Referee Aids

As a referee myself, I found the following items to be quite useful for my campaigns.
  • A blank subsector map. (35k)

  • Cosmographer 3: Software that enables you to create starship deck plans for Traveller. There are a couple of Traveller fan websites that show you what you can create. It's got a bit of a steep learning curve, but there's a tutorial on YouTube. Be aware that this is not a standalone product. You will also have to buy either Campaign Cartographer 3 or 3+.

  • Jim Vassilakos' GALACTIC Program: Written for DOS. Contains sector data, sector viewer, library info, and more from various milieus as well as alternative campaigns. You can even add to it yourself.

    As a supplement to GALACTIC, you can download the Tuglikki & Provence sectors (TNE & CT/MT) and the TNE update of the Riftspan Reaches sector from my web site which I've converted into GAL format.


    1. The files are zipped sar files. Download the files into the root Galactic directory.

       Download Tuglikki 1120 (contains Classic/MT version)
       Download Tuglikki 1200 (contains TNE version)
       Download Provence 1120 (contains Classic/MT version)
       Download Provence 1200 (contains TNE version)
       Download Riftspan Reaches for TNE

    2. Download zip file into root Galactic directory.
    3. Remove sar file from zip
    4. Remove year annotation from sar file name (if applicable). i.e. rename tuglikki1120.sar to tuglikki.sar
    5. Fire up Galactic.
    6. Select either the Classic or TNE galaxy.
    7. Hit i to import the sector.
    8. Test it.

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