The Flaming Eye Game Logs

Listed below are the completed public game logs. Warning: These logs contain adult language and content. If it were a movie, it would get a PG-13 or R rating, depending on the parent. If your child is reading this and you don't want them to, and you have no means to stop them, and I will password protect the site.

The adventure has concluded. The group is keeping the name for this campaign but has moved on to new adventures based on the adventure's conclusion. If you're looking for the original campaign, click here.

The New Adventures

After successfully completing The Flaming Eye adventure, the group is carrying on with a new mission in the same area of space.

Rescuing Ronni's Raven

  1. Prologue: A New Purpose
    Post-Debriefing Meeting
    Back to Maran
    Shopping at Melika Starport
    Meeting With Rear Admiral Khagamsusuu

  2. Travel to Envar
    Post-Big Wig Meeting Planning
    Leaving Maran
    Meeting While in Jumpspace Riinel
  1. Envar
    Arrival at Envar
    Lakir and Dougok Grab Breakfast
    Gvarokh: Meeting With Scout Base Commander
    Meeting in the Street
    Lakir and Dougok: Imperial Outfitters
    Gvarokh: Giishgula's Diner
    The Guys Return to the Ship
    Lakir and Chuck Sniff Around
    Ushin Returns from the Starport Warden's Office
    Agu's Ale House
    Lakir and Chuck Return to the Ship
  1. Roaming for Ronni
    Searching Envar's Outer System
    Gvarokh Confers With Ushin and Su
    Meeting to Discuss Asteroid Base
    Assault on the Asteroid Base

  2. Epilogue
    The Week in Jump: Part 1 & Part 2
    Arrival at Kakkin
    Time Spent on Kakkin
    Ushin Returns
    Follow-Up Conversation With Ushin

The Envar Plague

  1. A New Mission
    Back at Maran
    Briefing With the Admiral
    Back at the Ship with a Mission
    Shiraamer's Ashes
    Shopping Trip
    New Crew For Mission
    Leaving Maran

  2. Timat
    The New Ship
    A Word After the Meeting

  3. Odinaga
    Strolling Through the Starport
    Lakir and Vlad Return to the Ship
    Dougok's Walk Through the Starport
    A Need to Leave
    Dougok at Starport Security
    Searching for Dougok
    Leaving in a Hurry
    Dougok in the Doghouse

  4. Ugarun
    Arrival in System
    Getting Boarded
    Arrival at Ugarun-82
    Elloekothe's Contact
    Gvarokh and Elloekothe Return to the Ship
    Leaving Ugarun

  5. Kashiin
    Meeting During Jump
    Arrival at Kashiin
    Kashiin Siir Downport
    Stakeout At the Downport
    Heading Into Kashiin Siir
    Gvarokh Meets with the Doc
    At the Shur Thing Club
    The Meeting
    Back to Kashiin Starport
  1. Ronni
    Gadzun Down

  2. Newcastle
    Travel to the Island: Day 1, Day 2
    Island Tour
    Planning to Bust a Wolf Out of Prison (Part 1)
    Hunting Down the Prison Personnel Director
    Planning to Bust a Wolf Out of Prison (Part 2)
    The Ruse
    Execution of the Plan
    Escaping the Island
    Leaving Newcastle

  3. The Way to Daama
    Incident During Jump
    Perp Walk
    On Ice
    Elloekothe Tell All

  4. Daama
    Arrival in System
    Debriefing Soks
    Dinner Party
    Back at the Ship
    The Morning After the Party
    Heading to Daama's Outer Belt
    Daama's Outer Belt
    Outer Belt Base Assault and Victory
    Meeting During Jump
    Preparing for Gemid
  1. Gemid
    Arrival at Gemid
    Waiting for the Captain
    At the Lounge With Soks
    Watching the Captain in the Lounge
    The Captain Returns to the Ship
    Delinquents Having Fun
    The Fun Ends
    Meeting With the Committee
    Out of the Committee Meeting
    Discussion on the way to GSC-37
    Waiting for the Announcement
    The Announcement
    Awaiting The Merch
    Pick Up Your Merch
    Vincent Hacks
    Back at the Hangar
    A Losing Battle
    Sample Received

  2. The Road To Gvadhoe - Detoured
    Meeting During Jump - Gemid to Newcastle
    Refueling in the Newcastle System
    Encounter at Sitka
    The Battle at Sitka
    Submerged Within Sitka
    Emerging From Sitka
    Disposal Run
    Back With the Fleet
    Planning on Dropping Rocks
    The JAG of CSA Arrives
    Dinner with the JAG

  3. Endgame
    Off to War
    Refueling Stop
    Weapon Sample Meeting
    Gemid Endgame

  4. Epilogue
    Mission Accomplished
    Return to Vilani Space and then Maran.
    Goodbye Elloekothe, Hello Vacation

Here are the game logs from the original adventure.

