A Sparring Suggestion

Characters: Lakir & Vlad
Location: Jumpspace aboard the Miishakaal

1125.11.1 - 15:43 Imperial Time, 16:00 Vilani Time

Secondmeal has finished and the plates have been cleared away. The passengers have returned to their rooms for whatever reason. It's just Vlad and Lakir on the couch in the passenger lounge.

Vlad starts to chuckle.

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, I was just recalling your sparrrrring with the female."

"Yeah, you did get quite a chuckle out of my performance earlier."

This only makes Vlad laugh more. "Oh, she nailed you alright. She had you on your monkey ass, so quick, so many times." He practically starts howling his laughter.

Lakir takes it all in stride but he wouldn't mind seeing Vlad get his own comeuppance. "Well, if you think that you can do better, maybe you should spar with her, eh?"

Vlad rolls his head around a bit and growls something unintelligible before saying, "I'll get back to you on that."

"Uh huh," Lakir replies unimpressed.

Gvarokh Has A Word With Lakir

Characters: Lakir + Gvarokh
Location: Lakir's quarters aboard the Miishakaal

11.1 - 16:43 Imperial Time, 17:00 Vilani Time

Lakir is reading the manuals on his newly acquired weapons when there is a buzzing at the doorcom.

"Come in," he says.

Gvarokh enters the room and closes the door behind him. He says, "Lakir, I know he isn't the most popular guy on the ship, but could you let up some on Chuck?" Gvarokh pauses for a second, then continues, "I know he can be annoying. Hell, he can get on my nerves, too. And I know I haven't always treated him the best either, but he is an important member of the crew."

Lakir says with a surprised look, "Hunh. Sensitive kind of fellow, is he? To the best of my knowledge, I don't treat him any different than I do anyone else. But for you boss, I'll make a special effort to play nice with him..."

With something of a sigh, Gvarokh says, "Yes, he is a bit sensitive. I have tripped on that myself. And I know you don't treat him any differently - well, until now." After a brief pause Gvarokh finishes, "Thank you Lakir. I appreciate the help."

Sparring Challenge Accepted

Characters: Lakir & Vlad
NPC: Three Military Passengers
Location: Jumpspace aboard the Miishakaal

1125.11.1 - 22:43 Imperial Time, 23:00 Vilani Time

Lakir leaves his quarters to get a glass of water before heading off to bed. On his way back to his room he encounters Vlad coming up the lift.

"Lakirrrrr, I've been thinking about your challenge. I accept. I will sparrrr with the female."

Lakir is pleased to hear this, "That's the spirit. Now, let's see if the RSM is up to the challenge."

The two men head to the RSM's stateroom and hit her doorcomm buzzer.

"Who is it?" the RSM asks.

"Lakir and Vlad," Lakir replies.

"Just a minute." She answers her door about half a minute later. She doesn't invite you in, "Yes?"

"Evenin' ma'am. Seein' as how you mopped the floor with me during our sparrin' match, I thought that maybe you'd like more of a challenge," Lakir gestures over his shoulder, "say Vlad here."

Vlad smiles, showing too many teeth.

She sizes up Vlad before turning her attention back to Lakir, "Let me sleep on it and I'll let you know."

"Fair enough."

She then bids you good dir and closes her door.

11.2 - 8:01 Imperial Time, 00:30 Vilani Time

Over breakfast, Lakir asks the RSM, "So, have you had a chance to think about our offer?"

Captain Liishenii is surprised and asks, "What? What?"

Lakir answers, "Since RSM Miigaki made short work of me the other day, I thought that maybe she'd care to spar with Vlad here."

Vlad smiles, showing too many teeth, something he enjoys doing.

Captain Liishenii, "Yes, yes, I'd imagine that he'd be a challenge for her. What say you Sergeant Major? Yes? Yes?"

The RSM looks a bit embarrassed and is definitely speechless.

Liishenii continues, "Give it a go Miigaki. At least he's a friendly. I guarantee you that future vargr we meet won't be so accommodating."

The RSM isn't sure and she has a difficult time hiding her self-doubt. She looks over at the colonel. He nods his approval, the slightest hint of a smile on his face.

"Fine then. After the morning jog then," she says.

"That's the spirit!" Liishenii says.

Vlad's tail starts wagging. "Yes!" He scarfs down the rest of his breakfast and disappears into his room.

10:31 Imperial Time, 03:00 Vilani Time

The older men have finished their jog and have taken a spot on a crate next to Lakir to watch the match. The RSM stopped early and focused herself on pre-combat exercise. Vlad comes sauntering in at the appointed time with an enthusiastic smile. As he draws near to the RSM, his smile fades, replaced by a more serious, focused look. The RSM's countenance matches his. Lakir signals the beginning of the match and quickly backs out of the way.

