Meet The Enlis - Part 2

This page GM'd by Ewan Quibell

Characters: Shiraamer & Vincent
Location: Hotel Ujhvsd at the Skien Starport
System: Ashki

1125.10.5 - 22:40 Imperial Time, 14:38 Vilani Time, 07:55 Local Time
Vincent arrives back at the table just as the waitress is bringing the food. He can't help but notice that another woman apart from the captain is sitting at the table.

As he sits down the food is served. The three dishes that the waitress brings are all the same. The Bala seem to be very small shrimp like creatures that have been deep fried, and thirty or so of them are presented in a single lettuce leaf. The boustafa slices look and smell just as you remember them on the ship and the scrambled eggs just look delicious. A second waitress comes with the croissants and kaff and places them in the middle of the table.

The Colonel says, "Please don't wait on ceremony."

The waitress replies, "Thank you, sir," as she picks up the kaff and pours a cup which she offers first to the Colonel who declines it, and then to Shiraamer.

Shiraamer graciously accepts the cup of kaff and inhales the aroma before sipping tentatively at it. She is delighted to discover that it was indeed an excellent brew. "Ahhh. A most excellent way to start the morning. Might I take this opportunity to introduce you to my escort this morning?" Shiraamer makes sure that introductions are done while watching their reactions.

Vincent's introduction to the table is met with polite nods.

Captain Lishenii gives very little reaction over and above his polite nods, while the Colonel takes a moment to make an evaluation of him, though you can't tell what his conclusion is. You don't get any indication that the RSM does anything apart from nod politely at you both, however you get the feeling that she has already evaluated him, probably as he was walking to the table.

Shortly following Vincent's introduction, Shiraamer receives three text messages in quick succession indicated by the vibrating of her comm.

Breakfast passes with mostly small talk: the weather, the food, and Captain Lishenii complementing Shiraamer on her clothes and jewelry. The Colonel speaks rarely but thoughtfully. You think that Captain Lishenii could probably talk the hind legs off a Ponni, although during the conversation you notice that every now and again he comes out with some really poignant and intelligent comments that if you weren't really listening you might miss. It makes you wonder if he is more "together" than he comes across.

After her second cup of kaff, Shiraamer excuses herself to use the 'facilities' (kaff just goes through some people real quick you know) and while she is away from the table checks her messages.

The first is from Gvarokh saying that the ship will be carrying four low passages.

The second is from Lakir and says, "We may want to expedite our departure from the system, as it looks like the locals may be prepping a counter-intell sweep, and with us bein' a 'foreign' vessel and all ... might not be to healthy around this port soon."

The third is from Gvarokh again, asking when he'll need to prepare for departure. He notes that this is the first time in a very long while that the Miishakaal will be completely full with cargo, passengers, and low passengers.

Before going back to the table, Shiraamer calls Gvarokh back.

Comms Calls

Characters: Gvarokh, Shiraamer, (initially) Lakir (later)
Location: Miishakaal bridge, docked at the Skien Starport
System: Ashki

1125.10.6 - 22:50 Imperial Time, 14:48 Vilani Time, 08:05 Local Time
It's been a long day for Gvarokh, but he's still at it on the bridge thinking about lunch, although he notices it's almost 23:00 ship time. Naps are good to keep him going, and he's managed to catch and hour or two, but he's been on the go since the cargo arived at 05:20.

While running calculations on flight paths for orbit insertion and jump point, Gvarokh watches as the primary, Satirine, breaks over the horizon for the beginning of a new day on Ashki. He starts to run the numbers to get the preliminaries when he gets an incoming comm from the Captain.

"Gvarokh, notify everybody that we'll lift off as soon as we can. See Lakir and tell him to fill you in on his message to me. Good job on the low passengers. I'm about finished here."

"The lows won't get here until the end of the local day, so we won't be able to leave before then. I will schedule us a slot for right after that, allowing for the time needed to insert the passengers into low." He adds, "If it is OK, I will also take a long nap so I can be ready when it is time to leave."

"That's affirmative Gvarokh. I'll notify our other passengers to be there then otherwise they'll miss their flight." Shiraamer grins into the perscom. "Go get your beauty sleep."

Gvarokh responds, "OK. And thanks."

