Simrii Returns To The Table

Characters: Everyone but Lakir
NPC: Jum Tixem
Location: The Bridge, a bar at the Larkarda Starport

1125.6.4 - 16:15 / 14:45 local time (18 1/2 hr day)
Simrii doesn't look happy. Between bites of his sandwich he asks, "So what did Jim Jim the dog faced boy have to say after I left?"

Captain Shiraamer looks at Simrii. "Ok Simrii...Talk. You've been sulking throughout this whole deal. What aren't you telling us about this. If you have more information about this, speak up."

Simrii smiles around his fries, "I'm a firm believer in the bullshit theory: if it sounds like bullshit, smells like bullshit and looks like bullshit, it's probably bullshit.

"I've spent a good lot of time running this sort of stuff in the past and that man might say he works for a manufacturing company but he's full of crap and you can bet your backside he doesn't want no silly bioscanner."

He offers the plate around the table, "Fries anyone? They're really quite good."

Setting the plate back down on the table, he continues, "He's a spook, might be an Imp, most likely a Lucan man which means he's more than likely going to double cross us sooner or later. I'm just saying watch your ass."

Shiraamer gets a little wicked grin on her face and snatches a fry before responding. "There's that chance with every job we take (getting double crossed). I appreciate you voicing your opinion though. Like I said. It's time to investigate this guy and see how legit he is. We'll be doomed from the start if we don't do our background checks and plan accordingly. As for watching my ass," she looks behind her, "it's too hard for me to see, I always thought you'd guys would watch it for me."

"Don't worry skipper, I'll watch your ass. Little difficult to shoot things looking at your ass but I'm certain I'll manage." Simrii gives her a wink and a smile. "I'll see everybody at the briefing tomorrow." She gets up and with a little extra sway to show off her ass, she giggles as she leaves to go to the ship.

"Check out the swing in her backyard," Simrii says.

Vincent adds a "Good night cap'n" as he casually looks at the cap'n shake her stuff.

Simrii wraps half the sandwich in a napkin, grabs a handful of fries throws them in a napkin and shoves them all into different pockets in his vest.

"Eat those," he says to the others downing his tea and heads outside looking to catch up with Lakir.

Shiraamer gets halfway past the bar when Jum calls out to her, "Miss Siirkasaare your bill."

"Sorry Jum, almost forgot."

Shiraamer slides her bankcard through the reader and notes the bill: $135, not including tip.

Simrii passes the captain at the bar and, with a jacket full of fries, heads outside.

Shiraamer takes a deep sigh and stares at the bill/receipt and then looks at Chuck. She authorizes $185 to be taken out and winks at Jum.

"Thank you Miss Siirkasaare! Please come back soon." Jum smiles. It's an honest smile.

Turning around, Shiraamer slowly walks back to the table glaring at Chuck the whole time. Placing both hands on the table she leans in towards him. Waiting for his eyes to meet hers (even if it takes awhile) she stares at him and says, "Mr. Strider, that had better be one hell of a cup of coffee tomorrow morning. You and I will be having a discussion about the tab I just paid."

Chuck just sits in rapt attention, completely silent for once.

Shiraamer turns around once again, winks at the others and saunters out of the bar to head back to the ship.

Gvarokh, Slade, and Vincent finish off their beers and leave. They catch up to the captain outside.

Vladgorkfeg has just finished his squid. He remains seated to digest his meal and enjoy his lager. Several minutes after the others have left, he gets up and leaves.

Chuck fills up his glass with the last of the lager. Now that all the distractions have left the bar, he looks around for someone else to hang out with.

At this point the crew has split up.