Entering Hrun System

Characters: All
NPC: Chuck & Shiraamer
Location: Miishakaal
System: Hrun

1125.8.6 - 22:55

The ship has just exited jumpspace. Passive sensors have begun to gather data on the system. Within seconds, the radar screen has identified several ships in the local vicinity.

"Give me a bearing Chuck," the captain orders.

"Well, almost all of the ships are either coming or going to that small moon."

"That's no moon," she says, "that's Shatison, the orbital city and starport. Anything else?"

"Yeah, there's something big looking to match our vector and... whoa! Sensors just lit up like a Christmas tree. We've been scanned. Incoming message." Chuck pipes it through over the comm.

A man's voice comes through loud and clear. "Attention foreign starship, this is the cruiser Ishshu. Please maintain course but begin deceleration. We will be closing in on your position for visual inspection."

"Acknowledged," the captain replies.

"Orders?" Chuck asks.

"You heard the man, let's get that deceleration burn going. This sounds like a routine inspection boys. Let's stand down."

8.7 - 00:15
The Ishshu has pulled up alongside the Miishakaal and, after asking that the deceleration burn be halted, has extended a docking collar. A boarding party is en route.

The captain has assembled everyone in the crew lounge while she attends the air lock.

"Permission to come aboard?" a man wearing the rank of lieutenant asks.

"Granted," the captain replies.

The captain escorts the lieutenant and his three guards to the crew lounge. All appear lightly armored (cloth) and carry auto rifles, except for the lieutenant who has an auto pistol. The guards are also all male and appear to be in their late 20's, while the lieutenant appears older, perhaps 40. All are clean shaven and relaxed.

The lieutenant looks over the ship's log, "Miishakaal, is it?"

"Yes," the captain replies.

"Sounds Vilani."

"It is, as am I," she adds with a smile, "for the most part."

He smiles back and states, "You're new to Hrun."

The captain confirms, "Yes. We've decided to try out new trade routes."

"Yeah? Where were your old trade routes?" he asks politely.

"Lishun sector primarily."

"Oh," he says as if she needn't say more, "I can see why you're trying something new." He pauses, then asks, "Your log says that your cargo originated from Larkarda and that you came here by way of Gishinridu, which is where you got your transponder and registered your cargo."

"Yes," she tenses, "That was ok right?"

The lieutenant senses her concern and quickly attempts to put her at ease, "Oh yes, yes, that's quite fine. I can't tell you how many times Imperial merchants have tried to operate in vilani space without the proper transponder. Soooo much paperwork involved processing them after we impound their ships. The stupid ones run." He chuckles, "Gives us lots of gunnery practice and less paperwork."

The guards smile and nod in agreement.

"No, Captain Shiraamer, you've made our work much easier and for that we thank you. My reason for bringing up Gishinridu is those stupid Ka-rosans. I was wondering if they gave you any trouble." He hands the log and cargo manifest back to the captain.

The captain is relaxed now, "No, no trouble. My vargr crewman and first officer stayed on the ship to avoid any trouble. There aren't any here are there?"

"Just a few," but he dismisses her concern, "They're trying to recruit more followers and export their xenophobia but they've had no success. Still, the local police track them to make sure they don't get into trouble. If they do, they're given a choice of prison or exile. The government has no tolerance for hate groups."

"That's comforting," she looks over at Gvarokh.

"Well, that's all captain. Welcome to Hrun. You may resume deceleration and contact Traffic Control for an approach vector." The guards turn to go and he follows, "Permission to disembark?"

Surprised by how easy this boarding has gone, the captain replies, "Yes, granted."

And with that the boarding party departs the ship. The Ishshu retracts the docking collar and veers off.

"That went well." She turns to the crew and gives orders, "Ok, we've still got a couple of hours on that deceleration burn. Chuck would you handle that please."

"Aye aye cap'n."

"Gvarokh, as soon as we get in line for the docking bay, I'd like you contact our clients and arrange for delivery of their cargo. I'll check out CargoNet. The rest of you are on your own until we dock. I'll have new orders for you once we get there."

Arrival at Shatison

Characters: Gvarokh, Lakir, Simrii, & Vlad
NPC: Chuck & Shiraamer
Location: Miishakaal, docked at Shatison City Starport

1125.8.7 - 03:15 Standard Imperial Time, 03:13 Standard Vland Time, 02:03 Local Time

Once the Ishshu departed and Miishakaal resumed deceleration, everyone but the captain, Chuck, and Gvarokh hit the sack, hoping to grab at least a couple of hours, if not a full night, of sleep. With Chuck at the helm, the captain gave CargoNet a cursory review and Gvarokh made efforts to contact cargo recipients to make arrangements for them to pick up their cargo.