Once he finishes talking with the captain, he punches the intercom and tells everyone, "Just heard from the captain. All of our passengers should be here by the end of the local day. Once they are on board, we will depart as quickly as possible. In light of that, please be prepared for departure after the local 'close of business.'"

After that, he calls Lakir and asks him to come up to the bridge.

A minute of two later Lakir comes through the iris and takes a seat in the pilot's acceleration couch.

Lakir says, "Thanks for the heads up, Gvarokh. I'm having a small package delivered before we lift. We spectin' anymore cargo, or can I run the prelift inspection on the hold?"

"Okayyyy," Gvarokh says. "The captain said I needed to have you fill me in on your message to her?" Gvarokh then cocks his head to a slight angle with his mouth open a little.

Lakir responds, "Nothin' concrete, just some idle chatter I picked up while loadn' cargo this mornin'. Indications are the locals might be prepping for a counter-intell sweep. Seems anyone with foreign contacts might be suspect, and not treated too kindly. I don't know about you, but I'm not likely to survive an in depth probe by a paranoid Vilani intel outfit. Sure hope Vinny hasn't been poking around too obtrusively on the net...."

Gvarokh replies, "Well then, we need to be ready to lift off the moment the last passenger has boarded. Please go ahead and run the cargo inspection. We are fully loaded, except for the passengers."

Lakir leaves to catch some rack time, prior to the cargo inspection.

Gvarokh then checks to see if he still has contact information for the low passengers. He really wants to get out of Ashki now.

Checking the comm logs, Gvarokh finds that the low passengers called from a boarding house. When he calls, the comm is answered by a middle aged Vilani woman.

"Honour House, how may I serve you this morning?"

"Yes, I am the first officer of the free trader Miishakaal. A lady recently called me from your residence to book passage with us. Is she still available?"

"Do you mean Musush and the girls? They said they booked passage with a trader going to Sardia. You've just missed them. They booked out not 10 minutes ago."

"That would be them. OK. Thank you for your assistance." Gvarokh then provides the typical Vilani equivalent of "Goodbye" and hangs up. He says to himself, "I guess they will get here when they get here."

Gvarokh then slips over to his room for some more sleep.

Meet The Enlis - Part 3

Characters: Shiraamer & Vincent
Location: Hotel Ujhvsd at the Skien Starport
23:00 Imperial Time, 14:58 Vilani Time, 08:15 Local Time
Once Shiraamer gets back to the table, she smiles as if nothing has happened and finally responds to the unasked question of departure time. "I'm not sure why anybody would be in a hurry to leave this lovely place but, once the transaction goes through, we should be ready to lift off at the end of the local business day. Boarding time is within one hour of lift off. Any questions?"

Captain Lishenii smiles at Shiraamer, and replies "No, not from me." He looks at the Colonel, who smiles at Shiraamer and replies, "No." The RSM doesn't reply.

After the meal is consumed and the kaff is drunk, Shiraamer says, "Well then, as pleasant as this has been, I really must return and make sure that everything is progressing nicely for lift off."

As Shiraamer and Vincent stand, so do the rest of the table. Shiraamer asks the waitress for the bill, but the Colonel interrupts her.

"I wouldn't dream of it. I hope you enjoyed the meal." He indicates to the waitress that the food should be put on his bill.

"Thank you, Colonel," Shiraamer replies with a smile.

The soldiers all bow slightly as Shiraamer and Vincent leave.

At this point, Shiraamer and Vincent walk back to the ship.

Passengers Arrive

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck and several passengers
Location: Miishakaal, docked at Skiire Starport
System: Ashki

1125.10.6 - 06:50 Imperial Time, 22:38 Vilani Time, 15:45 Local Time

Gvarokh's version

Everyone has been paged early for the day as passengers are expected and you need to be prepared for departure as soon as they are on board. Chuck has managed to provide an excellent breakfast and is just providing coffee and fruit juice.

Gvarokh tells Chuck, "An excellent spread, Chuck. This should help impress the guests."

Chuck smiles broadly, "Thank you, Gvarokh."

An incoming comms call is received.

