Gvarokh Looks Up Freight On CargoNet

Characters: Gvarokh
Location: Bridge of the Miishakaal, parked at the Larkarda Starport

1125.6.5 - 08:30 / 12:30 local time (18 1/2 hr day)
Gvarokh sits down at his workstation on the bridge and fires up CargoNet. Gvarokh starts searching for freight destined for vilani worlds between here and Theton. He come ups with cargo for 3 worlds:

HRUN: (8 lots)
24 tons of Lumber.
16 tons of Flammable Petrochemicals.
16 tons of Flammable Vegetable Matter. What that "matter" is, isn't specified.
16 tons of sulfur crystals.
11 tons of data crystals.
8 tons of data crystals.
7 tons of data crystals.
4 tons of data crystals.

OLNY: (2 Lots)
27 tons of Flammable Petrochemicals.
7 tons of various Larkardan plants, living. They're encased in Larkardan atmosphere so if their cases are opened, low levels of sulfur dioxide will be released.

PRADMAN: (1 Lot)
15 tons of Flammable Petrochemicals.

All lots are sealed.

Oddly enough Gvarokh notices in the Freight Terms info listed for each lot that a bonus 10% is being offered. That would make the freight hauling rate 1100 cr/ton. Nice.

Gvarokh contact the owners of the Lumber, Sulfur Crystals, and lots 2 & 4 of the data crystals stating that he's interested in hauling their stuff to Hrun. The return replies are enthusiastic. Each states how difficult it is getting anyone to haul freight to anywhere but the Imperial safe these days. Gvarokh confesses to them that they're just as guilty as the bunch, but they liked the extra cash incentive. They all reply that piracy has forced them to offer more money to freight haulers.

The Lumber guy adds, "If a freight hauler can avoid the pirates he can expect to get paid even more money in the months ahead as things continue to deteriorate. Assuming trade continues that is. That damn Vilani cargo registration fee is a bitch. Can't expect freight haulers to pay it. They run on tight margins as it is. So, it cuts into our profitability. Sometimes the importer pays for it. Sometimes the exporter pays for it. Usually we split. It's always pre-arranged though."

It is over the course of the morning's calls that Gvarokh discovers that the exporters are covering the cargo registration fees. The money will be wired into the ship's account. One less expense. The captain will be happy to hear that.

Gvarokh makes arrangements with each of them to deliver their cargo to the docking bay over the course of the late morning and afternoon. Gvarokh staggers them out so that no one overlaps the other. Now Gvarokh just has to find one of the crew to do the loading. Unfortunately, the captain sent all of them out.

Gvarokh tries to contact Chuck on the intra-ship system but there is no response. A quick peek at internal sensors shows one person in the captain's quarters and one person in Vincent's stateroom. Looks like he left already.

Gvarokh decides that he has to page someone. He wonders who seems to hate loading the least and comes up with Chuck. Gvarokh decides to give him a call. He's on the captain's shitlist anyway. It's only fitting.

"This is Gvarokh calling Chuck. Come in please Chuck."

"Chuck here Gvarokh. Whatcha need?"

"I've got us some freight. I'm going to need Gvarokh to load it once it arrives."

"When's that?"

"First delivery is at 11."

"Gotcha, I'll be back there with time to spare. Chuck out."

Cargo loading typically requires just one guy so Gvarokh decides to hold off on contacting any of the others. Odd or loose cargo requires others. Or if things are really busy and time is a factor, then it would make sense to have others. Since Chuck isn't liked by Vlad it's best not to call him in. Lakir and Simrii don't seem too fond of him either. Best to let Chuck handle this one by himself. Tsuets oek khues uegnutoerr. "Hard work brings redemption."

With time to kill, Gvarokh decides to do some research on transponders. Gvarokh checks LegalNet to see if an openly dual transponder is doable. Imperial law specifically forbids civilians from using more than one transponder. Nor can one switch back and forth from one transponder to another. Nor can one utilize a transponder that broadcasts dual allegiances.

Not happy with these results Gvarokh also sees what the regulations are about registering the new Vilani transponders in Imperial space. This search comes up empty.

Gvarokh's unhappiness grows. He's running out of ideas. Gvarokh sees if there are any regulations on how non-Imperial ships are to be handled. Gvarokh figures that if the RVE has regulations and protocols, then the Imperium should have something similar, if somewhat less rigorous.

Gvarokh discovers that all non-Imperial ships must use the Deyo transponder if they wish to operate in Imperial space. Ships that don't comply will be considered hostile and may be fired upon. The transponder can be installed at any Imperial starport of Type A, B, or C. Transponders are free of charge and waiting times for installation are kept as short as possible. 57% of transponder installations are done in 72 hours. 99.9% are done within a week.

Gvarokh then queries the starport to check to see if there are any RVE ships in port. The computer returns with "unknown nationality."

Gvarokh growls at the computer and leaves the bridge. Might as well go out into the hangar and wait for the cargo deliveries. Which is exactly what he did.