The captain was only on CargoNet a few minutes before she got up to leave, instructing Gvarokh to comm her once the ship's hold is half empty. He's also to draft anyone but Slade or Chuck to unload the cargo hold. Once the cargo hold is emptied, he's to consider himself off duty and is free to disembark for a while. He's only to concern himself with docking fees. She promises to take care of life support and fuel.

Gvarokh does his best to schedule cargo pick ups. Even for a world that's open all night (Hrun's day is nearly 35 hours long), the shift of workers on duty now isn't as active as one might expect, nor do all businesses apparently keep a full staff on board for the hour. Still, Gvarokh has managed to arrange things so that the ship will be unloaded in a reasonable amount of time.

The ship is now inside Shatison, parked at the starport inside. To Gvarokh, it's reminiscent of being inside a carrier. The starport is merely one deck inside this massive orbital city. Looking up, he can clearly see the "ceiling". Air rafts, grav sleds, and grav trucks fly above, along precise travel lanes, going to and from merchant vessels. Some vacc suited personnel are even using grav belts to get around. A gantry arm is connected to the ship's starboard air lock. Docking fees are paid.

First pick up is at 2:30 local time. Gvarokh is tired. Were it not for his afternoon and evening naps, he'd probably pass out right now. He heads to the galley to fix himself a mug of grrahhak and decide which of the crew he's going to wake. He expects a grumpy reaction from all four of them after less than 3 hours sleep.

Gvarokh decides to wake Vlad, Lakir, and Simrii to perform the cargo off loading. He comms into their rooms simultaneously to inform them of the task at hand. Five minutes later, after not receiving any acknowledgements, he repeats the wake up call. This time all three crewman manage to grumble a reply.

Gvarokh double checks their vacc suit connections are before sending the crewmen into the cargo hold. The air is evacuated from the hold and the forward cargo lock is opened just as the first truck arrives.

Vlad almost wipes out the grav loader with the sulfur containers, but manages to right himself before catastrophe ensues.

With only the lumber to be unloaded, Gvarokh sends a wake up call to the captain.

"Halfway unloaded already?" she asks sleepily, "Thanks Gvarokh."

Several minutes later the captain joins Gvarokh on the bridge. He notes that she's swearing sweats. "What time will the cargo hold be unloaded?" she asks.

"I'd have to say 6:15." he replies.

"Ship time or local?"

"Ship time."

She schedules a fuel delivery for 06:00 local time (~ 7:15 ship time) and a life support replenishment for 07:00. She then gets to work on CargoNet.

"I've given it alot of thought," she starts, "I've decided to go to Umilikha. I feel alot safer going to a world with a naval base than one that doesn't. Also, I'm still a bit paranoid about revealing ourselves to any potential Makhidkarun agents. You can tell the crew, when you see them. I'll do likewise."

Gvarokh says, "That sounds like the reasonable destination. Good luck with the cargo."


Finally, the last of the wood from Larkarda Lumber has been offloaded. Gvarokh's estimated time of completion is right on the mark. The hold is secured and the crewmen go back to their quarters for more sleep. Before Gvarokh leaves the bridge, he informs the captain that they've received 57,200 credits for the haul.

"That's good news Gvarokh."

"Good night captain."

As he slumps out the door, she adds, "Good work Gvarokh. Thank you."

Fortunately, Gvarokh does not have far to go to get to his stateroom. He's asleep before his head hits the pillow.

Vincent Wakes Up With Fuel

Character: Vincent
Location: Vincent's stateroom on the Miishakaal

06:42 Standard Imperial Time, 06:40 Standard Vland Time, 05:30 Local Time

Vincent is sitting on a beach in the tropics, though he doesn't know which planet. He's got a drink in his hand, his toes in the sand, and thinks, "All I need is..." Suddenly he spots a long legged woman with blonde hair walking up the beach, a drink in each hand. He smiles. She sits down next to him and whispers in his ear.

"Vincent, I need you to wake up and handle the fuel delivery."

He opens his eyes. He's in his stateroom with the lights turned up to full daylight levels, apparently someone has overridden his stateroom's controls.

"Look at it this way," the captain's voice continues, "at least you didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to unload cargo. Vincent? Are you awake?"

"I'm awake," he grumbles, not content with 6 hours of sleep.

"Good. The fuel delivery is a half hour from now. The life support refurbishment delivery an hour after that. Thanks Vincent."

A shower and a cup of coffee later, Vincent is ready to go. The fuel delivery and the life support refurbishment delivery an hour later, go off without a hitch. The fuel, once again, is unrefined so Vincent has to fire up the fuel purification plant. "Better work," he grumbles. Indeed, it appears to be working perfectly and Vincent feels confident that he no longer needs to baby-sit the FPP.

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