Equipment, Robots, & Vehicles

A collection of devices and technologies that I've either built for use in my campaigns, added from others (with their permission), modified from publications, or provide a link to off-site.


Decontamination Foam: TL-9. Sandia Labs has come up with this all-purpose germ/chemical warfare cleaning agent. I'll try to extrapolate some specs on it at a later date.

Fogwater Collector: TL-8. A real world device that's used in arid regions to rely on fog for drinking water rather than rain.

Multi-Scanner: TL-10 - 15. A specialized computer for the collection and analysis of data from portable sensors. Appears in T4. AKA Hand Computer in other editions.

NanoPaint: TL-12+. An overkill version of SmartPaint using nanotechnology. Perfect for big budget militaries.

SmartPaint: TL-10+. Kyle Platte takes camoflouge to the next level.


Excavation Robot: TL-15. The ultimate ditch digger?

Real World Robots: TL-8 - 9. Here are some robots you can get now! Specs included.


Personal Helicopter: TL-8. Inspired by the folks at SoloTrek™.

SkyCar: TL-9. Once the FAA gives its approval (years away), you should be able to buy one of your own.

Submersibles & Deep Water Suits: TL-8 - 9. Neat stuff for underwater campaigns. Specs included.

System Defense Boat - Defender Class: TL-15. A 300 ton SDB for Regency worlds along the Frontier. TNE specs.

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