The Poker Game

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck
Location: Crew Lounge of the Miishakaal

1125.6.5 - 20:20
The crew are seated around the table like so:



Vincent deals first and everyone throws in a buck. There's alot of card play. When the time comes to call most people are in. In turn, Slade, Shiraamer, Gvarokh, Vlad, and Simrii all announce that they're in and throw more money into the pot. Chuck folds but Lakir and Vincent announce that they're in. When the time comes to show them, the table discovers that Simrii has a pair of 6's. Slade and Vlad each have two pair (8's & 5's and 7's & 4's respectively). Vincent has 3 of a kind (9's). Gvarokh and Lakir each have a flush and each has Queen high so they tie. They split the pot of $76. Most of the people at the table are impressed and wonder what they've gotten themselves into.

Vincent glances over at the captain while saying, "Heh... two flushes... not starting to look good."

The captain? She had a whole lot of nothing. She pouts just enough to make her lips pucker nicely. She puts a hand to her chest and slowly fans herself, drawing attention to her blouse. "Oh my...Is THAT how you play the game?" She sits back and crosses her legs.

"I just knew I didn't stand a chance with all of you in." Chuck admits that he had a pair of Jacks.


It's Slade's turn to deal and everyone throws in a buck. Most everyone makes an effort to win. Vincent gives up early. Chuck and Slade fold after the $5 mark. But everyone else is in until the end.

Simrii looks at the other hands, "Damn," he takes a sip on his beer, "Deal me in. Do we have any food to go with this party?"

Chuck volunteers to get some snacks since he folded. He returns with pretzels, beef jerky, and some freshly warmed boshko, a kind of stuffed biscuit. As he arrives with the latter, final call is made.

Gvarokh manages two pair. Vlad and Lakir each have straights. Simrii smiles as he lays down a full house. As he reaches for the pot ($61), Chuck looks over, "What did you have cap'n?"

The captain says, "I've only got four fours."

Simrii's smile evaporates.

"Hey! You won cap'n!"

Shiraamer gives a little gasp of joy and brings her hands together in glee, somehow managing to push her bosom up further and straining against her silk blouse. "I won? WOW, I actually didn't think I would do that!" She leans forward to gather her winnings unconcerned that her skirt seems to ride up a bit more before sitting back down, once again crossing her legs. "Now all I have to do is remember what I did.

Think it could happen again?"

Simrii sits back and shakes his head, "Sonova. I'd accuse you have having cards hidden somewhere captain but, well, there's not many places to hide them in that top."

He takes another sip of his beer, "Thank god it's only for money or we'd be out of our shirt's and shoes by now Vlad."

"Shoes?!? I'd be lucky to still have my eyes."

Captain Shiraamer looks down at her top. "This ol' thing? (which it obviously isn't) You're right. I don't think there is room for anything in here except me. Guess I won just because it was beginner's luck." She gives a little shrug further emphasizing how tight her top is. Shiraamer smiles a secret little smile and sits back in her chair waiting for the next round.


It's the captain's turn to deal. She shuffles the cards just fine. "Plenty of solitaire," she explains. She stands up to deal everyone their cards. To make sure the cards reach the players at the far end of the table, she leans over the table, giving Simrii, Chuck, and Lakir an unavoidable cleavage shot. Beads of perspiration are visible on Chuck's forehead. She smiles as she sits down and goes back to sucking on her finger while concentrating on the new hand.

Chuck mutters something about needing to get everyone more beer and leaves. Gvarokh and Vlad watch him. Their attention returns to their cards when he returns with more beer.

Vincent points out, "Remind me at the next stop to pick up a lot of beer... knew I forgot something..."

Simrii smirks and shakes his head, "Next time I get to choose the game and we're playing Twister." He puts his cards down, takes another sip of his beer and picks his cards up backwards so everyone can see that he has exactly jack shit in his hand. He looks startled and flips them around and looks seriously over the top of his cards at everyone. "Does anyone has any eights or can I go fish?"

