Heading Back To The Ship

Characters: Shiraamer, Gvarokh, Slade, & Vincent
NPC: William McKibben
Start Location: Larkarda Starport, just outside The Bridge

1125.6.4 - 16:30 / 15:00 local time (18 1/2 hr day)
You step outside the bar. Night has come to this part of Larkarda. The street lights are on now that no light is coming in from the dome overhead. The street is moderately crowded with all sorts of people going in and out of shops, talking to street vendors, and just ambling along.

You turn right to head back to the ship. It feels good to walk. The exercise can always do you some good. You pass dozens of people along the way. Some of them are disembarking passengers, some of them are spacehands going off duty.

It's not a long walk. Soon you find yourself back in the terminal where your ship is parked.

There's something different this time. You can see through the windows that there's a ship parked at the gate to your port side that wasn't there when you left. It looks like a Far Trader. A new arrival it seems. Two men are out front at the gate of that ship. One is obviously a starport official. The other is a mid to late 50's looking man who could very well be the captain of that new ship. He probably just paid his docking fee.

As you approach your gate, the starport official leaves. The other guy remains. He waves to you and says, "Hi neighbor."

Gvarokh will stop by the ship, acknowledges his greeting with a headnod and a smile, and says "Hello" in return.

Shiraamer stays back a bit and acknowledges the wave. "Greetings. Didn't see you when we first got here, welcome." She let's Gvarokh do his thing and stays by Miisha.

Vincent and Slade nod.

As you look across to the other ship the Far Trader Aelay Craver looks new as it's name sparkles from it's side. The cargo hatch opens as the ships hands start to unload the cargo. All the crew seem to be wearing a uniform of blue tailored vacc suits and black ships boots.

The man who greeted you starts to walk over towards you. He walks tall and erect with his head held high making him look even taller than his 1.8 meter height would suggest. As he gets closer it is apparent that he is thin, and his blond shoulder length hair, unusual for a spacer, is tied in a small pony tail at the back of his head.

His well spoken Core accent becomes immediately apparent as he says, "Thank you. We received clearance 20 minutes ago and have just put down. Where are you in from?" as he heads over towards Shiraamer.

Shiraamer takes a step or two away from Miisha and towards the newcomer, "Where am I from? From here (pointing back at Miisha). She's been my home for so long now I sometimes forget where I'm really from. I'm Captain Shiraamer... and you are?" She holds out her hand to him.

Bill smiles knowingly at Shiraamer when she says 'Where am I from' and takes her hand to shake. His hand shake is firm but you think it would have been stronger when he was younger, "Captain William McKibben, call me Bill. Captain of Craver Corporations newest asset Aelay Craver." Bill indicates his ship. While his handshake may have seen better days his eyes are sharp and seem to sparkle as they take everything in.

Craver was a struggling pharmaceuticals corporation until the troubles. Since SuSAG's business operations in this region have been hit pretty hard Craver have stepped in and expanded quite quickly to meet demand.

"She looks good for her age, and well maintained." Bill nods his head to indicate the Miisha as he pay you the complement "One of the reasons I came over actually. Would you mind if I had a chat with your engineer? Or rather if my engineer has a chat with your engineer. Mr Hillman is a more than competent engineer, and as he is straight out of the Technical Academy has had little practical experience on the Garu class." Bill beams a smile at Slade that manages to convey the fact that he has recognized him as Miisha's engineer.

Slade turns to Shiraamer with a shrug, "It's up to you."

Shiraamer smiles at the compliment to Miisha. "Like a good woman, she just keeps improving with age. Mr. Slade? You are free to go over if you wish. Just keep in mind our daily staff meeting at 0700." Shiraamer watches "Bill" carefully. There's something about him that she just can't put her finger on. "If you'll excuse me Bill, I'm sure you'll understand, but I have some paperwork to catch up on."

"Ok then," says Slade.

Slade follows Bill into the Aelay Craver while Vincent, Gvarokh, and Shiraamer go inside the Miishakaal.