Cargo Loading

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Characters: All
NPC: Chuck
Location: Miishakaal, docked at the Skien Starport
System: Ashki

1125.10.5 - 05:17 Imperial Time, 29:25 Vilani Time, 25:32 Local Time
Gvarokh starts to come into consciousness due to a buzzing noise that he tries to place, but can't quite manage in his state of slumber. The sound changes to a louder buzzing and Gvarokh realizes that it's an incoming communication which has gone from just his stateroom to ship wide to alert any crew that there is incoming comm.

The buzzing tone around the ship wakes everyone. Most find themselves in their staterooms, but Slade finds himself in engineering. His arm is dead as he has rested his head on it while he slept.

There were seven missed calls. Six are for Miishakaal in general and one is specifically for Lakir.

The freight firms have all left messages saying that they accept Miishakaal's kind offer to ship their cargo and are moving the goods to the Miishakaal's bay for arrival as soon as possible.

Lakir is feeling pretty bad as he has only caught about 3 hours sleep, his hand and arm are stiff from the gun practice and being woken by the buzzer has put him in a bad mood.

Vlad is feeling ok. He's had three hours which is not bad for a nap but he knows his need for sleep is great and it will probably be best if he tries to catch some more at lunch.

Gvarokh has had five hours sleep and isn't feeling too bad, although he missed the initial comms calls. He also knows he needs more sleep so is likely to need to nap around lunch.

Shiraamer is knackered. Five hours is just not enough. Bags under the eyes that are a bit puffy show the symptoms of lack of sleep. It's liable to be a bad hair day as well.

Vincent is feeling a little sleepy. He's had close to six hours sleep which is good enough to see him through the day.

Apart from a stiff neck, and an arm that he needs to massage to wake up, Slade is only a little sleepy after his six odd hours. He could do with a shower to smooth the aches and pains, but otherwise he's fine.

Simrii is ok. He's had over six hours deep sleep following the meal.

30 minutes after the comms calls, the first cargo delivery starts to arrive. Gvarokh gets a call from the guys delivering it, looking to get it loaded.

Lakir checks his message. It turns out to be Satirine Saamlar requesting that he call them back to talk through his requirements.

After checking his message, Lakir heads to the cargo bay and starts his cargo upload routine. He downloads the manifest from the computer and checks space and lashing requirements for the new cargo. He starts prepping the area for its arrival. Yawning, he thinks it's likely to be a long day.

Vlad heads down to the cargo bay to find Lakir looking at the cargo listings due to arrive. His smell is somewhat different this morning but it's nothing he can put his nostrils to. With a small bark and a nod to Lakir he walks to the cargo ramp to activate the purser's terminal and to lower the ramp itself.

Shiraamer wakes up and, after checking the incoming cargo acknowledgments, quickly closes her eyes. She thinks it will be a bad day. She figures that she has two options: go with it or crawl back into bed. She yearns for the days when she could just crawl back into bed. She knows that this isn't the first time she's had to deal with life on little sleep, although she keeps hoping it might be the last. Sighing, she slicks her hair down with water and tries to convince her body that it really does want to function.

She doesn't hear any activity in the staterooms as she walks downs the corridor, but upon reaching the cargo hold she sees Lakir and Vlad sorting out the hold for the incoming cargo. Lakir looks as bad as she feels, though he seems to be managing fairly well.

Gvarokh checks the messages and finds he doesn't need to send any acknowledgements for the various cargo deliveries. He does see that they have all responded stating that they're delivering their cargoes right then. Thinking he'd like to request time changes for any overlapping deliveries he manages to contact the factor for the 12 tons of bathing salts and convince them to delay it for four hours. Other than that, he doesn't have much luck and thinks he'll just roll with the punches the deliverers deal. He silently curses the efficiency of the Vilani.

He goes out and about, checking to see who's up. He finds Chuck in the kitchen looking no worse for wear, putting the morning coffee on and preparing a working breakfast for everyone. Chuck passes him a fruit juice to drink while putting a piece of warmed meat and stewed fruits in a fajita for him. Gvarokh barks thanks and checks the cargo hold. He sees Lakir and Vlad diligently prepping. He goes back into the crew lounge and calls up Simrii and Vincent to let them know that the first delivery has arrived.

Vincent replies in a quite chirpy voice that he'll just brush up and will be there in a moment.

Simrii grunts something unintelligble.

Gvarokh returns to the hold to work with Lakir and Vlad and handle the paperwork. He give Lakir a tired smile (just a curl of the mouth; no teeth) and a pat on the shoulder to show appreciation for Lakir's proactive work.

Shiraamer greets Gvarokh with a smile and suggests that she handle the paperwork to let him organize the loading.

Vincent and Simrii turn up as the ramp lowers. What greets the crew is a bunch of cargo in various states of disarray.

