Leaving in a Hurry

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck, Uengghae, Kagfak, Major Arsashaammu, Major Elloekothe
Location: Starport Security and Pack of Daggers, parked at Merghia Downport
System: Odinaga

1126.34.7 - 4:00 Imperial Time, 12:00 Vilani Time

After a while, Dougok doesn't know how long, four humans in riot gear burst into the room and surround him.

He remains sitting and wags his tail. He asks, "What?"

"Hands behind your head," one of them orders. He stands in front of Dougok, pointing a baton at his face, while the others get behind him.

Fearing that resistance would only make things worse, Dougok complies. After a cursory search of his person, his paws are ziptied behind his back. A black hood is then pulled over his head.

"On your feet."

A man on each side lifts Dougok out of his chair and to his feet. They guide him out of the room and down a corridor. A minute later the human on his left says, "Duck your head." Dougok does as he's instructed and the floor changes from linoleum to metal. Something trips him up and he's on his knees. There's the sound of a metallic door sliding shut and then something blunt and heavy rapping on metal.

Dougok feels the smooth lurch of acceleration. He's in a vehicle of some kind. No one talks during the brief ride. After a couple minutes, the vehicle comes to an abrupt halt and Dougok topples over.

"Get up," someone growls. He does and hears a metallic door slide open.

He feels pressure on his wrists and then he's forcibly shoved. There's a second of two of flight, and he realizes that his wrists are no longer bound. He tries to put his hands out to brace for the expected impact and succeeds in avoiding ' the face plant.

Dougok hears the electric whir of fans of a grav vehicle speeding off. He takes off the hood and sees an unmarked speeder van disappearing down the wide corridor. Looking around, he realizes that he's been dumped off outside the hangar bay that the group's ship is parked at.

A tense twenty minutes goes by when Lakir says, "An unmarked van just pulled up outside the hangar bay."

Everyone tunes in to the hangar bay external camera security feed. A door in the side of the van opens, and a kneeling figure with his hands behind his back and hood over his face is seen in the doorway. He's forcibly shoved out of the van and lands on his chest. The van speeds off, and the figure pulls off the hood. It's Dougok.
Dougok stands and brushes himself off.

"Hey Dougok," says a voice through a speaker by the door to the gantry arm. He realizes that it's Lakir. "Get your tail on board. We're leaving."

The lock buzzes as Dougok reaches the door. He saunters down the gantry arm towards the hatch, which is now opening.

"C'mon, c'mon, let's go," Lakir waves him on in.

Dougok trots the rest of the way down the gantry arm, and as soon as he's in, Lakir closes the hatch and says over the comm, "He's aboard."

The gantry arm retracts and a rumble of engines can be felt as the ship takes off. There's a half second delay before the inertia dampeners kick in, causing Lakir and Dougok to momentarily sway.

"Get yourselves strapped in," Gvarokh replies over the comm. "We're cutting it close."

Lakir and Dougok climb the stairs up to the middle deck, head to their respective staterooms, and strap themselves in.
Gvarokh gradually increases the ship's acceleration up to 3G.

When he does, he gets a call from Muncie. "Hey, Ku wants you to know our ship can't go that fast."

"Sorry, I'll ease up," Gvarokh replies.

"No don't. We're just busting on you. Keep at 3G. We'll veer off to serve as a distraction."


"No sweat. Good luck."

Gvarokh gives the nav computer Ugarun as a jump destination.

4:20 Imperial Time, 12:20 Vilani Time

The invading force opens fire on Odinaga and its defense forces. Decelerating maneuvers begin.

5:20 Imperial Time, 13:20 Vilani Time

With no one pursuing the Pack of Daggers, and safe jump distance reached, Gvarokh engages the jump drive.

Dougok in the Doghouse

Characters: Gvarokh & Dougok
Location: Pack of Daggers, captain's quarters
System: Jumpspace between Odinaga and Ugarun

1126.35.1 - 3:15 Imperial Time, 3:15 Vilani Time

The second day into the jump, Gvarokh calls Dougok into his office.

Once inside, and with the door closed, Gvarokh opens up the meeting by asking Dougok, "What were you thinking back there on Odinaga?"

Dougok looks down at the floor. "I wasn't."

"Look," Gvarokh continues, "I expect a certain amount of risk taking and adventurism from you, but you have to be smart about picking when to do so."

Dougok's tail wags when he realizes he's not going to be chewed out. "Thank you, sir. I absolutely recognize that I took risks that I should not have given the signs. As you said, I'm risky and random."

"Want to tell me what happened?"

Dougok relates that he went to get a pass to get into the city, got pulled in by security for questioning, and when the invasion started, was thrown in a truck and dumped outside the ship.

With both sides satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, Dougok is dismissed.

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