Lakir Zalikhuluskaki

Social Standing:60

Combat Rifleman:1
Grav Vehicle:0
Vacc Suit:0
Age:46 Service:Army (5 terms)
Birthdate:324-1083 Rank:Lieutenant
Homeworld:Amnukun (Vland 3212)
Languages: Galanglic and Vilani. He knows some Gvegh.
Wealth:2,290 cr
Armor: Combat Armor AV 4 (TL-15)
Cloth Armor AV 1
Modular Load Bearing Vest w/ TL-14 Coherent Synthetic plates.
Possessions: Utility Vest (TL-12)
Weapons: Auto Shotgun
Accessories: heavy barrel, close combat barrel, bipod (reg & heavy), polearm, electronic sight, laser sight, bino bracket.
Ammo: 1 15-round clip each of HEAP, HE, & DS
1 30-round drum each of ball and shot
1 60-round drum each of ball and shot. 6 empty 15-rnd.
Bulk: 380 Tranq, 1345 HE, 1345 DS, 1045 HEAP, 1690 rounds of Ball and Shot, and 1300 Flechette.

Gauss PDW
Accessories: barrel extension and RAM grenade adapter.
Ammo: 12 80-round mags & 12 40-round mags empty.
Bulk: 20000 rounds dart, 10000 rounds HE, 10000 rounds HEAP, and 1000 rounds Tranq.
RAM Grenades: 104 HEAP, 52 WP, 14 CHEM (tear gas), 104 HE, Flechette 100, and 29 Illum

Gauss Pistol
Accessories: 250m autozeroing laser sight and barrel extension (not attached)
Ammo: 4 35-round clips of Dart
1 35-round clip of tranq
3 35-round clips of HEAP
2 75-round drums of dart
1 75-round drum each of tranq & HEAP.
10 empty 35-round clips.
Bulk: 10250 rounds dart, 190 rounds tranq, 10000 HE, 10220 rounds HEAP

Snub Revolver
Accessories: 6 speed loaders, laser pointer
Ammo: 1400 rounds each of Ball and DS, 1300 rounds each of Flechette, HEAP, HE, Shot, and 300 Tranq.

Hand Grenades: 20 HE, 20 Smoke, 20 Thermite, 10 Gas (Sleep)

Knife, Plastic
Equipment: Communicator (5,000km network independent w Commdot/multiplexer)
Gauss Pistol Holster
Gauss Pistol Shoulder Stock
Gauss PDW Holster
Gauss PDW Sling
Image Converter Binoculars (TL-10) plus fire control interface software
Language Translator (TL-14)
PDA (Upgraded to HandComp)
Pocket Combo Tool
Inertial Locator (TL-13)
Weapon Simulator Adaptor Plugs: Gauss Pistol, PDW, and Instellarms Shotgun
Full Spectrum Goggles (TL-15) w SuperPDA software to interface
Sensor package for vacc suit w harness and headmount (TL-15)

Private Storyline

Lakir Zalikhuluskaki was born in 1093 on Amnukun (Vland 3212). As his name suggests, Lakir does indeed come a Vilani family, though his bloodline is of mixed lineage. On the heavily populated Amnukun, this is no small feat. It gave him some small sense of pride that he wasn't just like everyone else.

Lakir didn't care to spend his life working in some factory, so he enlisted in the Army. After completing basic training, he applied for a transfer to Army Intelligence. He scored well on the entrance exams and was granted admission. He and the Army soon discovered that he was a natural.

Lakir was away on assignment as an undercover operative when the war broke out. All he'll reveal is that it had something to do with the Julian Protectorate. "I may be out of the service, but I took an oath." After completion of that assignment, he was assigned to spy on Ilelish's forces. When Vland seceded, he was a natural to spy on Vilani squadron movements. When asked why he would spy on his own people, his reply was, "I always considered myself an Imperial citizen first; Vilani second. At least until the Black War phase."

While Lakir won't divulge the specifics of his involvement in Black War strikes, he does admit that they turned his stomach. The intel he gathered was used to commit heinous acts. His conscience got the better of him and he sought a way out. Afraid of being accused as a traitor or a spy for the enemy, Lakir was unable to resign. He faked his own death and got himself smuggled far away from his last known location.

It was almost a year ago that Lakir joined the crew of the Miishakaal. He applied for the position of general crewmember with his job being to assist in the loading and unloading of cargo. It was his intent to lay low, but keep moving, all the while listening for some word that his former employers had learned that they'd been duped. He didn't let anyone know about his past until recently, but all along Lakir proved himself to be quite helpful to the crew. He's managed to provide the captain with information that wasn't public knowledge. He's managed to procure spare parts and supplies that even the amiable Chuck Strider wasn't able to acquire. Although Lakir's confession of his dark past made his crewmates uneasy, they've learned from working with him over the past year that Lakir himself is not a bad person. And for Lakir, fitting in has never felt so good.