The Rest of Shiraamer's Morning

Characters: Shiraamer, Gvarokh
NPC: Chuck Strider
Location: Miishakaal, parked at the Larkarda Starport

1125.6.5 - 08:45 / 12:45 local time (18 1/2 hr day)
After the lecture with Chuck, Shiraamer decides to take another shower. It's a shame he had to go and do something stupid yesterday afternoon. His flirtations were a welcome break from business as usual. That whole shotgun thing ruined it though. Disciplining the crew is a dirty job which Shiraamer hates to do, so taking a shower afterwards will hopefully wash it off. The shower does the trick. Afterwards Shiraamer feels refreshed and clean. Feeling a need to be more feminine today, she gets dressed in a silk blouse and a long leather skirt, not tight but a flowing one. Spacer Shiraamer can have the day off.

Shiraamer leaves her quarters and takes a walk through the ship, inspecting every bit of it. Shiraamer stays out of the crew's staterooms of course and she avoids the bridge since that's where Gvarokh will no doubt be doing his search for freight. Happy to have not found any irregularities inside, Shiraamer decides to head outside, even if it's just a hangar.

Shiraamer leaves the ship through the cargo hold, pausing long enough at the cargo from the Aerlay Craver to verify it isn't suspicious. Light filters through the translucent hangar bay ceiling. Miisha looks good today. The new hull plates have finally blended in with the older ones.

Just as Shiraamer finishes circumnavigating the exterior of Miisha, she observes Gvarokh coming down the cargo ramp, looking a bit flustered.

Shirammer almost goes around Miisha to prolong her enjoyment a bit longer but decides she's postponed the inevitable long enough. She takes a big breath and stretches one last time and approaches Gvarokh, letting her hands cause her skirt to flair out a bit, trying to recapture some tiny bit of peace before reality rears its ugly head again.

Gvarokh spots the captain examining the exterior of the ship. She's not dressed in her usual spacer outfit. Instead she's wearing a silk blouse and a long flowing leather skirt. Apparently the captain is in one of her "I need to be female" moods.

"Now that isn't a good look for you Gvarokh." She grins to show no hard feelings are delivered with that statement. "You want to talk about whatever is causing that look on your face?"

Gvarokh pauses momentarily. He gives a rueful grin, and says, "I could. But it would probably ruin your good mood." He pauses to see if she wants him to spill the bad news.

Shiraamer give a rueful grin and smiles at him, "Go ahead. I promise not to kill the messenger. It's all part and parcel of our business."

He replies, "I have run around the transponder issue every way I can think of, but it looks like there is no way around it. When we enter RVE space, we lose our transponder and gain a Vilani one. When we return to Imperial space, we reverse the procedure. No wonder there were all those cargos piling up. At least on the return trip it is a much quicker process."

Gvarokh pauses again, then says "I think some of the others are checking on the issue, too. Maybe one of the others has had more luck in their investigations."

Shiraamers sighs softly but smiles anyway, "Well that's a mixed blessing then. You're right, perhaps the others will find out something. If it can't be helped, then it can't be helped."

Finally, he brightens somewhat and says, "At least we will leave port with a full hold. And all of the RVE destined freight will pay for the surcharges for us."

She replies, "Full hold? That is indeed good news, especially when it will pay those pesky surcharges for us. So what type of freight are we hauling this time?"

"We have a bunch of lumber, plus some sulfur crystals and some data crystals. Its all bound for Hrun, which should put use well along our path."

"Good job on getting cargo. Every bit helps on this." Shiraamer continues, "After hearing from the others, let's get our final flight plans down and figure things out from there. Cheer up. We've made it through worse then this before."

Gvarokh replies, "I don't know why, but crossing into the RVE feels like a lot more than just a simple jump. It's like we will be going through a door that I am not sure opens both ways." Gvarokh pauses and thinks for a couple of seconds. He then breaks his melancholy, smiles a bit and says, "But you are right. We will get through this. We always do."

He pauses again, "The cargo should be along soon, and I called Chuck back to help load. I was going to take in the sights and fresh air until they both get here."

And, as if on cue, Chuck comes barreling down the cargo ramp, "I'm not late am I?"

Shiraamer shakes her head and mutters low to Gvarokh, "Impeccable timing as always. I know what you mean about that door. This has me worried, but we need the job. The perils of not being part of a big corporation or something. But overall, I still like our freedom. I also wanted some fresh air and decided to 'dress up' a bit to cheer me up."

Turning to Chuck, Shiraamer smiles, "You're not late. Gvarokh and I were just talking about getting fresh air. The cargo hasn't been delivered yet. Did you find out anything new while you were out?"

Chuck replies, "Why yes cap'n. A couple of dockworkers who were willin' to talk to me said that ships with vilani transponders come in here often enough but the authorities don't give 'em any grief. Maybe the same will hold true for us."