There are six Vilani males of various ages waiting patiently for someone from the Miishakaal to sign for their cargo and load it up. They talk amongst themselves as they approach the ship in some pre-determined order. Shiraamer suspects it's the order in which they arrived but she can't be sure.

The first in line speaks, "Good Dran. I have a shipment of data records for the University of Hargiss and your offer of shipment." He passes the data-pad with details to Shiraamer to verify, and indicates the 9 tons of containers that need to be moved.

As she makes sure that everything is correct, she wonders how much data is in the containers. "This seems in order." Shiraamer smiles at the man and nods to everyone in the hold to acknowledge they should be loaded.

Chuck appears from the crew lounge with assorted sandwiches and fajitas with drinks that everyone can eat on the go, and hands a coffee to the Captain.

The last Vilani in line breaks with decorum a little and mutters, "I'm going to be here forever. The first trader to be going to Sardia in the last two weeks and they have to be inefficient ones." He sits down with a humph.

Lakir, who has just got to the first container and begun adjusting the cargo loader with Vlad, hears the Vilani's comments and, due to lack of sleep, is instantly irritated. He snaps back "Well you could get off your arse and help. That way you won't be stuck here so long being annoyed with our inefficiency."

The Vilani realises that he's being rude and is taken aback by Lakir's reply. He considers what Lakir said for a moment and stands up. With a perplexed look on his face he replies, "Certainly. I can drive a cargo loader and I used to crew a Garu a while back. Where do you want me? The name's Shannash Igadushda." From his reply, the crew get the idea that helping load the cargo isn't part of the procedure here on Ashki.

The other Vilani look at each other with puzzled looks on their faces. They all seem to agree without a word being said. The oldest of the group turns to Shiraamer, "We have similar skills to our colleague Shannash and would like to offer our help as well."

Chuck smiles and says "We'll need more coffee then!" He goes back to the crew lounge to put another pot on.

Vincent adds, "Excellent, then we can get done alot quicker." He doubles his efforts not realizing that the work will get done much quicker with the added help.

Vlad barks in what you know passes for a Vargr laugh, "Pinkies... every time you think you've got them figured out..."

Gvarokh sorts the crew and the Vilani into work teams. They move and stow the cargo, with all the cargo lifters from the Miishakaal and those that the Vilani brought.

Lakir says to Shannash Igadushda, "Great. We could use the help. We hadn't quite expected this response from our ad. Seems like there's been a shortage of small cap transport recently."

Shannash replies quite off hand, "No, there hasn't been a trader going to Sardia for the last two weeks, not that I would've taken notice before really. I only started to take notice of these things since I was asked to keep a track of shipping movements. It was after Lucan pulled the fleets out of Vland, but I told the guy who asked to bugger off in no uncertain terms. I haven't seen him since."

One of the other Vilani replies with a laugh, "Good thing too. I heard that the Navy and the police are about to round up a bunch of Imperial spies, and they might have lumped you in with them!" He smiles as the rest of the Vilani laugh at Shannash's expense.

Another pipes up, "It's true. I have a good friend who works in the port and is still loyal to Stephan even after the fleets left. The starport authorities said that they couldn't trust him even though he's never done anything wrong in his life. So the government took his family 'on holiday' off world, only they didn't say where they where going and he hasn't seen them since. He makes sure he does nothing that could be even considered wrong now just in case he never sees them again."

Following this the mood sobers and everyone gets on with their work. The cargo loading proceeds at a good pace and before you know it, the job is done.

With the cargo stowed and everyone thinking they've all done a good job, the crew, without a word, heads back to their respective staterooms. Most to catch up on some sleep but others to just relax.

Good News Travels

Characters: Shiraamer & Gvarokh
NPC: Captain Lishenii
Location: Miishakaal

11:21 Imperial Time, 03:29 Vilani Time, 31:36 Local Time
It's been about half an hour since the cargo was loaded and Gvarokh hit his stateroom for a nap. He's woken by an incoming comm call that has been routed to his stateroom.

Upon answering, the other end shows an obviously Vilani man wearing an army captain's uniform. "Good drandir to you. I believe you are shipping out to Sardia?" he continues before Gvarokh can answer "Yes. I'm in a party of three that would like passage. When would be a good time to embark?"

With the suddenness of the query, Gvarokh snaps awake. After an unpleasant pause to collect his thoughts, he responds, "I am sorry, but I didn't recall contracting for any passengers. If you would like, I can forward your request to our captain."

The Vilani Captain looks a little taken aback, "Not contracting for any passengers?" Again he continues before Gvarokh can answer, "I am speaking to a representative of the ZSMV Miishakaal, yes? How very strange! Why would you not be contracting for passengers?"

Gvarokh, now much more awake, ignores the second question. He says, "Yes, I am a representative of the Miishakaal. As I have already mentioned, if there is a problem, I can connect you through to our captain." The omission of "ZSMV" is intentional.

The Vilani Captain still looking a little out of sorts says, "By all means please do!"

