NamePlanet/ShipOccupationRelationship Last ContactNotes
Jum TixemLarkarda (Lishun 0712)Bartender Info Source1125.20.1Good guy. Runs The Bridge.
Jossia MersshonLarkarda (Lishun 0712)Spy Patron1125.20.6His cover is Shipping & Transfer Agent for Wellesmoor Diversified Products. He initially lied about this and the job but came clean when confronted. Last job was data courier to agent on Vhodan. Untrustworthy, although he claims the group "is on the team now."
William McKibbenAerlay CraverTrader Patron1125.6.4Hauled some cargo for him. More info.
Jon HillmanAerlay CraverEngineer Friend of Slade1125.6.5Slade helped him with some engine calibrations.
RueluethLarkarda (Lishun 0712)BrokerFriend of Vlad/Cousin of Darrurz1125.20.6Good person. Totally trustworthy.
Esteban RohrbachLarkarda (Lishun 0712)Consultant Info Source1125.6.5Works at Starship Solutions. Helpful with tech and policy. More info.
Ronald StainoLarkarda (Lishun 0712)Gun Dealer Supplier1125.6.5Runs Perma Pahehn Pistols. Helpful.
Hiaani Jighar KillicGishinridu (Lishun 0513) Port MasterVilani Transponder1125.7.6Shiraamer negotiated an express acquisition of a Vilani transponder from him.
Sar NagguliiAshki (Lishun 0110)Gun Dealer Supplier1125.10.5Owns Satirine Saamlar. Very helpful. Flirted with Shiraamer. Respectful of Lakir.
Col. KhiigshiikiiSardia (Vland 3208)Military Passenger1125.11.6Good natured and polite. Headed the 115th Regiment of Foot until it was disbanded.
Capt. Enli LisheniiSardia (Vland 3208)Military Passenger1125.11.6Good natured and polite. Was part of the 115th Regiment of Foot until it was disbanded.
RSM Gamaagin MiigakiSardia (Vland 3208)Military Passenger1125.11.6Was part of the 115th Regiment of Foot until it was disbanded. Distant at first, she warmed up to Lakir by the end of the trip. Sparred good naturedly with Lakir & Vlad. Shiraamer was jealous of her.
DhaghaSardia (Vland 3208)MilitaryLow Berth Passenger1125.11.6Gvarokh owes her a drink.
Chief Inspector KhiikurshasekhaSardia (Vland 3208) Law EnforcementInvestigator1125.11.7Took witness testimonials from crew and passengers after the pirate attack at Sardia.
Oda LinnachreLarkarda (Lishun 0712)Ex-spy Passenger1125.20.1One of Mersshon's recruits. The group rescued her and her family from Theton and returned her to Larkarda.
Unknown Mersshon AgentShishaldin (Vland 3008)Spy Patron1125.14.2Asked crew to send a message once they got to Theton, not knowing that they'd already been there and decided to bail. Crew did job anyway.
Ellis AmesLarkarda (Lishun 0712)Technician "co-worker"1125.20.6Installed new-old transponder to give Miishakaal a logistical makeover.
Miles MickelsonLarkarda (Lishun 0712)Technician "co-worker"1125.20.6Installed new-old transponder to give Miishakaal a logistical makeover.
Lt. WhitakerRZSN SilbernerMilitaryBorder Patrol1125.23.4Boarded ship for routine customs inspection, but wasn't a dick about it. More info.
George HiganAmi (Vland 3213)Student Passenger1125.26.1Helped crew hide from the K'kree. More info.
Ishdad MamingigurZaan (Vland 3014)Makhidkarun Public RelationsPossible Patron1125.27.6Apologized to the group for the rude customs inspection they received at Zaan. Offered NME to come work for Makhidkarun. More info.
Hans GlübberflötenMaran (Vland 1408) Broker, Orem ImportsBuyer1125.35.6Outbid his rival, Ali Kergida of Murgimdingur Shugilii Enterprises, on an hold full of fish. Kergida took Hans and NME to court. He lost, but vowed revenge. So he's the #1 candidate for the attack on the group's 2nd visit to Maran.
Gan LuuminanVhodan (Vland 1208)Desk Clerk, Traveller's Aid Hostel"co-worker"1125.36.7 Delivered holocube from Mersshon to him.
Lt. UrkenimRZSN ZasheshudnamMilitary Liasion Officer1126.2.7Was the liasion between NME and the RZSN Zasheshudnam during the rescue at Maran.
Lt. MizepsharguliigMaran (Vland 1408)Military Legal Counsel1126.3.1Was NME's legal representation during the investigation into the attack of their ship at Maran.
Rear Admiral KhagamsusuuMaran (Vland 1408) MilitaryPatron1126.21.1Oversaw the negotiations between NME and Sharurshid. Sponsored their transition to privateers.
Lun MiishaMaran (Vland 1408)Chief Administrator, Sharurshid Bureau's Vhodan Subsector Exploration DivisionPatron 1126.21.1Hired NME to find the lost crews of Qa Livk and Fitzpatrick.
Saul RothchildTimat (Vland 1406)Sharurshid Security ChiefInfo Source1126.19.3Gvarokh and Lakir met with him on the way to Gamgilebo. Provided lots of info. Very helpful. Repaired ship on the return.
Colonel Dan GarminOdinaga (Vland 1505)Sharurshid Security ChiefInfo Source1126.5.4Gvarokh and Lakir met with him on the way to Gamgilebo. Provided lots of info. Very helpful.
Deputy Warden Kimii KushurlakeOdinaga (Vland 1505) Starport WardenInfo Source1126.5.4Lakir met with her on the way to Gamgilebo. Provided some info. Very helpful.
IzthasngerzOdinaga (Vland 1505)1st Officer of the XeviousInfo Source1126.5.4Gvarokh & Lakir met with him on the way to Gamgilebo. Provided lots of info. Very helpful.
GaerrdakhGamgilebo (Vland 1604)Assistant Starport WardenBureaucracy1126.5.9He greeted them at the starport. He thinks they're corsairs.
Khaash KharliminiGamgilebo (Vland 1604)Bartender Info Source1126.5.9He's the last Sharusharid contact on Gamgilebo. Very helpful.
KnaedhinIkhog (Windhorm 1640)Assistant Deputy Starport WardenInfo Source1126.10.4Very helpful.
NgarssouIkhog (Windhorm 1640)Teen Tour Guide Info Source1126.10.4Lakir and Chuck met him while out on recon.
BartIkhog (Windhorm 1640)Owner of the Long Way from Home pub.Info Source1126.10.4Lakir and Chuck met him while out on recon.
IngtsafaIkhog (Windhorm 1640)Commodities Trader Business1126.10.4Gvaorkh sold cargo to her.
Capt. Su DaagudakurRonni's RavenTrader/Client Allycurrent NME rescued her and her crew on Ikhog. Now trying to retrieve her ship.
Capt. Michael UrshakekarAgile Agikhi Trader/ClientAlly1126.20.7 NME rescued him and his crew on Ikhog.
Ushin NumumshunniiZirunkariish Corporation Insurance AdjustorBusinesscurrent Represents Zirunkariish in its attempts to retrieve Ronni's Raven.