Lakir Calls Gvarokh

Characters: Gvarokh, Shiraamer & Lakir
Location: Miishakaal (Gvarokh) Skien (Shiraamer & Lakir)
System: Ashki

1125.10.4 - 20:20 Imperial Time, 20:18 Vilani Time, 16:35 Local Time
Gvarokh has nothing to do but watch as Vlad and Simrii work with a couple guys from Skien Manufacturing as they unload Miisha's hold. Fuel and life support deliveries have been made. Lakir and the Captain have been gone for a little over an hour.

A comm message comes in from Lakir, "Hello, Gvarokh."


"The captain and I have been doin' some shopping. Our stuff's gettin' delivered sometime in the next half hour or so. Don't wantcha gettin' worried. Ok?"


"Talk to you later."

"Be sure to stay out of trouble. Gvarokh out."

"Roger that. Lakir out."

After hanging up, Lakir turns to the captain and says, "Perhaps Capn', we should hit Ashki Outfitters, just to allow time for our delivery to get to ship, then have dinner out with the crew...?"

"That sounds like a plan, Lakir. Lead on, you have the directions."

Lakir and Shiraamer Continue Shopping

Characters: Shiraamer and Lakir
Location: Ashki Outfitters in Skien

20:30 Imperial Time, 20:28 Vilani Time, 16:45 Local Time
Ashki Outfitters looks like it was an Imperial Outfitters at one time. Likely they changed their name once Vland seceded from the Imperium. It seems to be a common occurrence. Unlike Satirine Saamlar, this store is much more impersonal. You're left to own devices as you navigate through the store. You see all sorts of apparel for the outdoor types. Its designed for the cold, damp conditions common to this world. There's SCUBA gear and filtration masks too.

Utility Vest Lakir soon spots his utility vest, "Ah here it is. This thing's great cap'n. It's light. Impossible to rip." He demonstrates. "The pockets stretch," he sticks his fist into one of the pockets. "It's waterproof but won't make you sweat. It's great!"

Shiraamer notes that the vest comes in all sizes and colors too. Price tag says 600 credits.

"At least it comes in colors," Shiraamer replies with a smile. "I'm not sure when I'll get back to someplace that has them so let me see." She looks through her sizes and tries some on. "It does have a lot of pockets. That's good. OK. I'll take one in black, one in white, and ...oh I don't know." Shiraamer closes her eyes and picks out two more in colors: pink and desert camo. "That should do me for a bit. Anything else here that we should get?"

Lakir replies with a chuckle, "Nope. I think that about wraps us up here..."

Shiraamer brings the four vests up to the register. The woman there is unfazed by Shiraamer's purchase. The bill comes to 2400 credits which Shiraamer pays with a swipe of her card. The items are bagged and the cashier smiles and says, "Have a nice day."

Lakir and Shiraamer leave the store as Shiraamer's comm chimes.


"Hi cap'n it's Chuck. I'm over here at the fish market looking to pick up some fresh food for the ship. How does that sound?"

"It sounds pretty good for me but also get something besides fish if you can. Fish will be best on this planet but I can't help it, I love red meat."

"I understand captain but this is a water world. I can't get red meat, but I can get red fish. There's also some crab like things I can get. And there's these sea plants, they're not kelp but something else, which are supposedly a delicacy."

"I was going to treat everybody to a meal tonight though."

"Sure. I was planning on getting this vacuum packed for the trip ahead, so we don't have to eat canned and instant stuff. It's too late in the day, well by ship time at least, for me to start cooking up a meal."

"Ok. Lakir and I were just going to start to look as to what to have delivered. You have any requests?"

"No, but you might want to ask the locals for samples of their fish and maybe use that as a guide for what I should pick up and call me back."

"Well red fish I guess will have to suffice. Get some of those crab like things if they taste as good as crab. Ask the local fishmongers over there which will keep best with vacuum sealed. I had some vacuum sealed fish one time that I wouldn't even give to my worst enemy. I'll have Lakir sample the fish."

"Roger. Chuck out."


Character: Gvarokh
Location: Miishakaal

The ship's security system has detected movement outside of the starboard airlock. Gvarokh checks the monitor to see that a solitary figure is pulling a cart loaded with several small boxes and one medium sized one up to the door. He's young, dressed in loose fitting white clothes and doesn't appear to be armed.

