Meet The Enlis - Part 1

This page GM'd by Ewan Quibell

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck
Location: Miishakaal, docked at the Skien Starport
System: Ashki

1125.10.5 - 11:30 Imperial Time, 03:38 Vilani Time, 31:45 Local Time
Shiraamer thinks for a bit after the connection closes. Finally, she sends an announcement to the whole crew, "Ok everybody. Time to listen up a bit. It looks like we'll be taking on three passengers for this trip. They're military: a Captain Lishenii, his Colonel, and a Regimental Sergeant Major. I am to meet them in 10 and a half hours for breakfast and will take one of you with me. You decide which one it will be. Gvarokh, I'll need you to stay on the ship but I'd like to meet with you right before I go to cover some things. If anybody has any problems with this, then see me. Shiraamer out."

Making a connection to the local DataNet, Shiraamer calls up a search for Captain Lishenii. Not much comes back. Information on the Vilani Army's 115th Regiment of Foot is displayed and lists Captain Lishenii as a staff officer to Colonel Enli Khiigshiikii. It also gives a brief history of the Regiment (nothing spectacular) and that's about it.

Shiraamer does another search to see if she can find out the name of the Regimental Sergeant Major and if there's anything interesting there. The information on the Vilani Army's 115th Regiment of Foot doesn't give any information on the NCOs of the regiment, however, a search on Colonel Enli Khiigshiikii, brings up a few unremarkable news reports. One can piece together that the Colonel has had a relatively unremarkable career (probably why he was heading the 115th). Starting out in the Imperial Army, he worked his way up the ranks before the Vilani seceded, at which time he was promoted to Colonel.

While Shiraamer is looking through the news reports, a text message bleeps on her comm. It's from Vlad and says, "Any volunteers? If not, I'll go."

A few seconds later, Vincent is heard on the ship-wide comm, "If no one wants to go, I'll go with the Captain to meet these guys."

And Lakir volunteers as well.

Gvarokh likes this idea and texts the captain, "Since Lakir rooms 'upstairs', we will probably want him to keep an eye on our guests. Er - be the 'acting steward'".

Shiraamer looks at the responses that came in to be her escort. Three volunteers to go with her. Not as good as she had hoped, but still, it spoke well that some did volunteer. Lakir went last time with her so this time it will be Vincent's turn. Shiraamer notifies Vincent and the crew stating that he will be going with her. Then she goes back to her rest. Baggie eyes do NOT look good as a first impression for clients, nor go well with white.

Time passes and the Captain gets her beauty sleep. The rest of the crew do much the same as there are only general ship board tasks to be done. Chuck has been seen in the passenger galley going over everything that will need to be done, if they take on passengers. He's been using the passenger galley as a long term food storage area and is deciding how best to redistribute the food when the captain and Vincent go to meet the passengers.

22:05 Imperial Time, 14:13 Vilani Time, 07:20 Local Time

Chuck intercepts Shiraamer and Vincent as they arrive at the air lock. "Captain would you let me know if we take these passengers? I'll get some more supplies ordered up if we are. And if you let me know what they like to eat, I'll see what I can get. I've cleared the staterooms on the passenger deck, cycled the air a couple of times, and changed the linen. They're about as clean as they can be."

Shiraamer replies, "Thank you, Chuck. I'll let you know as soon as I can. I've given Gvarokh what I've found out about who we're meeting and told him to let everybody know." The Captain finishes with, "We'll keep in touch with the ship." She and Vincent then leave the ship.

Shiraamer remembers that white is the fashion around here. She's wearing Caspia again with matching earrings, shown off by having her hair fastened up with tendrils escaping around her face and the rest of it falling down in curls. She has chosen a very pale, muted green skirt with a white overlay shimmer. When she walks the overlay gives a slight shine to the skirt as it flows out and mixes with the green underneath. It allows easy movement. Her blouse is a thin white semi-transparent material that matches the overlay. If one stares, they can just see the silk bustier in the same very pale muted green. Her weapon is in her purse, as well as usual stuff like cred sticks, etc., and her badge of office is pinned on her blouse. It has been tested to make sure that it doesn't droop or pull on the material. The overall effect is a vision of beauty rising from the sea to deal with mere mortals.

On the way over, Shiraamer thanks Vincent for coming with her and hands him a cred stick with 3,000 credits on it. "That's just in case it's needed while we're here. Never know what's going to happen." She smiles at him and fills him in on what she has found out in her research.

The trip to the hotel is uneventful and when Shiraamer asks for Colonel Khiigshiikii the receptionist smiles and asks for them to wait. A moment later a woman immaculately dressed in a long flowing slightly apple-white skirt with a white lace blouse approaches you. Her long hair is up in a flowing undo and moves as she walks, but is held in place perfectly by what appears to be chop sticks. For Vincent the scene is breath taking. This woman could easily be a fashion model on any planet that Vincent could care to mention.

As the woman approaches she she gives the captain and Vincent the most pleasant smile and says, "Captain Siirkasaare, and guest. "I'm Shana Ama, the manager of the Hotel Ujhvsd, and if there is anything that I can be of assistance with please do not hesitate to ask. The Colonel is expecting you. Would you please follow me."

