Dougok Enaegarz


Jack of All Trades
Ship's Boat:1
Wheeled Vehicle:0
Age:34 Service:Corsair (4 terms)
Birthdate:008-1092 Rank:None
Homeworld:Ikhog (Windhorn 1640)
Languages:Gvegh and some Galanglic
Wealth: 109,670 Imperial credits. 110 Ngath Confederation credits
Armor: Flex Armor (TL-15)
Combat Armor AV 4 (TL-15)
Combat Environmental Suit (TL-15) AV 1.5
Weapons: Snub Pistol w 6 round mag as per MT
Snub Pistol w 14 round mag as per TNE RCEG
Snub Pistol Ammo: 100 tranq, 100 sleep gas, 500 HE, 500 HEAP

Advanced Combat Rifle w RAM grenade launcher and bayonet.
Ammo: 10 60-round clips of DS, 1 200-round drum of HEAP.
RAM Grenades: 10 tear gas, 10 smoke, 20 HE, 20 Frag, 40 HEAP

Gauss Pistol. 4 35-round clips. 1000 dart rounds

Hand Grenades: 10 tear gas, 10 smoke, 20 HE, 20 Frag, 20 HEAP

Stun Baton
Brass Claws
Equipment: Tailored Vacc Suit (TL-15) with SmartCloth
Full Spectrum Goggles (TL-15)
Filter-Compression Mask (TL-15)
Hand Computer (TL-15)

Dougok was a corsair with the Touzagh. He grew critical of their violent turn and non-traditional piracy techniques and wasn't afraid to vocalize his thoughts. The Touzagh leadership didn't appreciate the criticism and literally kicked him to the curb.

Chance smiled upon him, and he joined up with an outfit that promised to strike back at the Touzagh base. It was a great success, and Dougok felt that he found a new pack.

The new pack were covert privateers working for the Vilani. After a while, he got the itch to roam and seek his own command. He felt that he was under a new leash and struggled to abide command. But towards the conclusion of an important mission to destroy some WMDs, he ran into some old friends who were now officers in the Ngath Confederation who offered him an opportunity that he couldn't refuse. He bid his packmates farewell, sniffed the air, and followed the new path, one that would someday lead to command of his own ship.