He hits the comm buzzer outside the airlock.

"Yes?" Gvarokh inquires.

"Delivery for Captain Shiraamer and Lakir from Satirine Saamlar."

The last two words confuse Gvarokh. He has no idea what they are or mean, "Just a minute."

Gvarokh looks around on the ship's internal security cams to see who's available. Simrii and Vlad are still schlepping cargo. Chuck is off ship. Slade is calibrating something (Don't want to disturb him) in Engineering. Vincent is reading something while he watches the fuel purify (Does he have to sit there and watch it?). "Arrrrr, what the hell. I'll get it."

Gvarokh slams the button to open the airlock door, "Yes?"

The young man bows. "If you will permit me, I will drag my cart inside your ship and help you unload."

Gvarokh growls something like a yes and leads the courier to the crew lounge. The two of them unload the cart in half a minute. The young man says, "Good day sir," bows, and leaves.

Curiosity gets to Gvarokh. He examines the packages but there are no descriptions on the exterior of them to identify their contents. All they say is either, "For Shiraamer" or "For Lakir." He resists the temptation to shake them. Instead, he shrugs and heads to the bridge.

The comm chimes again. Another call from Lakir.

"Hello Lakirrrr."

"Hey Gvarokh. Just wonderin' if out packages arrived from Satirine Saamlar."

"Yes, they're here."

"Great. The cap'n and I are looking to pick up dinner for the crew. We should be back at the ship by 21:30."

Gvarokh grunts, "Look forward to it."

"Lakir out."

A quick check of the internal cams shows that Vlad and Simrii are just about finished.

Dinner Plans

Characters: Shiraamer and Lakir
Location: Skien

20:50 Imperial Time, 20:48 Vilani Time, 17:05 Local Time
Shiraamer turns to Lakir and grins, "Time for dinner. I'm a red meat person and know nothing about fish. You get to taste the fish to see if it's good or not. I'll taste some crab like thing if they show us. Other than that, we'll just wing it for what to bring back to the ship. Lead on kind sir. You're temporarily in charge of this mission now." Shiraamer smiles up at Lakir with one of her beaming smiles and hooks her arm through his. She patiently awaits for him to take her to find dinner.

"Yes ma'am." Checking out the quickest route to The Sparkling Skire in the Sky on his PDA, Lakir sees if they have to take transport or can walk. As luck would have it, the restaurant is a mere ten minute walk.

The exterior of the restaurant is as an non-descript as the rest of the city. The entrance way leads to a corridor, obscuring the view of the interior. At the end of the corridor, an attractive woman in her late 40's stands by a retractable podium desk. She's wearing a long white skirt that comes down past her knees. Her blouse is a very light blue and the top two buttons are open, revealing a simple gold necklace with several large pearls spaced out along the front. Her hair is up, enabling one to notice her gold earrings, a dangling affair of silhouetted stars and moons.

She smiles at Lakir and Shiraamer as they approach, "Hello, two for dinner?"

Lakir answers, "Actually madam, we have what you may consider an unusual request. Being new in system, we're running behind in our cargo transfer, and wish to have a delivery made to our ship in port, if possible. A most helpful gentleman by the name of Sar Naggulii recommended your fine establishment. We would be looking to acquire a feast for 8, including two of our Vargr companions. I fear we are unfamiliar with your cuisine, and would appreciate some assistance in selection of the courses..."

"Sar sent you?" She laughs good naturedly, "He's a character, that one. Well then, right this way." She gestures for you to follow her. Along the way she approaches a young woman in her early 20's, "Arianna, cover up front please." The young woman looks like she could be her daughter. She nods, smiles at the two of you, and then heads from whence you came.

The hostess leads you to a small empty room near the kitchen. It has one table with two chairs. One wall has a window which looks out over the sea. "Please, have a seat. I'll be right back with a sampler plate. Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Can you recommend a wine to complement the food?" Lakir asks.

"I'll bring you the sauvignon blanc," she smiles and leaves the two of you alone.

The hostess returns with a bottle and two glasses. She pours just enough into each glass for you to taste. The wine has a light, fruity bouquet. It seems quite good.