    PART 1

  1. The Adventure Begins (includes links to private threads)
  2. Opportunity Knocks (includes links to private threads)
  3. Simrii Returns To The Table
  4. Heading Back To The Ship
    Slade follows Bill into the Aelay Craver
    Gvarokh and Shiraamer Do Some Research
    Vincent's Research into Mersshon and Linnachre
    Vladgorkfeg, Lakir, & Simrii Go Shopping
    Shiraamer and Gvarokh's Meeting
    The Call To The Aerlay Craver
  5. Chowing Down With Chuck
    Vincent Works On His Laptop and Briefs the Captain
    Gvarokh Gets the Cargo From the Aerlay Craver
    Vlad, Lakir, and Simrii Return From Shopping
  6. Morning Briefing
  7. Vincent Researches the Makhidkarun
    Slade Visits Jon Hillman
    Gvarokh Looks Up Freight On CargoNet
    The Rest of Shiraamer's Morning
    Lakir and Simrii Visit Jum
    Vladgorkfeg Looks For Vargr Hangouts (private)
    On To Starship Solutions
    Vincent Meets With the Captain
  8. Leaving Larkarda
    The First Night In Jump
    The Poker Game
    A Bouquet of Shotguns
    Last Briefing Before Gishinridu
  9. Gishinridu
    Entering the System
    System Inspection
    En Route to Highport
    Briefing While at the Highport
    Highport Activities
    Cargo Delivery at the Highport
    Slade and Lakir Get a Late Breakfast
    Vincent Oversees a Fuel Purification Plant Malfunction
    The New Fuel Purification Plant Parts Are Delivered and Installed
    Leaving Gishinridu
  10. Hrun
    Entering Hrun System
    Shopping At Shatison
    Jumpspace: Hrun to Umilikha
  11. Umilikha
    Arrival in the Umilikha System
    Searching Through The Debris
    Interview With The Survivor
    A Visit From Starport Security
    Leaving Umilikha
  12. Ashki
    Arrival in Ashki System
    Shopping at Skien Part 1 & Part 2
    Dinner Aboard
    Slade's Systems Check
    Cargo Hunting
    Lakir Calls Satirine Samlaar
    Cargo Loading
    Good News Travels...
    Meet The Enlis - Part 1
    They Just Keep Coming
    Meet The Enlis - Part 2
    Passengers Arrive
    Leaving Ashki
    Jump Day 1 Activities
    Sparring With The RSM
    A Sparring Suggestion
    Sparring Challenge Accepted
    Another Discussion About Travel Accommodations
    Shiraamer Gets Ready For The Poker Game
    The Poker Game
    After The Poker Game
    Last Briefing Before Sardia
  13. Sardia
    Arrival in Sardia System
    Arrival at Surata Down
    Cargo And Passengers
    Ready For Departure
    An Encounter With Pirates
    At The Ship's Locker
    Waiting To Be Boarded
    After The Boarding
    Getting The Ship Back In Order
    Comm Call With The Starport
    Chief Inspector Khiikurshasekha:
    The Weekly Poker Game
    Last Briefing Before Theton
  14. Theton
    Arrival In The Theton System
    Gvarokh's Work Shift
    Shiraamer Gets To Work
    Lakir Gets To Work
    Vincent's Discovery
    Afternoon Meeting
    After The Meeting
    Gvarokh and Chuck Go Shopping (Part 1 & Part 2)
    Shiraamer Gets Speculative
    Lakir's Recon
    Lakir's Recon Report
    Meeting With Oda
    Input From The 1st Officer
    The Decision
    Leaving Theton
  15. Shishaldin
    Last Briefing Before Shishaldin
    Arrival at Shishaldin
    The Stranger
    The Meeting After The Stranger's Visit
    Leaving Shishaldin
    Rescue Strategy Meeting
    Gvarokh Briefs The Captain
    A Briefing In a Poker Game
  16. Theton (Revisited)
    Arrival Back At Theton
    Down To Work
    Prison Analysis
    Oda's Aboard
    The Descent
    To The Prison
    At The Gate
    Admin Building
    Meeting With The Commandant
    Leaving Theton
  17. Run Home
    To Kilikiir
    To Irgiida
    Return To Larkarda
    Meeting With Mersshon


