Vincent Gets To Work On His Laptop

Characters: Vincent, with a brief visit from Slade
Location: Vincent's stateroom on the Miishakaal

1125.6.4 - 20:30 / 00:30 local time (18 1/2 hr day)
Vincent's tools are all laid out on your desk and he's about to start work on the laptop when his door comm buzzes. It's followed by Slade's voice saying, "It's Slade."

"Come in Slade..."

The door slides open and in walks Slade. "Hey Vincent, I was just stopping by to see if you needed any help with that laptop."

"Nah, I think I can handle it. I'm only disabling the power source so it can't reboot until we're in jump space. Then I'll try and get rid of the worm on the computer that was downloaded when I botched my hack attempt. Anyway, I might take you up on your offer once I start trying to clean up the hard drive and get all the info from my snooping."

"Ok, no problem." Slade leaves.

Vincent gets to work on the laptop. He opens the case and locates the power supply. He disengages it from the laptop. To double check that it's not a wireless power supply he attempts to turn the laptop back on. It stays off. Task completed.

Vincent Meets With The Captain

Characters: Vincent & Shiraamer
Location: Crew Lounge on the Miishakaal

20:45 / 00:45 local time
Vincent finds the captain right where he left her, in the crew lounge.

"Hi Captain."

"Hello Vincent. Come to tell me what you've found?"

"Yes. I searched the Oriole City Police website. I searched for any mention of Mersshon or Linnachre under 'criminal records' but I came up empty.

"I hacked Wellesmoor Diversified Products and found Mersshon and Linnachre's personnel files. Mersshon was listed as having been with the company for 10 years. He's been in the purchasing department as Chief Purchasing Agent of New Products the whole time. His file says that he's been an exemplary employee and manager. No complaints in his file.

"Oda Linnachre was there too. It said that she has a bachelor's degree in business administration. After college she went to work for Wellesmoor and has been there ever since. It mentioned how she rose through the employment ranks via meritorious promotions. Ten years ago she transferred into Product Development. Five years ago she volunteered for the role of New Product Acquisition Agent.

"In her employee files were several reports regarding her discovery of, tracking down of, negotiations over, and subsequent stealing of the bioscanner. I saved all of these files on my laptop hard drive to read later.

"I'd hoped to find more information about the bioscanner in other spots. I checked R&D and Product Development but I came up empty. I did find a couple of staff meeting notes where Mersshon talks about 'Oda's Bioscanner' but that's about it.

"I tried to hack the Oriole city government's network but I couldn't get in. I then tried for the Larkardan world government network and I thought that I got in but I got caught in a hack trap. Their network downloaded a worm onto my laptop and locked me out. I managed to turn it off and walked back to the ship. I checked to make sure that I wasn't followed.

"Once back in my room I disabled the power supply so that the worm couldn't send out a tracking beacon. I figure that once we're in jump, I'll turn it back on and try to extract the files I downloaded. If I can't remove the worm, I'll destroy the laptop."

Shiraamer: "Thank you Vincent. So far it sounds like the data you found matches what Mersshon gave us and told us."

Vincent: "Yes it seems to validate what we were told. If I find anything else when I try and de-worm the laptop, I'll keep you informed."

Shiraamer nods to Vincent, "Is it safe to wait until we're in jumpspace before getting rid of that laptop and the worm? It's your call. I just don't want uninvited visitors now."

Vincent replies confidently, "Absolutely safe. The worm needs power to send out its tracking signal. With the power supply removed from the laptop, it's completely held in check."

Shiraamer: "Ok. Think I'll try and get some sleep and sort this stuff out when my head clears a bit. Good night Vincent."

"Good night cap'n." Vincent returns to his room and goes to bed.

Shiraamer remains in the lounge for a moment after Vincent leaves. She then gets up and heads back to her room. She tries to figure out what it all means while she gets ready for bed. She lays down for a bit, but her mind refuses to immediately shut down. Eventually though, the days events catch up to her and her eyes slowly close.

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