As she finishes filling your glasses, the chef enters the room carrying a large tray. On the tray are about a half dozen small plates, each being a sample of some item on the menu.

"Good evening. I am Veeso, you've met my wife Mara. How are you today?"

"Good, thank you."

"I understand that my cousin Sar sent you. I hope that I can provide for you as well as he did, in my own way of course."

Shiraamer smiles but is looking more at the table setting and dishes.

Veeso continues, "I have several dishes for you to try. I have styles of each dish which will appeal to vargr as well. I hope that you find at least one to your liking."

Lakir samples each plate, while Shiraamer only tries what he strongly recommends.

There's a crab dish that both like. The claws were easily bigger than Lakir's hands.

The flesh of the Boustafa fish turns out to be something akin in consistency and taste to filet mignon, which surprises (and pleases) Shiraamer. Veeso explains that it is a very, very large fish.

There is a plate that is mistaken for a salad but Veeso explains is actually several local sea plants. He explains that the locals have a special set of utensils specifically for eating them, "They take some getting used to and, in my opinion, it is rude to force guests to our world to use them." Lakir decides to try the custom utensils anyway. After about a minute he gives up in frustration. He reverts back to the standard fork and knife. He finds that the taste and texture of the aquatic plants dish is something like Portabella mushrooms, but sweeter.

There's a fish that taste's like salmon, which is served with pasta and an alfredo sauce.

There's another dish where a sweet tasting fish has been served in a sweet fruit salsa and served over yellow rice, which itself has been cooked with locally grown peppers.

The last dish that gets Lakir's attention is one that Veeso explains is an old Terran recipe. "I'm not sure that the bureaux would approve, but I'm sure that the shugilii wouldn't object. Where we look for sustenance is irrelevant."

Lakir picks up on it instantly, "Fish and chips! And you've even got the malt vinegar."

"Yes, and the malt vinegar is of a local twist."

Shiraamer votes for the big crab like thing, fish and chips, the steaky tasting thing, and the mushroom tasting thing.

Lakir says to Veeso, "We'd like the Akem crab dish, Boustafa fish, the Skien sea plants, and the fish and chips. What about our vargr friends?"

"The Boustafa fish is popular among out vargr clientele as it is a flexible enough dish to prepare according to their palate. I would recommend that."


"I would recommend that you purchase your beer, or wine, directly from an ale shop." He smiles, "It will be more affordable that way. However, I can bring out samples for you to try."


Veeso departs and returns a couple of minutes later with jiggers of beer. There's a Skien Stout which has the mouthfeel and appearance of a stout but the taste isn't what Lakir is accustomed to. It's a bit disappointing. There seems to be a hint of saltiness mixed in with the sweet. He learns that it's made with aquatic plants.

There's a Sappoveeshu (think Sapporo), Akirininto (think Kirin), Akem Lager (think Heineken) and Akem Ale (which is really a pilsner along the lines of Budweiser).

After finishing his beer samples, Lakir asks about supply of the staple materials involved in preparation of the dishes, as well as the basic recipes for preparing and storing the food and is sure to insist that Veeso not divulge any no trade secrets.

Veeso smiles and suggests that the ship's chef consult Ashki's InfoNet. "There are many recipes there for the taking. The ingredients are available at any shugilii market."

Lakir makes a note to place the beer order, with the staples order, for the Akem Lager and the Akem Ale, and, thinking the Skien Stout may be an acquired taste, a smaller amount of that. Also some of the wine for the Capn'.

The order has been taken and Veeso promises to have the food to the ship within the hour. "If there is nothing else, I will provide you a copy of the bill."

Lakir and Shiraamer nod affirmative.

"Thank you very much and enjoy the food and your stay here at Skien." He then departs.

Mara returns with the bill. It's for 160 credits. The captain pays the bill, and adds a 20% tip, without hesitation.

While she does this, Lakir places an order for a case of Akem Ale and Akem Lager from Skien Ale Shop. He also adds a 12-pack of Skien Stout and a case of the local sauvignon blanc for the captain. After arranging for it to be delivered to the ship, Shiraamer snags the PDA out of his hands and pays for the transaction. She smiles as she hands it back to him.

They then stand and start walking back to the ship. Shiraamer smiles, obviously happy. She tells Lakir that she had a thoroughly delightful shopping trip and great company along the way.

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