Andromeda I highly recommend these web sites if you're looking for Traveller info on the Web. Since this list has grown, I've decided to break it down by category.

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All Incarnations
  • Traveller Wiki: The all-encompassing, official repository of Traveller knowledge.

  • Freelance Traveller: A collection of fan-based material maintained by Jeff Zeitlin.

  • Worldbuilding by Evil Dr. Ganymede: A true life doctorate in planetary science offers revised stellar and world generation rules based on science.

  • Central Supply Catalog: Chuck McKnight's website gives players a list of equipment and supplies that they can buy. There's even a shopping cart which tabulates the total cost of your order.

  • The Missouri Archive: Compiled by Joe Heck, this is a vast collection of material from the first four incarnations of Traveller.

  • Ace Dog: Hugh Foster's Traveller website contains starships, deck plans, his version of Foreven sector, and "The Traveller Warbook".

  • The History of Imperium Working Group: (Site down 2021) Basically, an organization whose purpose was to expand upon Traveller. Although now officially defunct, it still has worthwhile material posted. There were branches of the HIWG, but all are gone as far as I can tell.
  • TNE mailing list. The current incarnation of the mailing list is now hosted by

  • by Antony Farrell: Starships, artwork, Banners sector, and United Worlds Commonwealth Campaign, a Traveller variant universe utilizing stargates for FTL travel.

  • The Vyborg Campaign by Antti Lahtinen: Good site for TNE gearheads. Antti has developed several FF&S design spreadsheets which are extremely helpful.
  • The Zhodani Base by Per-Olof Bergstedt: Contains Foreven sector info, an adventure, ships, equipment, a java-based chat room for Traveller, and various Traveller polls. He's also added a Galactic-based sector index map of the CT universe and the TNE universe.

  • Map of Charted Space by Joshua Bell: A clickable map with search functionality. Lists allegiance codes, world names, starports, gas giants, bases, and trade routes (data permitting). Inspired by the CT Atlas of the Imperium and Google Maps.

  • Stellar Reaches: A collection of fan-based material maintained by Jason Kemp.
Where To Buy Traveller Materials
  • Mongoose Publishing: Marc Miller made them top banana so they're calling the shots now. They've got a full line of material for the reboot of the CT era (1105).

  • Marc Miller's Traveller Web Site: The game's founder has stayed busy, putting out T5 and bundling old stuff on CD-ROM.

  • Offering Traveller pdfs from GDW, FFE, Mongoose, and a whole host of licensed start-up companies.

  • eBay: As much as the site has gone downhill by bleeding sellers with fees and removing negative feedback options, it's still the best place to find rare stuff in terms of selection and price. That link will bring you up the search results for "Traveller" in their "RPG/Science Fiction" section. I'm on the lookout for better site.

  • Noble Knight Games: A web site "dedicated to the buying and selling of out-of-print RPG's and Boardgames." They've got a pretty good-sized catalog and they do a great job of packaging your order. Definitely worth checking out. Online ordering available since 8/00.

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