Combat Rifleman:1
Grav Vehicle:1
Ship's Boat:1
Vacc Suit:0
Zero G Environment:1
Age:38 Homeworld:Karrarrurrsorrg (Windhorn 1136)
Birthdate:1/5/1088 Languages:Gvegh and Galanglic
Service:Corsair (4 terms) Rank:Lieutenant
Wealth:17,900 cr
(All TL-14)
Insulated shirt and pants
Longjohns, winter coats, snow pants
Multiplexer w Comm dots (vargr style)
Network Dependent Data Comm (aka smartphone) w Encryption Software
Armor: CS-Lite (AV 2)
2 suits of Cloth (TL-9)
Weapons: 9mm autopistol (TL-8) with 4 clips of DS ammo 15 rounds each.

Instellarms Mk X ACR. Standard barrel
  Ammo: 2 60-round boxes each of DS & HEAP. Spare Ammo: 180 rounds each DS & HEAP

ISAAA-18/12 Auto Shotgun.
  2 30-round drums DS, 1 HEAP. Spare Ammo: 120 rounds DS, 150 HEAP
Vargr filter mask and goggles set

Most pups on Karrarrurrsorrg wanted to join the Confederation Navy, but not Vuedueloghz. He wanted a corsair's life. He applied to the local corsair group, the Ungsoukhskaeg, and scored high on the gunnery simulator.

After 12 years with Ungsoukhskaeg, he realized that he needed a change. Decent gunners were in short supply so he was continuously passed over for promotion and remained a lieutenant. He heard about an up and coming corsair outfit composed of both vargr and humans that was giving the Vilani a lot of trouble. The Touzagh band, as they were called, were led by a human!

Although the Touzagh continued to be successful, Vuedueloghz was stuck on a waiting list for ships. Hoping his fortunes were going to improve, he remained patient, though every time he spoke out it seemed that he got bumped further down the list.

One day, while assisting his packmate, Verroel, with repairs, there was an attack on the pirate base his ship was parked at. He realized a slaughterhouse when he saw one and the pair kept themselves hidden. While waiting for the marauders to leave, a lone wolf boarded their ship, the Swift Little Biter. Despite being scarred and smaller than average, this vargr somehow had the ship's command codes and assumed the captaincy. Verroel challenged him. He wasn't about to be led around by some castaway runt. But his appearence belied a fierce leader who saw an opportunity to strike out on his own. Vuedueloghz felt that maybe this wolf, who was half his size, could teach him a thing or two about being an alpha dog. And then, someday, he could seize a ship of his own.

Unfortunately it didn't last. A little over a week later, the ship was boarded by a local naval patrol. Darrurz's foolish behavior nearly got them in trouble. Verroel had less patience than Vued and challenged Darrurz for leadership of the pack. After a prolonged struggle, Verroel won and became captain. Now that his friend is captain, perhaps a more level head is in charge.