The Pack of Daggers aka Thaegz dak Faengdaghz

Ueknou class corsair

Displacement:400 tons
Max Jump:2 parsecs
Max Acceleration:3G
Fuel Tank: 2196 kl (162.67 tons). Purification Plant and Scoops.
Cargo Hold:810 kl (60 tons)
Sensors: Passive EMS, Active EMS, Densitometer (HiPen 250 m), Neutrino (10 kW)
Armament:2 pulse laser turrets, 2 plasma turrets
Accommodations: 10 staterooms, 1 captain's suite, 1 1st Officer's Suite, Sickbay, Crew Common Area w full galley, 5 low berths.
Vehicles:Ghoerruegh class G-Carrier


Deck Plans: Upper Deck, Middle Deck, & Lower Deck