14,700 Ngath Confederation credits
20 liters of various Aanshi brand liquors
5 liters of Uekhfarsal

Personal Gear
8 TL-12 Vacc Suits (Type B. 24 hours. Recycled air)
Vacc Suit patches
8 Filter Masks and various cartridges
2 Hand Thrusters (TL-12)
Communicators: 1 50,000km and 8 5,000km network independent. 8 Commdots with multiplexers.
2 suits of vargr cloth armor (TL-9)

Weapons (Ship's locker)
5 NeoArms 18mm/11 Manual Action Shotguns (300 rounds of ball)
4 rifles (12 clips of DS)
4 bayonets
2 tranq rifles with 100 rounds
Gauss PDW
3 Ma-57 Auto Pistols with 12 20-round magazines and 32,000 bullets (evenly distributed across the ammo types), holsters, holosim plugs, laser sights, lights and mounts.
2 TL-15 VRF gauss guns (equipment locker 2nd deck). 7 cassettes with 100,000 rounds of Dart. 1 cassette with 99,000 rounds of Dart.

Tools (Equipment locker unless stated otherwise)
Engineering Tool Kit (Engineering)
3 First Aid Kits
Med Computer
2 Med Scanners TL-11
Med Kit
Electrical Took Kit
Mechanical Tool Kit
Atmosphere Tester
Radiation Counter (handheld and wristband)
Laser Cutter/Welder

Spare Parts
Sensor Telemetry Router

Binoculars, Electronic
Compass, Magnetic
Compass, Hi-tech
24 Data Crystals
4 Flashlights
2 Lanterns, Cold Light
Radiation Counter (Handheld with wand)
100 meters of TL-15 rope
8 filter masks (8 cartridges of 50 micron dust/pollen)

Emergency Gear
40 Coldpacks
8 Cold Weather Clothing (TL-12)
8 Desert Survival Kits
Emergency Beacon
2 Flare Guns
40 Heatpacks
4 Ice axes
16 Rescue Balls
8 Sleeping Bags (TL-12)
8 Space Parkas
12 Survival Bubbles
4 Survival Kits
Survival Still
9 Water Filtration Units
8 Water Purification Tablet Boxes (250 doses each)

Air/Raft with pedestal mount for TL-15 VRF gauss gun and attachment for 1 countermeasures launcher.
CML loaded with: 8 shotshell, 6 Illum, 6 WP, 6 Chaff and 6 HE.