  1. Fate Is Fickle, and Death Too Eager To Suit
    Shiraamer Says Goodbye
    A New Job Offer
    Lakir's List and Vlad the Recruiter
    Transponder Switch
    Interview With Darrurz
    Darrurz Meets The Crew
    Vincent Chats With Gvarokh
    Lakir's Shopping List Revisited
    Darrurz Returns To The Ship
    Leaving Larkarda
  2. Apmudurduna
    Arrival At Apmudurduna
    Moving Week
  3. Silverring
    Arrival at Silverring
    Cargo Loading and a Meeting
    Upgrading The Air Raft
    Leaving Silverring
  4. Kaso
    Arrival at Kaso
    Going For A Walk
    Loading Up And Heading Out
  5. Ami
    Arrival in the Ami System
    Chuck Hails The Starport
    A Deal With The Popsicles
    Descending On Ami
    Unloading Cargo
    Dealing With The Spec Cargo
    K'kree on Parade
    Business As Usual... You Wish!
    Thank You Refund
    Leaving Ami
  6. Zaan
  7. Mimere
    Arrival in the Mimere System
    A Visitor With an Apology
    Leaving Mimere
  8. Aanshi
    Liquor Distribution
  9. Imziinune
    Jumping The Anarsi Rift
  10. Nashazi
    Arrival at Nashazi
    Exploring Nashazi Starport
    Adrift, the Bar
    Leaving Nashazi
  11. Zigaadig
  12. Audhumla
    Arrival at Audhumla
    Dinner at Ymir's Kitchen
    Leaving Audhumla
  13. Maran
  14. Vhodan
    Arrival at Vhodan
    Special Delivery
    Now What?

    PART 2

  1. Seventeen Weeks Later
  2. Maran
    Attacked At Maran
    Rescuing The Shut Ins
    Leaving Miisha
    Fishing For Spaceships
    On The News
    Legal Counsel
    On With The Witness Interviews
    After The Witness Interviews
    Slade's Frustration
    Opportunity Knocks
    The Offer
  3. The Trip To Gamgilebo
    Shoving Off
    Arrival At Timat
    Meeting With Rothchild
    Cargo at Timat
    Reviewing The Mission Data
    Arrival at Odinaga
    Just Passin' Thru
    The Calvary Arrives
    Merghia Downport
    Meeting With Colonel Dan Garmin
    Back At The Ship
    Off To The Bar
    Warden's Office
    Meeting With The Xevious
    Digesting The Intel
    Last Activites On Odinaga Before Departure
    Meeting Before Gamgilebo
  4. Gamgilebo
    Meeting Assistant Starport Warden Gaerrdakh
    After Gaerrdakh
    Chatting Up The Technicians
    Looking For Cargo
    On the Way to... and At The Lovestruck Rock
    Hot Tuna
    From Hot Tuna to Miishakaal
    Checking Out Employment Opportunities
    Khalidurton Application and Interview
    First Assignment and Delivery
    Looking For Fitzpatrick's Buoy
    The Fate of the Fitzpatrick
    Boarding the Fitzpatrick
    Searching for the Qa Livk's Buoy
    The Fate of the Qa Livk
    Pirate Interrogation
    Planning the Salvage Op
    Slade Makes Repairs
    Prepping for... The Salvage Op
  5. The Pirate Base
    Planning the Raid
    Sneaking Up
    The Bluff
    Laying Waste to the Base
  6. The Trail Leads To Ikhog
    Jump to Dathsuts
    Arrival at Dathsuts
    Arrival at Taksarrgh
    Gaedze Down
    Cargo and Fuel
    Planning for Ikhog
  7. Ikhog
    Arrival at Ikhog
    Arrival at Ghoekang Starport
    Planning Meeting
    Split up: The Crew Meet Dougok
    Base Specs
    Planning the Attack
    Raid Preparations Begin
    Meeting in the Park
    The Day Before the Raid
  8. Fighting the Touzagh
    Attack on Touzagh HQ
    Running to Orbit
    Retaking the Qa Livk
    Headed to Jump Point (Part 1)
    Fighting Their Way Out (Part 1)
    Headed to Jump Point (Part 2)
    Fighting Their Way Out (Part 2)
    Fighting Their Way Out (Part 3)
    Headed to Jump Point (Part 3)
  9. Aekhotsroeg
    Microjump to Aekhotsroeg
    Aekhotsroeg and Out
    Meeting With Captains
    Leaving Aekhotsroeg

    The Road Home...

  10. Gengfok
    Gengfok Down
    Gengfok Down Central Office
    At the Store
  11. Deraan
    Post-Arrival Meeting
  12. Diiron
    Done With Hujuun
  13. Timat
    At Timat Station
    Debriefing With Rothchild