - An introductory essay, based on discussions on the TNE-RCES mailing list, which provides GM's with ideas and a technological timeline for developments.

Plastic Surgery - John Snead's technological timeline for developments within this field.

"So You Want To Live Forever" - an essay on how a character can extend his/her life without resorting to "munchkinism."

Timekeeping - A technological timeline for clocks.

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