The match starts out fairly evenly, but the RSM takes an early lead. She scores more points than Vlad does. But midway through, Vlad figures her out and takes her down with authority several times in a row.

When it's done, Vlad helps her to her feet. They shake hands.

Captain Liishenii applauds, "Good match you two."

Colonel Khiigshiikii asks, "Sergeant Major, do you feel like you've learned anything?"

"Yes, sir," she replies, disappointment evident in her voice.


The passengers are escorted back to their rooms.

Another Discussion About Travel Accommodations

Characters: Lakir + Vlad
NPC: The Three Military Passengers
Location: Jumpspace aboard the Miishakaal

11.2 - 22:31 Imperial Time, 15:00 Vilani Time

Lakir and Vlad are having secondmeal with the passengers. Something's been sticking in his craw since he spoke with the RSM about their travel accommodations. She said that it didn't make sense to waste assets on small groups of soldiers. So, what happened to the rest of the regiment? He decides that now is a good time to ask. The passengers are as comfortable with him as they're going to get.

"Pardon me for asking Colonel, but where's the rest of your regiment? I was talking to the Sergeant Major the other day about your taking a small, private vessel rather than a military one, what with corsair activity in the area and all. She replied that it was a waste of naval assets to transport such a small number of soldiers. And then I thought, but where's the rest of the regiment."

The room goes quiet save for Vlad munching away on his dinner. The RSM looks a bit embarrassed. The Colonel sighs, his expression looks almost pained.

Captain Liishenii speaks for him, "Our regiment was dissolved, Lakir. The men have been dispatched elsewhere for guard duty while the Sergeant Major and myself will serve with the colonel on Sardia as part of the second battalion, Uukegdi."

Lakir's surprise is hard to hide, "Disbanding Regiments? At a time like this, that sounds mighty strange. Wouldn't guard duty be better served by local forces, instead of draining front line formations?"

Captain Liishenii replies, "I agree." He gestures at the Colonel, "We agree. But, that's what command told us. Not exactly the thing one can question. Apparently, whatever it is they're guarding, wherever they are, was too important."

The Colonel adds, "And the forces at Sardia are in need of leadership so we've been assigned to the regiment there."

Lakir face expresses a look of sympathy for the passengers, "Sounds like a pretty hard luck postin', ya ask me." But then with a smile he says, "Though I'm sure this command team can do nothing but improve the performance of any unit they're assigned to."

That gets a smile from all three passengers.

"Thank you for the kind words Lakir," Captain Liishenii says. The Colonel and the RSM nod their agreement.

Poker Night Invitation

Characters: Shiraamer & Lakir
NPC: Colonel Khiigshiikii
Location: Miishakaal Upper Deck, in jumpspace

11.5 - 11:05 Imperial Time, 11:58 Vilani Time

Shiraamer has finished breakfast, showered, and dressed herself in a jumpsuit, something comfortable yet presentable for space travel. She's intended to visit all week but hasn't remembered to do so or, because of the time differences between Imperial and Vilani clocks, came at inopportune times. Well, this time she's going to get it right.

She arrives in the passenger lounge to find it empty and thus heads to Lakir's quarters. She hits the doorcom chime.

"Come in," Lakir answers.

Shiraamer walks in, "Hi, Lakir."

Lakir smiles good naturedly, "Hi cap'n. What can I do for ya?"

"I stopped by to see how things have been going with the passengers. I haven't heard any complaints from them so I figured everything must be going alright."

"Yeah. Quite a personable bunch. We've been gettin' along OK. They seem content with their mornin' exercise, and the occasional 'beat up Lakir' session. The RSM even had a go at Vlad- while he whooped her ass, nobody seemed to mind, and all had a good time. Chucks been doin' a great job of keepin' them fed on a regular basis, while still lookin' out for the rest of ya. Can't say I'm thrilled with the time change though."

"I was never fond of it myself," Shiraamer says.

"'Side from that, they keep to themselves mostly."

"Ok, that's good. Anything else? Like why they needed to take civilian transportation to Sardia?"

"Seems their parent regiment was broken up piece meal, and shipped out for some unknown guard duty' assignment throughout the subsector, while this command teams bein' sent to Sardia to give the local battalion a bit o' back bone. Them goin' civvie is supposed to save naval resources which are needed elsewhere."

"I see." Changing the subject she continues, "I also wanted to invite our guests down for Poker Night. The rest of the crew, those that are playing, all seem ok with the idea of them joining us. What do you think? Would they be interested?"