Gvarokh puts the Vilani Captain on hold while he gets Shiraamer on the line. He opens a connection through to her stateroom where she answers yawning.

Shiraamer stares at the com like it's a snake ready to bite her, "Gvarokh? This had better be good. That cup of coffee didn't last long. If there are any more problems to deal with they had best be served with caffeine."

Gvarokh replies, "I am terribly sorry captain, but I have a Vilani Army Captain on the other line that wishes to book travel to Sardia. I told him we don't usually do passengers, but he didn't seem to take no for an answer. I offered to let him talk to you. Will you talk to him?" Gvarokh pauses for a moment, then adds, "Is there some sort of mandatory passage for Vilani military personnel?"

Shiraamer starts to finger comb her hair, trying to get it to look more presentable. "Ok, Gvarokh, you may patch him through. I'll talk to him. We might make arrangements. It would be a profit for us and might end up with a good contact. I'm not aware of any mandatory passage for Vilani military so it will cost him." Shiraamer, puts a smile on her face and waits for the patch to come through.

Gvarokh switches back to the Vilani Captain and says, "I am transferring you to our captain. Hopefully she can help figure things out." He then transfers the connection.

Shiraamer waits for the connection and, when it's patched through, announces herself in a pleasant but firm voice, "Captain Siirkasaare speaking. To whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?"

The Vilani Army Captain replies rather formally, "Good drandir Captain Siirkasaare. I am Captain Enli Lishenii of 2nd Battalion Uukegdi, 7th infantry division, Theton 3rd Army. I would like to book passage with you to Sardia for myself and two others."

Shiraamer patiently waits for him to finish his introduction, although mentally rolling eyes at the formality. "I see Captain Lishenii. I am somewhat curious to find that I have a message from you since I did not advertise for passages. May I inquire as to how you chose MY ship for passage? Also, I'm sure you won't object to me asking to see your credentials."

Captain Lishenii looks a little puzzled, "Credentials? Oh ... Yes." His ID comes up on the screen. It's a standard Vilani Army ID, and the computer confirms it matches the expected credentials. Still looking puzzled, he continues, "And why I called your ship? Your destination is Sardia, and the ZSMV Miishakaal," he says reading from off screen, "is a Garu Class with 8 crew, 11 staterooms and 4 low berths. And I need passage to Sardia for myself and two others."

From what he said, it seems to Shiraamer that he believes that his answer is more than sufficient justification for placing the call.

Shiraamer looks over his credentials and upon finding them legit smiles at him. "Thank you so much. There is a reason why I didn't advertise for passengers though. We don't have fully-fledged medical personnel on board for crew. As such, I would be lacking as a captain to take on passengers when I could not guarantee proper medical treatment, if needed."

Captain Lishenii replies, "No medic? Oh that's not a problem is it? No, no. We'll not be needing a steward either."

Shiraamer gives a low soft chuckle, "Not having a medic is only a problem dear sir when one is needed. I would expect all three of you to sign papers stating that you understand that we have no medic on board and that you wave any liability stemming from not having a medic on board. There would also be the normal contract also stating that you waive the Steward option."

He nods his agreement.

Captain Shiraamer continues to find something to dissuade him from traveling on board her ship, "You mentioned two others? Are they military also?

"Two other passengers? Yes, my Colonel and the Regimental Sergeant Major."

In a low whisper and with a smile in her eyes, she continues, "I was sure that the military would want to see their fine members transported in a style befitting them and with proper medical personnnel instead of an old, but sound, Garu class ship like Miishi." She pats Miishi walls.

Captain Lishenii laughs, "You should see the conditions we have to travel under when we go with the Navy! Your Garu is likely to be luxury by comparison!"

Swell. She tries another tactic, "Is there a hurry to get to Sardia that you would be willing to travel with us instead of proper military entourage?"

He composes himself, "In a hurry to get to Sardia? No, it's just that you're the first ship to head that way in two weeks."

She continues on with formalities, "Your weaponry would be stowed and the only time I expect to see any of you brandishing weapons would be to help defend the ship during the trip. I would charge Cr 8,000 for each of you for a total of Cr 24,000."

She suddenly recalls Gishinridu and decides to play the race card, "Another thing to keep in mind is that my crew is composed of more then one race. If any of you might have any problems with that, then it is best we not go further in our negotiations. On the other hand, if you are still interested, I would like to meet the three of you tomorrow morning for refreshment and to go over the contracts." Shiraamer patiently awaits his answer.

Captain Lishenii continues to have a puzzled look upon his face as he replies, "We would expect a standard middle passage? Hummm .. Yes. As for a meeting, yes, we would be happy to, at our hotel? For breakfast? Yes, yes. We'll expect you at what? Say 07:30 Ashki? Excellent, yes, for you and another? Yes. Until the Dran then Captain Siirkasaare. Good Dir." He sends the details of the best starport hotel as he closes the connection.

Shiraamer hangs her head in disappointment.

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