Gishinridu System Inspection

GM'd by Ewan Quibell

Characters: All
NPC: Shiraamer, Chuck & Lieutenant Drilimmi
Location: Crew lounge of the Miishakaal, Gishinridu system

1125.7.5 - 19:52 Local time 12:12
It's been half an hour since breakout and the flight of 15th squadron have reformed, and are now in a position high off your port bow. Even though you have cut your engines you are still on a closing vector with the planet.

INS Fiihaammum breaks formation matches velocity and vector and extends a docking collar with your starboard side air lock. As the inner door is opened a squad of Imperial marines in combat armor with cutlasses drawn (an old tradition) enter the boarding lounge, while this looks intimidating it shows that they are not expecting a fight. If they were they would be coming in with more than just the snub pistols that are clearly holstered on their belts. They halt and present an honor guard for an Imperial Naval Leutenant in uniform, the Captain recognises her as Lieutenant Drilimmi a short harsh looking vilani woman of around 40 years of age and dark brown hair cut in a classic spacers crew cut.

Lieutenant Drilimmi halts and to the Captain asks in a crisp voice "Permission to come aboard."

The Captain responds "Permission granted." While this might seem like a formality due to the number of marines crowding the lounge this courtesy and tradition is the difference between an inspection and a boarding action.

Drilimmi looks over the ship's papers that were given to her by the Captain and asks "We are conducting inspections for contraband and request your co-operation."

To which the Captain responds as she always does, "You have our complete co-operation." To answer any other way would be taken as proof of criminality.

Two further marines appear with a Naval technician each. One pair head for the bridge while the other pair head for engineering. Once they are secured in the bridge and engineering the technicians start to download the manifest and bridge and engineering logs while scanning for any irregularities.

Meanwhile Lieutenant Drilimmi, a bodyguard of two marines, and accompanied by the Captain, do a visual inspection of the whole ship. Lieutenant Drilimmi is a little distant but totally professional. While this is not unusual it is a product of the times when the Navy has lost ships to routine customs inspections. Even though they are being backed up by three other ships they take little chances. The technicians on the bridge and engineering do not talk to the crew and their bodyguards make sure that they are not disturbed. Lieutenant Drilimmi comes across as being abrasive and asks a few questions of the Captain as they proceed through the whole ship, bridge, lounge, turret, engineering, cargo hold, port cabins, turret and the passenger deck. She takes no nonsense from any answers to her questions. The captain has little to sweat about during the rounds as the Miishakaal is kept in excellent condition.

At the end of the inspection, after about an hour the party return to the crew lounge and Lieutenant Drilimmi receives reports from her two teams, as they escort Gvarokh and Slade respectively into the crew lounge.

After a minute or two of inspecting the reports she turns to Gvarokh and asks "Your manifest has you carrying Craver pharmaceuticals to our base here in Gishinridu. Please explain why." Her scent changes a little as she asks the question, but with the abundance of new odors around in the lounge you can't place what the change signifies. Lieutenant Drilimmi will not allow anyone but Gvarokh to answer.

Gvarokh is a bit curious as to why he has to answer, but does not question it in the least. He says, "While on our departure world, a ship named Aerlay Craver was in port next to us. Her captain, Captain Bill McKibben, told us that the Aerlay Craver was having engine problems and could not deliver their cargo to the Naval base at Gishinridu. As such, they asked us to deliver it for them. And so, here we are.

"Prior to accepting the cargo, I physically inspected the load, and it was completely wrapped and sealed. There appeared to be no tampering prior to our receiving it. Since receiving the load, we have not touched it. I can identify the containers for you, if you would like. It is quite accessible, as it is the only load we have that is destined for this system."

Lieutenant Drilimmi looks intently at Gvarokh as he gives the answer and checks her technician's report after he answers. She gives no indication as to whether she is satisfied with the answers or not. Looking around at the faces in the lounge she lingers on Slade for a moment, checks the report again.

While checking the report, she asks, "Chief Engineer Trask. You performed extra detailed diagnostic of some engineering systems during your jump here." She looks up from the report and watches Slade. "This shows as an exception to your normal in jump maintenance schedule. Please explain why you undertook these diagnostics."

Slade gets the impression from her stare and brisk manner that she is annoyed and is holding this back in a very professional way.

"Ma'am, I'm not very familiar with this sector, and I've heard it can be a bit rough. I don't know the people we got the cargo from very well. I am a naturally paranoid person, and I get the latitude from my CO to act that way as long as my actions are not bad for the ship. I went a little overboard, which I guess is fine since it's be a little while since I gave the ship such a thorough going over. I found nothing. Believe me, ma'am, it'll be a long time before I live that down."

Lieutenant Drilimmi says nothing and just looks at Slade for a moment. Seeming to change her attitude, she lightens her voice as she says, "Captain I have a couple of advisories for you. There is an unknown corsair group operating in the area suspected to be of Vargr origin, and there are a couple of suspected commerce raiders operating in Imperial space. However I have some good news for you, we are under 'extend every courtesy' orders so as such we will escort you to our base. Good day to you." She bows her head turns and leaves followed by her technicians and the squad of marines.

Once the airlock closes and the docking collar has been withdrawn Vincent pipes up with "Yahoo, I am so glad I didn't try to fire at them...although..."

Gvarokh turns to the captain and says, "I hope they escort us to the naval base. Then we can get rid of the cargo quickly."

Shiraamer replies, "Yes it looks like we have an 'extend every courtesy' escort to the base." She flicks her hair so it settles as she wants it.

With that Gvarokh turns back to the bridge and says, "Well, let's get back to our stations. I doubt the good Lt will wait around for us if we linger."

Shiraamer says, "She did seem a little brisk." After a moments thought, and a wry smile that only the humans notice she continues, "Gvarokh why don't we let Chuck get some stick time for the flight in while you contact the Navy factor to get rid of the Craver freight? I'll be in my cabin if you need anything." With that she flicks her hair again and goes to her cabin.

Chuck replies cheerily, "Thank you Captain!"

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