Shiraamer looks over to Gvarokh and smiles, "You go ahead and take that break you were mentioning. Chuck and I will deal with the cargo when it appears." Shiraamer gives a slight turn so her skirt twirls out some, "If I can't help move it, maybe some guy will take pity on this ol' captain and help instead. We'll get it aboard one way or another." Shiraamer grins at both Chuck and Gvarokh then make "shooing" motions towards Gvarokh. "Now go, that's an order. Can't have my first officer be grumpy. That's a captain's privilege."

Gvarokh doesn't look thrilled by this sudden turn of events, but his years of service to Shiraamer tells him it is pointless to argue with her, particularly when she thinks she is doing you a favor. With that he says, "Thank you Captain. Please call me if you need help."

There's the ring of the buzzer from the hangar bay cargo door. A voice emanates from a speaker, "Larkarda Lumber here with a delivery for the Miishakaal."

Chuck races up the ramp, "I'll go get the forklift."

Gvarokh bids the captain adieu and walks up the cargo ramp.

Shiraamer walks to the hangar bay door to let in the lumber delivery. After verifying through the security camera that there is in fact a guy from Larkarda Lumber standing outside the hangar bay door, she lets him in. Greeting are exchanged with the driver who then downloads the paperwork to Shiraamer's PDA. After checking the shipment and the paperwork, she signs the paperwork and gives Chuck the all clear sign to load it. It is at this point that she receives an incoming message.

"Lakir calling Captain Shiraamer, over."

The captain excuses herself from the truck driver and takes the call, "Shiraamer here. Go ahead Lakir."

"Hey Cap'n. Got a line on a ship's component supplier that might be able to help kit the ship out. Only prob is Simrii might not be the best to exploit it. The technical end of the deal might be facilitated if Mr. Gvarokh or Mr. Trask could accompany him. I'm heading back to Jum's place to complete my tasking."

Simrii adds, "Ya, basically if you can't point it, shoot it, drive it or steal it..." Simrii shrugs, "A wise man always admits to his short comings."

To which Lakir adds, "Always know your limitations; it keeps you and your associates alive for the long haul..."

After a pause, Shiraamer, who seems distracted, says, "I'll send Gvarokh or Trask over to meet you at Jum's. Gvarokh was just heading out anyway, maybe I can still catch him. Keep him informed. Our freight just showed up so I'll be with Miisha taking care of that. Shiraamer out."

Meanwhile, back inside the ship, Gvarokh isn't sure what he's going to do with his sudden release from duty. He checks his jumpsuit for his bankcard. Realizing he doesn't have it. He heads to his room. He bumps into Slade (not literally) in the crew lounge.

"Hi Gvarokh."

"Hi Slade."

"Where's the captain?"

"Out in the hangar bay, why?"

"Got some info on that thing with the transponders."

"Really? Good news I hope. Let's go look, she should still be right outside."

And with that, the two of them head out to the hangar bay.

Unaware that he's heading back to her, Shiraamer calls up Gvarokh, "Gvarokh? How far have you gotten?"

"Not far. I'm walking down the cargo ramp with Slade to talk to you."

Shiraamer looks over and sure enough, coming down the ramp are Gvarokh and Slade.

Slade notices that the captain isn't dressed in her usual spacer outfit. Instead she's wearing a silk blouse and a long leather skirt, not tight, but a flowing one.

Once you all are close enough to talk without having to raise your voices over the noise from the forklift Chuck is driving around, Gvarokh says, "Slade's got something to tell us."

Slade says, "I was next door checking on the Aerlay Craver's progress with the recalibration of their systems. I happened to ask them if they'd heard of the vilani transponder bs. McKibben says he doesn't know of the Imperium giving people grief for running Vilani transponders. I mean, we have to go one way or the other, or both. We need a Vilani transponder to run in Vilani space, if we are caught in possession of both we'll be in big trouble. My suggestion is to go with what McKibben says, and if he's wrong, we claim ignorance and hopefully work it out."

Gvarokh says, "That jibes with what Chuck just mentioned. It really doesn't sound like we can get out of the Vilani transponder, though." He pauses for a moment, then asks, "Captain, did you want me for anything else?"

"Yes. I just got a call from Lakir who needs either your help or Trask's. He will be at Jum's. Since you were going out, want to combine some business with pleasure and meet him there?"

"What is it about?" Gvarokh asks.

"Lakir said it had to do with ship components. I believe he was referring to the transponder but didn't want to say so over an open line."

"All right then," Gvarokh replies.

Gvarokh and Slade head back into the ship. Gvarokh puts on his tailored cloth armor and grabs his bankcard. The two of them then head to The Bridge to rendezvous with Lakir and Simrii.

Meanwhile, the captain continues to oversee the loading of the Larkarda Lumber cargo.

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