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Last Briefing Before Gishinridu

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck
Location: Crew Lounge of the Miishakaal, en route to Gishinridu

1125.7.5 - 10:00 (7th Day in Jump)
After everyone has had a chance to eat something for breakfast and stimulated themselves with their favorite caffeinated beverage, the captain calls the meeting to order.

"Ok, we're due to exit jumpspace in 10 hours, give or take. I'd like to review what we know about Gishinridu before that happens. But before I do that, does anyone have anything they'd like to discuss? Ship business, concerns, research iscoveries, whatever's on your mind."

Vlad shrugs.

Vincent says, "Nope, ready to get started."

Gvarokh nods his consent to start.

The captain begins, "Ok then, let's review. Gishinridu is a backwater world. Given that it has few resources, a very thin atmosphere, and very cold temperatures, not too many people have wanted to bother with it. I think the last census put it at 8,000 people.

"Some of the locals don't like aliens. There's a xenophobic cult that's rumored to sacrifice vargr in order to restore order to the universe." She rolls her eyes at the preponderance of the idea.

"There is a naval base in system. They ignored the recall order from the Emperor because of the overwhelming corsair threat. They've all but seceded from the Imperium. Our business is with them. We're doing the Aerlay Craver a favor by carrying their cargo to them. We're getting paid for it, but I'm not convinced yet it's worth the risk.

"There aren't any gas giants in the system so we'll go to the starport for our fuel. This is where we'll also make our contact with the naval representative.

"Vlad and Gvarokh will stay on board the ship," she looks from one to the other and smiles, "I'll not chance them getting attacked.

"The starport orbits the planet. There are no downports, so that should minimize our exposure to the cult. Should we find ourselves down on the surface, the law level on the world itself is only 3. That should enable us to bring sufficient weapons to defend ourselves. However, I don't foresee that happening, unless the naval base is on the world itself.

"Any questions, so far?" She pauses to take a sip of coffee.

No one appears to have any.

Seeing that there are none, Shiraamer continues, "Ok, once we're in system, I expect that we'll be boarded by the naval patrol to make sure we're not hostile. Make sure you're prepared for inspections and that our records are Ok. We shouldn't have problems with the transponder here. An action item for this stopover is to find out if we can get a Vilani transponder and keep ours. Gvarokh, would you oversee that please."

"Yes captain."

"We've got a hold full of cargo destined for Hrun. So as soon as we take care of business here, I'd like to move on. Hrun's a friendlier place, right Gvarokh?"

"Yes it is."

"In case any of you were wondering, Vincent took care of that worm that got into his laptop back at Larkarda. He assures me that it won't start transmitting again when we reach normal space."

She looks over at Vincent for confirmation and he nods his head affirmatively, without hesitation.

"I know that we're all a bit on edge these days being in this part of space. I'd just like everyone to work together as a team on this. We have to stick together. I depend on you. Miisha depends on you." She lets that sink in, then asks, "Any questions or comments?"

Again there are no questions. "Ok, then meeting is over. You've got a few hours left before we start up the post jump checklist. Enjoy your remaining time off."

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