Shiraamer tries to hide her smile at the effect and patiently awaits to be escorted.

Shana leads them through to the main restaurant where the trade is steady, although you couldn't call it brisk. She leads them to a table where two gentlemen are seated, one of which the captain recognizes as Captain Enli Lishenii, and the other, from his profile on the nets, as Colonel Enli Khiigshiikii.

Shana comes most elegantly to rest just beside the Colonel and says, "Colonel, Captain Siirkasaare and guest."

Captain Lishenii stands as Shiraamer and Vincent are introduced and says, "Captain Siirkasaare, yes, yes, please be seated."

The Colonel addresses Shana, "Thank you," and she retreats.

Captain Lishenii continues, "Would you like some breakfast, yes. It's very good here. The RSM (Ref's Note: Regimental Sergeant Major) sends apologies, running late on morning exercises I believe, yes."

The Colonel nods in acknowledgment as he continues with his breakfast.

Captain Lishenii finishes, "But will be here any minute."

As Shiraamer and Vincent sit down so does Captain Lishenii. In almost the same instant a young waitress appears by the Colonel's side. The Colonel finally speaks up, "I expect the Captain may want to order breakfast for herself." And he smiles politely at Siirkasaare.

It's been a little while since either Shiraamer or Vincent have encountered formal Vilani serving, but the Colonel has put the formality aside by allowing Siirkasaare to order straight to the waitress as opposed to through him.

Shiraamer replies, "Thank you for the offer Colonel but I would be honored if you would order for us. Vincent and I have not been to this establishment yet and you would, of course, be much more knowledgeable about the selections." Shiraamer blushes delicately and leans in a little to say in a lower tone of voice, "I'm afraid that I usually don't have enough time to fully enjoy a traditional breakfast and most often just take solace in a cup of kaff. A vice of mine I must admit to. Today is to be enjoyed. Please do the honors." She leans back and smiles at the Colonel and the captain.

The Colonel smiles back, "I find a traditional breakfast is to be savored on the occasions when a master shugilii is available and the food is fresh from Vland. But since we are close to the border, I think the local produce might be a better choice."

Traditional Vilani breakfasts are about the blandest dish Shiraamer can think of and it does indeed require a master shugilii to make it worth eating.

The Colonel addresses to the waitress, "Bala deep fryed, with two slices of boustafa, and scrambled egg, twice please, with some croissants and kaff for five."

The waitress bows slightly in acknowledgment and goes to fill the order.

Vincent indicates to the Captain that he needs to go to the bathroom and excuses himself from the table, leaving Shiraamer with the Captain and the Colonel.

The Colonel nods to Captain Lishenii who then turns to Shiraamer. "Captain, it's good of you to meet us. I think this is a far better way of getting acquainted than just turning up at the ship, yes? Yes. As I said on the comm we will need passage for three to Sardia, and standard middle class is more than acceptable, is it not? I have to say that the Colonel does a very good breakfast, and the RSM makes a mean piishilii (Ref's Note: something akin to a Vilani spanish omelet). I can only manage toast, but then each to his own, hay? Coffee and tea are my forte. I think the RSM will be taking up most of our luggage allowance for the trip."

As Captain Lishenii finishes, a good looking woman of Vilani stock, with a grace of movement you rarely see approaches the table. She's wearing what most of the other local women wear: a lose fitting lace white blouse and skirt. Her clothes aren't as good quality as Shiraamer's, but they're well made. She speaks quietly to the Colonel for a moment and after he nods slightly she takes a seat at the table.

Captain Lishenii doesn't miss a beat as the woman sits down. "Captain, this is Regimental Sergeant Major Gamaagin Miigaki." And turning to the Sergeant Major asks, "Good work out Sergeant Major?"

The RSM nods slightly at Shiraamer and responds to Captain Lishenii with a slightly deep musical voice, "Yes, thank you, Sir."

Shiraamer nods to the RSM and smiles, "I'm so glad that you managed to join us. I do hope that this meeting wasn't an inconvenience. I like to meet the people I'll be working with, face-to-face. Now that I've seen your face, I'm afraid that I might get jealous. I'm accustomed to being the only female on board you know. I can see that I'll have to step up my regimen to keep my reputation as the only beautiful woman on board Miisha." Shiraamer smiles, showing that she isn't put off by meeting the RSM.

The RSM replies, "As you say Ma'am."

They Just Keep Coming

Characters: Gvarokh & Slade
NPC: Chuck
Location: Miishakaal, docked at the Skien Starport

22:30 Imperial Time, 14:28 Vilani Time, 07:35 Local Time
The captain and Vincent left the ship around twenty minutes ago for their meeting. Gvarokh and Slade are just going over the last of the ship's reports at the crew lounge table supping beer. Chuck rearranges the food in preparation for the passengers when an external call is diverted to the lounge from the bridge.