"Miishakaal, we have arrived as requested." On the video you can see two human and two Vargr females in Naval uniforms. They're all ratings of various rank, and the spokeswoman is a petty officer. Gvarokh recognizes her as the woman who booked four low passages earlier in the local day.

Gvarokh goes to meet them at the door. He then brings them in to introduce them to the captain and Chuck. Gvarokh explains to the four that Chuck is the ship's medic and that he will be handling the cryo-process.

The captain greets the passengers and follows normal protocol for low berthing. The crew has their normal pre-flight checklists to do. Shiraamer has confidence her crew knows the routines by now.

Gvarokh offers to let the popsicles have some refreshments prior to going to the berths.

The Petty Officer replies, "Thanks that would be good."

One of her Vargr companions looks around, sniffs, and asks, "What have you got?"

Chuck replies, "The usual you would expect on a ship." He indicates that they should take a seat while he fires up a ship's terminal. "There is a drop of mixed juice on the table that our XO and crewman seem to like, but I'd advise against any stimulants before going into the berths."

Chuck's medical certifications appear on the terminal as he turns it to show them while they help themselves to drinks.

The same Vargr who sniffed looks over the certificates, "Battlefield and field hospital medic with trauma specialty hay? What experience do you have with berths?"

Check replies, "Everything from standard retrieval from troop transports, to fast freeze of critical but curable battlefield casualties, through to slow freeze of major trauma patients for fast retrieval at hospital."

The Vargr looks up at Chuck and her ears prick up, "So you could put us in slow for a fast retrieval at Sardia?"

"Yes, but we only have standard lows aboard so it's likely to be about three times as long going in, and the retrieval isn't likely to be as fast."

To which the Vargr replies, "Yer, but we will be out and ready for a full day's work having had a really relaxing trip." As she looks around at the other three who are nodding their heads.

Chuck replies, "No worries then. Here's the standard contract. I'll need your IDs. Credits and luggage to the XO," Chuck nods at Gvarokh, "Oh and if you have anything you think we should know about please tell us, as we will be doing standard scanning."

The PO replies, "Only standard issue snub pistols and a gauss pistol." She passes over the IDs.

"Ship's locker then." Chuck turns to Vincent, "Can we have four small compartments of the ship's locker programmed for these IDs please?" He passes the IDs across, after logging them onto the ship's passenger list.

"No problem" says Vincent as he turns towards the ship's locker. Once there he programs the compartments with the ID's he was just given.

As the four stand up, the PO passes a Naval Warrant Credit stick to Gvarokh. "It will want a copy of the contracts on it to authorize payment." And they all sign a copy of the contract in accordance with their IDs.

Gvarokh runs the credit stick in through a terminal with a reader. The whole process goes through as expected.

The four women head over to the ships locker. In the compartments of the ship's locker that Vincent has programmed for them, they each put in standard issue Vilani Navy snub pistols, while the PO puts in a gauss pistol as well. Each uses their palm or paw prints to access the compartments and then take their IDs back from Vincent.

Chuck looks at Vincent and then Gvarokh for indications that they are both happy.

Vincent calls out, "I'm all set." Gvarokh gives a curt nod to indicate that things are fine.

Chuck then turns to the four women and says, "Ladies if you would follow me?" He indicates the corridor to the first two low berths on the starboard side of the ship "Who would like to be first?" can be heard as Chuck opens the iris by the starboard cargo hatch.

As soon as he's out of ear shot, the comm chimes again. It's Captain Lishenii's party. Shiraamer greets them at the starboard airlock and brings them into the crew lounge for introductions and processing.

Captain Liishenii is a middle aged man with plenty of gray in his hair and his beard. He practically bubbles and rattles when he speaks like an old engine. Colonel Khiigshiikii is several years older than the captain, clean shaven, and more reserved. Regimental Sergeant Major Miigaki is an attractive woman with an athletic build.

Shiraamer introduces the crew, save for Chuck who is still busy with the low berth passengers, then asks Gvarokh to process them and Vincent to stow their weapons in the ship's locker. She departs to the bridges to ready the ship for takeoff and orders all other personnel to start on their pre-flight checklist.

After their weapons are stowed in the ship's locker, Vincent shows the trio to their quarters on the upper deck and heads to his station to ready himself for takeoff.

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