Simrii Kugiilii

Social Standing:5

Grav Vehicle:1
Small Blade1
Vacc Suit:0
Wheeled Vehicle:1
Age:36 Service:Mercenary (3 terms)
Birthdate:227-1093 Rank:Sergeant
Homeworld:Sharasham (Lishun 0805)
Languages:Galanglic, Vilani, Gvegh
Wealth:47,550 cr
Armor: Combat Armor AV 4 (TL-15)
Flex Armor (TL-15)
Cloth Armor
Possessions:Utility Vest (TL-12)
Weapons: 2 Ma-57 Auto Pistols each with 250m autozeroing laser sights and flashlight brackets.
6 ammo boxes: 5 DS, 1 Tranq. Spare ammo: 850 rounds DS, 180 rounds Tranq

Ma-90 Submachinegun: 5 clips of DS and 200 spare rounds of DS

4 cm Hand Grenades: 20 HEAP, 20 Sleep Gas, 20 Incendiary, 10 Sticky

30cm Titanium Blade w/ Black Finish
Equipment: Binoculars, Electronic
Communicator (5,000 km network independent w Commdot/multiplexer)
Hip Holster
Holster, Small of the back
Vacc Suit (TL12)
Weapon Simulator (Ma-57 & Ma-90 adaptor plugs)

Private Storyline

Simrii Kugiilii was born in 1093 on Sharasham (Lishun 0805). As his name suggests, Simrii is a Vilani of mixed lineage. His family has always been in the business of security, though the outfits they belonged to were of varying degrees of legitimacy. Simrii's chosen line of work was mercenary.

Simrii worked for Shugmii Security, a rather formal sounding name for a mercenary outfit. The crew was a mix of humans and vargr that got along well because they shared one thing in common: they loved blowing things up. Simrrii's expertise was gunnery, but he got to participate in plenty of dirtside operations.

Like most mercenary outfits during the war, Shugmii Security never had a want for business, but last year the company met its demise. A client, who Simrii would rather not mention, hired them to dispose of a target. In turn, that target hired someone bigger to take out Shugmii and their client. Simrii and three others survived. The client was also killed. Fortunately for Simrii and the other survivors, their foe appears satisfied with the destruction of Shugmii Security and has shown no interest in tracking them down.

Simrii took the hint and decided that it was time for a career change. Although he certainly isn't ready for a desk job, he no longer aspires for the mercenary lifestyle. He applied for the 2nd Gunner position aboard the Miishakaal to appease his need for action. His primary duty though is loading and unloading cargo.

Shiraamer was reluctant to hire Simrii. But her need to have another skilled gunner (Slade looks regretful whenever he damages someone else's ship, especially engineering) to defend the ship overruled her concern that Simrii would get them into trouble. She advised him that his employment was on a trial basis and that if he got into trouble she wouldn't hesitate to throw him off the ship. Simrii agreed and promised Shiraamer that he'd stay out of trouble. It's been six onths now and so far he's kept his word.

After two years with the group, Simrii up and disappeared. He left a note saying "I'm out. See ya." and was never heard from again.