"I think so. I'll check with them and let you know Capn'."

"Thanks, Lakir." She smiles, "I appreciate what you're doing Lakir."

After the captain leaves, Lakir heads over to the Colonel's quarters, and rings his doorcomm.


"Colonel, it's Lakir. May I come in?"


Lakir enters the Colonel's room and explains the Poker Night tradition to him. The Colonel loves the idea and would be happy to attend. He ensures Lakir that the other officers will attend as well. Back in his quarters, Lakir relates the accepted invitation to the captain.

Shiraamer Gets Ready For The Poker Game

Courtesy of Bonni

Shiraamer waited until she was almost late for the poker game to finish getting ready, confident that the guys would keep her chair for her. She had made a promise to wear this outfit and although their guests might be there, she didn't see a reason to change her mind. She looked again at the outfit and grinned. It was a different outfit to wear for sure. To "justify" it, she made sure that her pcom and other necessities were in the various pockets and started to get dressed. Looking at herself in the mirror before leaving her room caused her to smile. Yes, it was indeed a good poker outfit. Her high heeled white boots showed off her legs nicely, while the white "short" shorts might serve to distract most of the males and probably give the Vargr a chuckle. The matching white lace sleeveless blouse with scoop neckline showed off her other assets nicely without being garish or "cheap". The crowning glory though was her jacket. A light dab of cologne that had been made for her behind her ears and she was ready. She had learned a long time ago to take it easy on the cologne, especially with vargr on board. She knew if might be a little hot, but then the color of it was hot pink, wasn't it? With her creds, her weapon, her handkerchief and her pcom safely tucked away in the pockets, she made her way to the poker game.

The Poker Game

Characters: Shiraamer, Gvarokh, Vlad, Vincent, & Lakir
NPC: Chuck, Colonel Khiigshiikii, Captain Lishenii, RSM Miigaki
Location: Miishakaal crew lounge
System: Jumpspace

1125.11.5 - 20:00 Imperial Time, 20:53 Vilani Time

Gvarokh, Vlad, Chuck and Vincent are in the crew lounge ready to start the poker game. Chuck is grabbing snacks and beer for all. Lakir arrives shortly thereafter with the military passengers. While Vlad and Chuck have seen them almost as much as Lakir, Gvarokh and Vincent have not, a result due to the differences between the Vilani and Imperial clocks as well as routine duty assignments. They seem ok though.

After a bit of polite conversation, glances at watches, clocks, and other chronometers begin happening, as people begin to wonder where the captain is. Captain Lishenii asks if Captain Shiraamer will be joining them.

Chuck informs him that the captain prefers to make "fashionably late arrivals" but shouldn't be long.

As if on cue, Shiraamer appears.

The outfit has the desired effect. Jaws drop. Vargr sniff the air and chuckle. Captain Lishenii's jaw is among the droppers. RSM Miigaki eyebrows go up in surprise. She then shakes her head. The Colonel smiles as he gets up to pull the Captain's chair out for her.

Shiraamer smiles serenely at the Colonel and sits down, very pleased with how the hot pink utility vest/white short outfit was received. "Why thank you Colonel. I'm so glad that all of you were able to make it. Shall we begin?"

"Rrrrright," grins Vlad. "Time to play!"

"Oh, here we go again. Should I just hand over my creds to the Cap'n. I've got a bad feeling about this one..." Vincent says as he tries not to stare.

"I would gladly take them, but it's much more fun to torture you," Shiraamer says, looking like the cat that ate the canary.

With nine people playing, the evening is quite lively. Everyone indulges in a beer or two or three and the banter is quite lively. Even the RSM relaxes a bit, something Lakir didn't see all week. The captain engages in her usual poker night flirtations and they go over rather well. It has the desired effect of distracting some players, mostly Chuck (as expected) and Captain Liishenii. Shiraamer notices the latter discreetly trying to sneak peeks at her. Vincent does his best not to be distracted but fails when Shiraamer pours it on. While appreciative of Shiraamer's style, the colonel's gameplay is unfazed and he does rather well, as does Shiraamer herself.

While the vargr and the RSM are unfazed by the Shiraamer's sexy attire, it is Gvarokh who triumphs this evening. He capitalizes on Shiraamer's full on assault to quietly outflank the other players. As a result, he cleans up big.

FINAL Winnings/Losses:
Gvarokh won $105
Colonel Khiigshiikii won $47
Shiraamer won $40
RSM Miigaki won $5
Vincent lost $10
Vlad lost $22
Lakir lost $40
Captain Lishenii lost $50
Chuck lost $75

When all is said and done, the colonel expresses thanks Shiraamer on behalf of himself and his fellow officers for the wonderful evening.

