Shiraamer Siirkasaare

Social Standing:7

Grav Vehicle:0
Small Blade:1
Vacc Suit:1
Age:46 Service:Merchants (5 terms)
Birth-Death:319:1078 - 145:1125 Rank:Captain
Homeworld:Liisurkhish (Vland 2416)
Languages: Galanglic and Vilani. She knew some Gvegh.
Armor:Cloth Armor Possessions: "Caspia", a necklace
4 Utility Vests (TL12): Black, White, Pink, Desert Camo
Weapons: Snub Pistol (18 rounds of HE, HEAP, tranq and gas)
Equipment: Communicator (5,000km network independent w Commdot/multiplexer)
Compass, Hi-tech
Vacc Suit (TL12)
customizable carrying rig
Snub Pistol plug for weapon simulator

Private Storyline

Shiraamer Siirkasaare was born in 1078 on Liisurkhish (Vland 2416). Her mother was native to the world, with a strong Vilani lineage. Her father was a trader of (mostly) Solomani descent. He met Shiraamer's mother on a stopover. It was love at first sight. Marriage and Shiraamer soon followed. Her name means "The Flower of Star Travel."

Shiraamer owes her youthful appearance and beauty to her mother. Her father's Solomani heritage is credited with giving Shiraamer her determination and wanderlust. Once she was old enough, Shiraamer followed in her father's footsteps.

Shiraamer spent 20 years working for Irgargarua Shipping, a moderate sized shipping company. In her first year aboard a subsidized merchant, she filled in for a sick pilot and earned the respect of the ship's captain, Shiidma Damigkii. Shiidma became Shiraamer's mentor. The two also became friends. Shiraamer soon gained a reputation as an excellent pilot and broker. As Shiidma rose in ranks in the company, Shiraamer rose as well.

The day finally came when Shiraamer gained a captaincy of her own and the two friends parted ways. They planned to vacation together on Shiraamer's 20th anniversary with the company. Shiidma didn't show. Shiraamer became concerned. War had just begun and Shiraamer feared the worst. She sent an inquiry through the company traffic department asking for Shiidma's routes for the past three months. The company president personally replied in a letter that Shiidma had been killed by vargr corsairs.

Shiraamer lapsed into depression for several months. She took a leave of absence from the company. After alot of soul searching she was determined to carry on in Shiidma's memory. She went back to Irgargarua but it just wasn't the same. Taking advantage of their merchant vessel decommissioning plan, she bought an old Garu class Far Trader and went into business for herself. She renamed the ship Miishakaal, after the ancient Vilani shugilii who espoused healing, knowledge, life, beauty and blessings.

Shiraamer has spent the last 8 years trading and shipping through Lishun sector. Although she's tried to keep to the safe areas within Lucan's Imperium, this territory has shrunk over the years. Corsairs have invaded from coreward. The Vilani seceded from the Imperium and formed the Ziru Sirkaa, cutting her off from her relatives. She hasn't seen home now in several years. But she hasn't given up. The ship is finally paid for and she has a good crew. It seems as if things are looking up. Shiidma would be proud.

After securing the release of an Imperial spy and her family from a Vilani megacorp prison, Shiraamer returned to Larkarda with her crew. On 145:1125, while out shopping with Chuck Strider, the ship's medic and cook, she was killed in a terrorist attack at Oriole Downport.