"Miishakaal?" a woman asks Gvarokh. She takes the slight nod from Gvarokh as an indication to the affirmative and continues, "Good dran. I'd like to book low passage to Sardia for four please."

Chuck looks up from the Galley at the request and stops what he's doing.

Gvarokh, taken aback some by yet another set of wannabe passengers, responds by saying, "We do have the capacity for four low berth passengers. We do not have a ship's doctor, but our medic is qualified to operate the berths. Is that acceptable?"

The woman looks away from the screen to have a conversation with someone else. She turns back to the screen, "One of us has a medical rating, if she can watch your medic put us under before she goes under then we would be agreeable. Would you be happy with that?"

Chuck nods his agreement.

Gvarokh says, "That works for us. When can you arrive and be prepared for the trip?"

The woman replies, "We can be with you any time after the start of work dran. When are you scheduled to leave?"

Gvarokh responds, "We won't leave until much later in the, uh, drandir. We don't have a hard schedule. I will have to check with the captain to see the exact departure time. So, the end of work dran should be more than acceptable."

Gvarokh then sends a brief message to the captain informing her that they now have four low passengers for the trip to Sardia.

After a little bit, Gvarokh sends a second message to the captain asking when they'll need to prepare for departure. He notes that this is the first time in a very long while that the Miishakaal will be completely full with cargo, passengers, and low passengers.

He then makes sure that everyone is ready so that the Miishakaal can leave on an hour's notice.

Gvarokh runs over the reports on the ship to assess its readiness and finds that apart from the passages, and maybe some extra supplies to accommodate the unexpected non-popsicle ones, everything is in order. He knows that it will take around half an hour to warm the engines before take off and 10 minutes or so to warm up the power plant, but as long as Slade is up to his normal self this shouldn't be any trouble.

He also knows that he'll have to gain clearance and post a flight plan with the Starport authority, but again that shouldn't be much trouble.

Gvarokh turns to Chuck and asks, "Assuming the three passengers are coming, do we have enough food and supplies to keep them, and us, fed?"

Chuck replies, "We have enough without any problems. It will eat into our stocks though so I asked the Captain to let me know if they're coming aboard so I could order some more fresh stuff."

Chuck waves a pot of coffee at Gvarokh and Slade, "Coffee's good, did you want some?"

Both Slade and Gvarokh down the rest of their beer, knowing that it's time to get ready to work again.

"Sure," Slade says setting down his empty beer glass.

Gvarokh says, "Yes. Please."

Chuck comes over with a mug and pours you a coffee. "Say when was the last time you checked out the low berths?" Gvarokh hears a hint of nervousness in his voice as he asks the question.

After receiving his precious fluid, Gvarokh says, "Thank you." The coffee is indeed good. Gvarokh looks over to Slade, waiting for his response.

"Running diagnostics is my life. I run diagnostics, sleep, eat, and shit, in that order, and when I'm not doing that, I walk around the ship and touch everything. Occasionally I even talk to people."

Slade goes to a terminal, reviews his logs and tells Chuck the exact time he last ran diagnostics on that subsystem, which turns out to be less than two days ago. He also tells him the last time he physically inspected the low berths, which was less than a week ago.

Slade continues, "And since I love running diagnostics and inspecting things, I'd be glad to go down and do it some more. Thanks for the coffee, it was real good."

Gvarokh quietly smiles to himself at Slade's response.

Chuck's face just blanks. He looks at Slade for a moment, and can't help but notice the grin on Gvarokh's face.

To Gvarokh, Chuck's smell changes almost instantly and it goes from nervousness to almost instant steeliness.

Chuck puts the coffee jug down and throws a kitchen knife quite forcibly and accurately into a chopping board. It quivers there for a moment as Chuck replies to Slade quite aggressively, "That's right, laugh it up. Chuck's the arse end of all the jokes aboard this ship. I should know that's all I'm good for by now, hay!" He storms into the lift to the upper deck and continues in the same aggressive manner, "Let me know when the popsicles arrive, I'll be in my room. And you can both get your own fucking coffee next time." And with that Chuck is gone.

"I wasn't even really kidding." Slade removes the knife from the chopping block and puts it where it belongs.

Slade makes a mental note to apologize to Chuck next chance he gets. Right after he double-checks the low berths, which is actually a fine idea, given that he does in fact love to run diags and inspect the ship.

Gvarokh is slightly stunned by Chuck's outburst. Slade's comments knock him out of it, and he responds, "I was amused by you!"

Gvarokh then pauses for a second, shrugs his shoulders, then continues drinking his excellent coffee.

Slade disappears down the corridor to check the low berths.

When alone, Gvarokh laments to himself, "I really want to like Chuck. He is a very useful crewmember. But he makes it so hard." For what it's worth, Gvarokh was chuckling at Slade's over the top comments, not Chuck. Unlike the time when the girl from the rescue ball insulted him. He really was laughing at Chuck then. Anyway, Gvarokh has no intention of even pretending to apologize. It is Chuck's misunderstanding, not Gvarokh's. When he finishes with his coffee, he heads to the bridge to figure out their flight plan until the captain gets back. Or lunch.

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