After The Poker Game

Character: Lakir
NPC: RSM Miigaki
Location: Lakir's room
System: Jumpspace

1125.11.5 - 23:00 Imperial Time, 23:53 Vilani Time

The poker game has ended and everyone, Vilani and crew alike, head off to bed. Lakir is eager to get to sleep and forget his poor poker performance. Just before he closes his stateroom door, RSM Miigaki calls to him.

"Lakir, may I have word with you?"

"Yeah, sure. C'mon in."

Miigaki enters Lakir's room and she shuts the door. The other day, Captain Liishenii didn't give you the full story about the break up of our regiment."

Lakir's curiosity is piqued, "Really?"

She continues, "Yes. You see, the Colonel was told that the rest of the regiment was going to be guarding POWs. He accepted it at first because he's a good officer. But the idea of taking prisoners is foreign to the Vilani way of thinking. It's a highly inefficient use of manpower and materials. With the war going the way it is, he knew better than to question his orders, but it still bothered him. Anyway, I thought that you'd like to know."

"So these prisoner's would be more than your run o' the mill unlucky gropo or vacchead from Lucan's forces; somebody or thing that doesn't fall into the realm of 'ordinary POW'? Any idea who would rate this first class treatment from some of the 'Vilani's Finest', 'specially as spread out as this op seams to be, what with individual units broken up and scattered across the subsector?"

"I have no idea. And if the Colonel knows, he isn't saying. I'd hate to think it was something that violated the Imperial Accords of War. If that were true, then we'd be no better than that madman Lucan."

"No offence, but it seems to me that breakin' up a unit like yours, usein' 'critical fleet' assets to transport company size units, summin' they didn't sub that out to some pretty scarce bulk transports, then shipping a pretty damn fine command team out on a private transport to north bum fuck to stiffen some local yokels, don't exactly register as 'great strategic planning', less there's a real good reason. No offence intended, just me bein' paranoid."

"None taken. We don't know how they were transported or even when. After a final review of the troops, we never saw them again."

There is a five second silence to signal the end of the conversation. Miigaki breaks it by saying, "Well, good dir, Lakir."

"Good night, Miigaki."

She leaves Lakir's room and he readies himself for bed. He falls asleep wondering where Colonel Khiigshiikii's troops could have gone and who, or what, they might be guarding."

Last Briefing Before Sardia

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck
Location: Miishakaal crew lounge
System: Jumpspace

1125.11.6 - 8:00 Imperial Time, 1:05 Vilani Time

For the first time all week, Shiraamer is able to get her entire crew in the same room at the same time. Slade had to be persuaded to leave Engineering, though it wasn't easy. Simrii was easy enough to find, though his reclusiveness made contacting him about the meeting awkward. And with Chuck, Vlad, and Lakir on Vilani time, it was difficult finding a spot in their schedule that was mutually acceptable.

Some of the crew are just sitting down to breakfast. Some appear to have just woken up. With Miishakaal expected to exit jumpspace sometime this afternoon, Shiraamer has decided to schedule the meeting at the breakfast table. She's dressed more professionally today. Her hair is tied back and she's wearing a plain, form fitting jumpsuit.

She begins. "It's been a good week. I'd like to thank Chuck, Vlad, and Lakir for switching over to Vilani time to keep our guests happy. Good job." She smiles to make sure that everyone knows she's pleased.

Shiraamer continues, "In a few hours we should be emerging from jumpspace at Sardia. It's a small world with a very thin atmosphere. Most of the cities are orbital, but the starport is down on the planet's surface, which is too bad because the daily variation in temperature is extreme. The planet is so far away from the sun, an orange giant, the ocean on the night side freezes solid.

"But the worst part is that if offworlders break laws, the punishments are severe. The place only has a law level of four but it's like, if you're not a Sardian, your rights aren't so good. TAS recommends downloading the latest copy of Codes of Conduct for Offworlders upon landing at the starport."

Gvarokh rolls his eyes. His feeling is common amongst the crew. Oh great. More xenophobes.

Shiraamer continues, "We'll go through standard procedure once we land: refuel, unload cargo, and see if there's any cargo that needs to be hauled to Theton. And once we're at Theton we'll just pick up Mersshon's employee and head back to Larkarda."

Chuck offers, "And with any luck it'll be that easy."

Shiraamer nods in agreement, then asks, "Any questions?"

She gets shrugs and the barest of head shaking for replies.

"Ok, then. Meeting adjourned."

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