Shiraamer chuckles at Simrii's antics, "If we play Twister, then I'll change again. As much as I love this skirt even I won't wear it for THAT game. Count me in for this hand guys. How much do I need to throw onto that little pile again?"

"Well there goes the fun of playing Twister. Why is it," Simrii asks with a shake of his head, "all captains can suck the fun out of anything just by saying a few simple works." He looks at Shiraamer and grins, "Fun sucker."

Shiraamer grins back at Simrii, "You haven't seen what outfit I normally play twister in."

Gvarokh rolls his eyes.

"Well you've certainly got my attention," Simrii says with a smile. He looks at his cards and frowns a bit, "I must say I'm a little concerned it might be another bluff though."

Gvarokh shakes his head.

Chuck coughs.

There's much less activity in this round than others. Vlad, Simrii, Chuck, and Lakir all fold early. The call is made early so the pot is only $24. Shiraamer turns out to have nothing this time. Her bottom lip curls up over the top in a pout. Slade has a pair of 5's. Vincent has a pair of Kings. Gvarokh has two pair, thus winning. The pot is all his this time.

Vladgorkfeg pushes his chair away from the table, "Well, that's it for me. Good night." He heads towards the lift and heads to his stateroom on the upper deck with 21 less credits on his card. The chronometer on the wall says 21:05.


Gvarokh's turn to deal. There's alot of folding going on. One by one everyone caves in. Only the captain stays in, but all she had was King high. However, the pot was a meager $7.

That doesn't dampen the captain's enthusiasm over winning though, "I can't believe I won!"


As Simrii shuffles the cards, he asks, "Why does it suddenly feel like we're paying the captain for the honor of working aboard this fine ship?"

"Fortunately," Simrii says dealing the cards, "money isn't everything now is it?"

Chuck replies, "No, but it certainly helps when trying to get the good things in life."

Chuck, Lakir, Vincent, Gvarokh bow out early.

Simrii tosses two cards, takes two more and frowns a bit more, "Are you sure that's a standard fifty-two card deck and not two decks?"

Chuck smiles, "I'm sure."

Simrii grabs his beer, takes a sip, "I seem to keep getting the same cards every deal. Oh wait I dealt this hand."

Although the captain stays in, Slade and Simrii seem to be more focused on each other's play than the captain. She fans herself with cards while waiting on those two to figure out what they're doing. Finally the call is made. The captain has nothing again, Queen high. Simrii has a Straight and figures he's got a really good chance at the pot, but Slade holds firm and shows his hand: a Straight Flush. Slade wins the pot of $34.

"By the buddah's fat little tummy this just seems to be a losing proposition for me doesn't it." Simrii shakes his head and grins good naturedly, "Last time and if I lose again you all are buying me dinner some time soon with my losses."


Chuck's turn to deal. Lakir takes a sip of beer and says, "I'm in. Good thing this ain't for strip poker." Vincent does likewise. Slade folds early. Shiraamer, Gvarokh, and Simrii are in. Chuck folds.

Lakir suspects that the captain is bluffing again and that no one has much of anything. He suspects Simrii holds a good hand. He's consistently fallen short with good hands. Lakir decides to go all the way.

Vincent hasn't had a good hand in a while, he decides that he'll hang in there too.

The captain? She doesn't know when to quit.

Gvarokh figures that the captain is bluffing again, but there are too many other people still in. He folds with only a $5 loss. We later learn that he had a pair of 5's.

Simrii is determined to win at least one hand tonight. He's had the pot snatched from him too many times.

At final call, Lakir flashes a pair of aces. Vincent winces his pair of 8's. The captain wasn't bluffing this time. She had a pair of 4's and a pair of jacks. It's a good hand but not good enough. Simrii breathes a sigh of relief as he displays his Flush. He wins the pot of $47. For the first time tonight he's in positive territory.

