Shopping Trip

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck, Uengghae, Kagfak
Location: Miishakaal, docked at Meliva Starport
System: Maran

1126.32.5 - 00:20 Imperial Time, 8:20 Vilani Time

While the crew is composing their shopping lists and looking through online catalogs, Gvarokh announces that they just got paid by Zirunkariish Corporation for their recovery operation with Captain Su and Ushin. He's immediately disbursing 25,000 credits to everyone to help pay for the shopping expedition.

Gvarokh is strongly encouraging guys to buy as much gear, ammo, armor, and weapons as possible as it will be some time before the group returns to Maran, and there probably won't be any stops where the tech is as good.

And they listen, stocking up on combat armor, all sorts of weapons, and as much useful tech as they can get their mitts on (I won't bore you with the details).

New Crew for Mission

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck, Uengghae, Kagfak, Major Arsashaammu, Major Elloekothe
Location: Miishakaal
System: Maran

1126.32.5 - 02:00 Imperial Time, 10:00 Vilani Time

The comm buzzes, announcing the arrival of the two new crewmen for the mission. Gvarokh introduces them.

The vargr female is Major Elloekothe. She specializes in covert ops, recon, and materiel acquisition. She has spent a great deal of time undercover on occupied worlds and built a list of contacts you may need to call upon to get you where you need to go. She holds her head up high as she sniffs the air to gauge the scent of the ship and its crew. She has a well-defined, but not bulky, build. "Athletic" might be a good term (Somewhere between Gail Devers and Venus Williams). Her fur runs mostly auburn.

The human female is Major Arsashaammu. She's a biologist and a doctor. Her knowledge runs from weapons to medicinals. While she's of an average frame, she's physically fit. A mix of vilani and solomani features: light brown skin, blonde hair, gray eyes, full lips, narrow nose. She's not just brains; she has combat firearm experience.

Both have boxes of personal gear, firearms, and armor. Arsashaammu also brought medical equipment.

Simrii looks over the top of his book as the ladies are introduced. He's busy cooking a kettle of soup using the fresh ingredients he managed to order while the captain, Lakir, and Vincent were at the meeting. He's also working on a meat-based stew for the vargr crew.

Vincent is about to introduce himself, but Gvarokh beats him to it. Gvarokh introduces each of the crew and briefly explains their role on the ship.

Vincent finally gets to cheerfully say, "Welcome aboard."

Vlad enthusiastically wags his tail.

Lakir discretely elbows Vlad in the side.

Slade nods.

Simrii nods politely and utters a barely audible, "Ladies," prior to returning his attentions to his book and his cooking.

Dougok's tail wags as do those of the junior vargr. Kagfak and Uengghae sniff the air and whine a little before panting.

Gvarokh then asks the women, "Since we're going to be undercover, we obviously can't address you by your rank. Is there a name you'd prefer us to use?"

Major Elloekothe replies, "Elloe is fine."

Major Arsashaammu replies, "Irma is my first name. That works for me."

"Ok. Does anyone have any questions for Elloe and Irma?"

Lakir asks, "Yeah, I was wonderin', since we're buyin' stuff before we head out, what we could pick up to kill bugs. Both up close and personal, as well as from standoff distances."

Irma replies, "Since we're dealing with a virus, the method is different than if we were to be facing something bacterial. Alcohol and bleach are still good for wiping down surfaces. UV light works, too. But as for treatment after exposure, we don't have anything. Unlike antibiotics, which go after all bacteria, anti-virals are typically specific to a certain class of virus. Since we obtained samples from Envar, virologists have been studying the virus." She pauses. Her gaze goes to the floor for a moment. "Unfortunately, that research isn't complete. I'll have to run my own tests along the way."

Chuck replies, "Uhhh, how will you be testing? Did you bring—"

"Oh no, I don't have any actual specimens. We were able to isolate a sample and scan it in both its active and dormant states. I will be working solely with a digital model and run simulations on treatment and vaccination options."

Chuck breathes a sigh of relief.

Dougok takes a high posture, not challenging, but rather one of prestige, and asks if there is any special gear they'll need to wear to prevent infection, besides a filter mask.

Irma replies, "We don't know all of the transmission vectors right now. Obviously we know that it's transmissible through the air and the whole respiratory system is vulnerable. While the filter mask covers one's eyes, it doesn't do anything about ears. We don't know if that can be a vector. The same goes for the skin. At this point, if we know the contagion is present, I'd recommend a fully contained environmental suit or armor just to be safe."

Dougok flips his ears in acknowledgement to the Vilani doctor. "Thank you for the information, Irma." He mouths the human name carefully. "I'll add an environmental suit to my purchases. I have no desire to die like those already exposed to the plague." He wrinkles his muzzle a bit as he thinks. "I know little about plagues and such but something about contaminated and tainted worlds. Shouldn't we practice decontamination protocols during Jump? I'd be glad to organize them with you, Irma, if you'd like the help."

Chuck makes a dismissive sound.

Irma replies, "Ummm, well, I'll leave that up to your captain to decide."

Slade jumps into the conversation. "You're welcome to use the fancy new med comp I just ordered. It's really why I bought it anyhow."

"Thanks," she says with a smile.

Gvarokh says, "Anyone who bought something for the ship or the crew as a whole, I'll reimburse you if you want. I appreciate the contributions to the greater team, of course, but we have ship's funds for that.

"And if there's anything that anyone thinks we'll need to pick up for the ship, please speak up. While funds are limited, this is our best chance to get the best equipment possible for a long while, and there is no reason to miss the opportunity."

Dougok turns to the Vargr addition to the crew. "Elloe, I would like to talk to you later about contacts amongst the corsair and reaver bands. I've recently changed my pack and a comparison of notes may be useful." Dougok remains with the same careful, assertive, but not aggressive, stance as he feels out the situation with a new Vargr in the mix. His mention of changing allegiances is done in a completely matter of fact manner. "My experience has been more social and personal combat than engineering or flight and we may be able to work together to coordinate an approach both direct and covert if needed."

"Perhaps. Who were you with?"

"The Touzagh."

She nods. "We'll talk later."

When the questions are over, Gvarokh asks the crew, "Have you been keeping up on your language classes?"

There's murmurs and grumblings among the crew.

He continues, "We won't always have the ship's computer handy to translate. And the portable stuff may be too slow in a tense situation. Just as Dougok, Kagfak, and Uengghae have to master Galanglic, some of you others need to be working on your Gvegh." He looks at Vincent, Slade, Chuck, and Lakir.

Afterwards, Gvarokh says, "We've been shopping for supplies since getting back to the ship. Would you care to check it out or join in?"

Elloekothe shakes her head. "No need. The admiral wouldn't have picked you if he didn't think you weren't up to the job, and we have all the gear we need."

Gvarokh lets out a good-natured laugh and says, "Fair enough. Let me show you to your room." With that, he leads the women to their stateroom.

Leaving Maran

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck, Uengghae, Kagfak, Major Arsashaammu, Major Elloekothe
Location: Miishakaal
System: Maran

1126.32.5 - 08:00 Imperial Time, 16:00 Vilani Time

It takes some time but the supplies—those not out of stock or vetoed by the Vilani Munitions Authority—have arrived. The crew busy themselves claiming what's theirs and storing the rest.

10:00 Imperial Time, 18:00 Vilani Time: Ship loaded and ready to go.

10:30 Imperial Time, 18:30 Vilani Time: Ship leaves starport.

14:05 Imperial Time, 22:05 Vilani Time: Jump to Timat.

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