Vincent Researches the Makhidkarun

Character: Vincent
Location: Vincent's stateroom on the Miishakaal, parked at the Larkarda Starport

1125.6.5 - 08:30 / 12:30 local time (18 1/2 hr day)
After the morning meeting, Vincent returns to his stateroom to use his computer terminal there in peace and quiet. He's aware that the Makhidkarun is one of the oldest megacorporations. It's been around since the 1st Imperium, thousands of years ago. Beyond that, Vincent really haven't paid much interest in it. So he did a library data search on them. Here's what Vincent learned.

The 1st Imperium needed administrators to maintain control over low tech cultures in a sphere of influence that was growing larger and larger each year. Three fundamental groups in vilani society felt threatened. If foreign cultures were not kept in line, vilani society could unravel. The vilani government established three bureaus to alleviate these concerns and maintain order. These bureau were the Naasirka, Sharurshid, and Makhidkarun.

Naasirka originated with the shugilii, the food preparers or cooks. Sharurshid originated with the merchant class. Makhidkarun originated with the aristocracy.

Makhidkarun stressed interstellar government. Its coreward territories were the sectors of Merhan, Mendan, and Amdukan. Although these sectors have been ruled by vargr states for the last 3,000 years, 50%-75% of these sectors were under Imperial rule during the 1st & 2nd Imperiums.

Each bureau was a complete interstellar government operated for a profit, but responsible for its citizens' welfare, law enforcement, and defense of its territory. The bureau had rights of taxation, defense, and legislation in its erritory. Bureau fleets protected its shipping and trade: bureau armies defended its installations and conquered new worlds, if necessary. Mutual aid agreements allowed them to call upon each other for help or reinforcement. Each bureau was responsible for enforcing technology patents on an interstellar level, to guarantee that no one would innovate on newly acquired technology without approval.

A central ruling council, known as the Igsiirdi, nominally ruled Vland, but in practical terms, it only served as a coordinating body for the three bureau. It received tribute payments from the bureau and used them to administer public works on Vland. It also allocated new territories to the bureau as they were discovered. The fairness of such assignments was maintained because the three bureaux themselves appointed the members of the Igsiirdi.

All three bureau played a major role in the Consolidation Wars. Many client races were connected to Vland only economically. They were not governed or occupied. These clients contacted other races and traded technology with them. The Vilani high command accused them of violating their technology patents and using new technology without proper vilani cultural indoctrination. As such, the bureau were instructed to use force to bring these violators of vilani trade law into the vilani sphere of cultural influence. Resistance was not tolerated.

When the Consolidation Wars came to an end, the Ziru Sirka, or Grand Empire of Stars, began. It later became known as the 1st Imperium. Exploration, which had ended when the Consolidation Wars began, was permitted to begin anew but only by permit. And to prevent further technology leakage, no new technology patents were to be granted. Current technological levels were sufficient to meet the needs of the citizenry. Any further advancement without governmental permission was illegal.

Makhidkarun and the other Bureaux prospered for the next several thousand years. When the First Imperium gave way to the Second, the Bureaux went into decline.

Vilani Patent Law continued to exist until -2173. The Second Imperium came to believe that Vilani Patent Law stifled innovation. Each Bureaux was declawed and defanged. Their monopolies ceased to exist and revenues shrank.

When the Second Imperium unraveled and the Long Night took hold, the heads of the bureaus returned to Vland, shutting down all offworld operations.

Just before the Third Imperium was founded, Makhidkarun and other megacorporations began to grow again. None of them were permitted their all-powerful bureaux status, but they did renew trade along the spacelanes again. Under the Third Imperium they returned to prosperity and began to dominate certain markets and their reach extended from one corner of the new Imperium to the next.

Makhidarun specializes in the communications, entertainment, and software industries. The entertainment division covers music, movies, books, zines, and art reproductions. The communications division produces hardware and software to cover data storage, retrieval, and processing. The software division has made advances in AI robots using synaptic brains. A gourmet foods division trades in rare and expensive food, wine, and delicacies.

Stock Ownership as of 1120: Imperial Family 5%, Noble Families 28%, Hortalez et Cie 28%, investment trusts and mutual funds 25%, private ownership 14%.

News Updates In Recent Years (Articles that can be read)
1119.25.3 - Vland Secedes From the Imperium. Cites Vargr Corsair Invasion Concerns.
1120.5.4 - Vland Government Looks to Re-Institute Patent Law.
1120.5.6 - Vilani Megacorporations Announce Support of Vilani Government's Intent to Re-Institute Patent Law.
1121.13.6 - Hortalez et Cie Agrees to Exchange Assets With Sharurshid And Naasirka.
1121.21.2 - Emperor Expels Vilani Peace Envoy From Capital.
1121.39.5 - Hortalez et Cie Agrees to Exchange Assets With Makhidkarun and Zirunkariish.
1122.47.7 - Vilani Megacorporations to Suspend Paying Dividends to Imperial Family.
1123.4.2 - Makhidkarun Reports Earnings Up 15%
1124.4.2 - Makhidkarun Reports Revenue Down 8%

Once he has this all together, he tracks down the captain.