Simrii polishes off his second, or maybe it's his third beer for the night, you haven't really been keeping count and you don't think he has either. Taking the hint from the cards, he stands up, bows a little at the waist, "Gentlemen," he turns and tips an imaginary cap at the captain, "Madam. I said I was out after this round and I am nothing if not a man of my word." He grins a little, "I'd suggest playing Twister for money but I think that Vlad and Gvarokh might have us at something of a disadvantage." He picks up his five credits, cleans up his spot and puts his chair away. "If anyone needs me I'll be reading a book somewhere quiet."

"Good night Simrii," says the captain.

With a smile and a wave he heads through the iris into the cargo hold.


Lakir's turn to deal. "Alright, lets wrap this up, I'm dealin'." Gvarokh folds early, but everyone else is in, for a while at least. Slade gives up at the $5 level, his pair of 3's nothing worth risking any more money over.

Finally it comes time to call. Vincent starts it off showing that he has two pair (Kings and 6's).

The captain only has a pair of queens. "Oh shoot. I thought I had something good that time."

Chuck attempts to soothe the captain, "You did. It just wasn't good enough. But don't worry, I shall beat down that rogue." Chuck smiles when he lays out his three 8's. He looks over towards Lakir who is now smiling as well. Chuck's smile turns to a frown when he see that Lakir has a Flush. Lakir wins the pot, which is $46.


With Vladgorkfeg's early departure, Vincent becomes dealer again a little sooner than would be expected. Play moves along at a decent clip. Slade and Shiraamer both announce that they're in. Gvarokh studies his cards, sigh, and folds. Chuck hesitates at first, but decides to stay in. Lakir folds without hesitation as does Vincent.

Lakir sighs, "Crap. I'm out." He excuses himself from the table, "As it is way past my bed time with luck like that. A passing "If you could be so kind as to buzz me when you're done Cap'n, I've got some kit for you from dirtside."

The captain looks surprised. "Ok, but hold off until tomorrow ok?"

"No prob."

"Good night Lakir."

Lakir heads up the lift to his room.

It's a quick call. Slade has a pair of Aces and Chuck has a pair of Queens. The captain flashes a Straight Flush, "This is good right?"

Chuck's head hits the table, "Yes, captain you win."

"Yay! I think I'm getting the hang of this." The pot isn't much: $18.

Slade finishes the rest of his beer and checks his watch. It's now nearing 22:30, "Two hours of poker is enough for me. Good night all."

"Good night Slade."

Slade disappears through the iris valve and into the cargo bay. That now leaves Gvarokh, Shiraamer, Vincent, and Chuck to play.


With Slade's departure, the captain gets to deal again.

When Gvarokh gets his cards, he looks at them and, after seeing the absolute crap hand he has, drops his head and sighs heavily. He does his best to try and salvage something. As soon as he's given the opportunity, he folds his hand.

Chuck commiserates, "I'm right there with you Gvarokh," and promptly folds.

Vincent and Shiraamer are both in. The pot grows to $12. Vincent shows his three 6's. The captain has two pair: queens and fours. She pouts, "Why don't I win? I've got four good cards and you only have three." Chuck tries to explain it to her.


Gvarokh's turn to deal. Gvarokh smiles a little when he sees the cards and waits patiently to see what others have. Chuck folds and so does Vincent. The captain stays in but Gvarokh folds too.

The captain yawns and then realizes that she won by default. She had a pair of 9's and 4's. "I won? Oh. That wasn't much fun why didn't any of you stay in?"

"Ya gotta cut your losses while you can cap'n. And I've been losing plenty tonight."

"But it's no fun if the pot is only $4," she says with a sinister smile.

Gvarokh excuses himself, "My luck has run out and I need to sleep. Good night all."

"Yes, that's a good idea Gvarokh," the captain replies. She stands up, leans over the table to gather the pathetic pot. "Good night gentlemen. Don't stay up too late now." She smiles and turns to go sashaying her way through the iris valve and into the cargo hold.

FINAL Winnings/Losses:
Lakir up $40.
Gvarokh up $26.
Shiraamer up $23.
Simrii up $5.
Slade down $8.
Vlad down $21.
Chuck down $32.
Vincent down $33.

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