The Flaming Eye

Welcome to the Flaming Eye home page. This will be the online resource section for material specific to our game. The adventure was originally published by Digest Group Publications in 1990 and they own the copyright on some of the images contained herein as well as the plot points.

The adventure has concluded. The group is keeping the name for this campaign but has moved on to new adventures based on the adventure's conclusion.
Current Characters:
Gvarokh, Captain
Slade Trask, Chief Engineer
Chuck Strider, Ship's Purser
Vincent Velandro, Computer Expert/Gunner
Vladgorkfeg, Stevedore
Lakir Zalikhuluskaki, Loadmaster
Kagfak, ex-corsair
Uengghae, ex-corsair

Former Characters:
Darrurz, Ship's Trader
Dougok Enaegarz, Corsair Consultant
Shiraamer Siirkasaare, Captain
Simrii Kugiilii, Stevedore/Gunner
DED's Dice Roller
Engineering Info
Game Logs
How Money Works IMTU
Pack of Daggers
Quadrant Map for Part 1

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