First Night In Jump

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck
Location: Miishakaal, en route from Larkarda to Gishinridu.

1125.6.5 - 20:05
Since jump went well, everyone is unbuckling their safety harnesses. Slade monitors the jumpwave for a few minutes to make sure there aren't any irregular oscillations. Gvarokh does a quick systems check and is pleased to see that everything is operating normally.

Vincent speaks up, "Hey everyone it's Thursday night. Anyone care for a game of poker? Or some other card game?"

Shiraamer is the first to reply, "I'm not too good at cards but I'll sit in on one game."

Vincent asks again, "Anyone else?"

Vlad and Lakir each call out, "I'm in!"

Content that things are running smoothly, Gvarokh states that he is in.

Simrii grins, "Typically I only gamble with my life, but I'm willing to make an exception in this case." He heads over to the cooler and pulls a long brown bottle out of a box he has shoved at the very back of the cooler. With a quick twist of the wrist there's a satisfying *psht* as the carbonation escapes and the smell of water, hops, yeast and malt wafts forth.

Slade calls up from engineering, "I'm in. Just give me a minute to wrap up here."

The captain says, "That's fine. I've got to go to my quarters for a minute. Be right back."

Chuck asks, "Mind if I play too? I promise to leave my shotgun in the armory."

As she heads out of the room, the captain says, "I have no objections if Chuck plays, so long as everything has been taken care of and miisha is content, which seems to be the case. How about the rest of you?"

Vincent adds, "Sure, everyone's welcome..."

No one objects, but no one else says it's ok either.

"C'mon guys," Chuck pleads, "How about I buy all of you a beer, from my private stock eh? Will that make you change your minds?"

Lakir speaks up, "Well, alright...."

Simrii grins and leans back in his chair, "I'm more than willing to take your week's pay Chuck."

"Paycheck??? I was hoping we'd be playing for limbs," Vlad smiles showing too many teeth for those unaccustomed to vargr humor.

The vilani half blood rolls his eyes, "Have you ever tried to hold a hand of cards when you've already lost your thumbs? Besides, what the hell am I going to do with a closest full of feet and opposable thumbs?"

Vlad just laughs.

Chuck leaves and heads to the fridge.

Slade arrives from Engineering and takes a seat.

Simrii takes a sip of his beer, "So what rules are we using? Five card? Solomani Poker?"

Vincent replies, "If no one has any objections, I figured we'd play either 7 card stud, Texas Hold 'Em or plain 5 card poker...up to you for limit, I am game for pretty much any reasonable amount..."

The sound of three inch heels on the deck announce the captain's return. The crew lounge goes quiet, except for the sound of jaws dropping and hitting the floor. She's wearing a black leather mini-skirt that only comes halfway down her thighs. Her lavender silk blouse is open, revealing a red, lacey camisole which presents enough of Shiraamer's assets to let all of the men know that she has no intention of playing fair. It is readily apparent that Shiraamer has maintained her figure through the years. Being vilani helps of course.

Vladgorkfeg and Gvarokh exchange glances. Gvarokh rolls his eyes. Vladgorkfeg lets loose a sinister chuckle, "Beware pinkies! The she-wolf is on the prowl."

Chuck returns from the fridge with arms full of beer, "Simrii, since you've got a beer already I'll owe you one, no sense letting..." he spots the captain, "... it... get... warm." He starts handing out the beer and sits down.

The captain takes her seat, "Ok boys. Let's get started."

Lakir mutters under his breath, "Wow."

Simrii looks at the captain as she walks in. "Damn, I feel seriously under dressed. I knew I should have put on that suit." He smiles, "At least we know someone brought a change of clothes."

Shiraamer is all smiles. "She Wolf? I'll take that as a compliment boys. I'm just here to learn how to play this game. Figured you wouldn't mind taking some of my creds."

Vincent shuffles the cards, "Nice clothes boss...I see your plan of distraction just might work. Damn cap'n, are we going to be playing for more than money?"

Shiraamer grins at the boys expressions, "Thanks boys, it's always nice to feel appreciated. I love clothes and if I'm going to lose tonight, at least I can lose in style."

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