Combat Rifleman:3
Grav Vehicle:0
Large Blade:1
Vacc Suit:0
Age:32 Service:Marines (2 terms)
Birthdate:294-1097 Rank:Private
Homeworld:Gzungokon (Lishun 2107)
Languages:Galanglic and Gvegh.
Wealth:44,657 cr
Armor: Combat Armor AV 4 (TL-15)
Flex Armor (TL-15)
Cloth Armor
Possessions:8 liters of Aanshi Uekhfarsal
Weapons: Advanced Combat Rifle w RAM grenade launcher.
Ammo: 4 60-round clips of DS, 1 200-round drum of HEAP. 200 spare rounds HEAP
4 cm RAM grenades: 40 HEAP, 20 smoke, 20 tear gas.

NE-58 Body Pistol (2 28-round mags DS, 144 spare rounds of DS)
Long Sword
Concealable, non-metallic knife (TL-15)
Equipment: Communicator (5,000km network independent w Commdot/multiplexer)
Vacc Suit (TL12)
Weapon Sim plugs for ACR & NE-58 Body Pistol

Private Storyline

Vladgorkfeg was born in 1097 on Gzungokon (Lishun 2107). Good relations exist between humans and vargr on that world. The vargr of this world preferred the stability and prosperity of the Imperium over the volatility of the Extents. He was big for a vargr but he was never a bully. His friends were glad to have him on their side during any confrontation, whether it was sports or street fights. On Vladgorkfeg's 18th birthday, he enlisted in the Marines. One year later Strephon was assassinated.

Vladgorkfeg was more enraged at the vargr corsairs and opportunistic states that invaded the Imperium than most humans were. He took it personally. And when his homeworld was overrun by Dzo The Ruthless, he demanded a transfer to the coreward front to exact revenge. It was granted without question.

But upon reaching the coreward front, Vladgorkfeg found that Lucan didn't seem as determined to rid the Imperium of the vargr invaders as he was at defeating Dulinor. Few resources were spared coreward. Although superior in technology, the greater numbers of the vargr invaders was too much for Imperial troops in the region. It amazed him that the factions were so stupid that they couldn't put aside their differences long enough to repel the invaders. A couple of them seemed to get it: Brzk, the Vilani, Norris. As time wore on, Vladgorkfeg grew disillusioned with the Imperium.

The more ground the Imperial forces lost, the angrier he became. As his anger grew, so his did his skill as a soldier. Unlike most angry men, his wasn't a wild berserker rage. It was a cold fire that simmered in his belly that vaporized fear and steeled his resolve on the battlefield. His prowess as a soldier elevated those who fought alongside him. His reputation caught the attention of his superiors. They made him a commando.

During the Black War phase, he was unleashed. His team's attacks were swift and efficient. There was no mission that they didn't complete successfully and without question. But it all came to an end on the darkest day of Vladgorkfeg's life.

Vladgorkfeg was scouting ahead, doing recon on a strike target. The intel he'd been given didn't match up. His team was supposed to take out what was supposed to be a clandestine munitions factory. When he conferred with his CO, he was told to shut up and follow orders. He did as he was told and has regretted it ever since.

The coordinates of the strike target were wrong. This was no clandestine munitions factory. It was a rundown civilian hospital, primarily for refugees. His team made the horrible discovery while performing post op recon to confirm the strike target had been terminated. People, both humans and vargr, were shrieking in pain as the flames consumed them. One of the soldiers in Vladgorkfeg's team actually wept.

They reported back to the CO on what they discovered. He was unmoved, indifferent. When they tried to press the matter the CO barked back at them, "There are no innocents in this war! Anyone who isn't actively fighting against the foes of Lucan is by definition a foe of Lucan! And I hope that you aren't questioning orders because those who question orders are foes of Lucan...." And the madman went on. Vladgorkfeg couldn't believe what he was hearing and couldn't listen to it anymore. He lashed out at the CO knocking the man to the ground. He pounced on him and ripped his throat out. The rest of the squad just watched. When the CO was dead, Vladgorkfeg staggered away a few meters, fell to his knees, and began to puke.

The squad was done with the war. They split up and scattered to the winds. They wouldn't be considered overdue for a while so they had some lead time before anyone started looking for them. They've been on the run ever since.

Vladgorkfeg made his way rimward through the sector. Sometimes he would be a stowaway. Sometimes he'd work as a cargo loader. He kept moving. People feared him. The look in his eyes was something they couldn't meet. That was, until he crewed aboard the Miishakaal. The people there seemed normal to him. They didn't flinch or look away when they met his gaze. He could even see something of himself in the eyes of a couple of them. The captain was a woman and an old dog was the 1st Officer. This was a pack he could stay with for a while. And just maybe he could be a defender again instead of a bully.