Combat Rifleman:2
Jack of All Trades
Ship's Boat:1
Vacc Suit:1
Zero G Environment:1
Wheeled Vehicle:1
Age:38 Homeworld:Rriksanirr (Windhorn 1432)
Birthdate:2/9/1088 Languages:Gvegh and Galanglic
Service:Corsair (4 terms) Rank:Lieutenant
Wealth:   25,918 Imperial credits
454,200 Ngath credits
(All TL-14)
Insulated shirt and pants
Longjohns, winter coats, snow pants
Multiplexer w Comm dots (vargr style) & Encryption Software
Armor:CS-Lite (AV 2)
Cloth (TL-9)
Weapons: 9mm autopistol (TL-8). 3 clips of DS ammo 15 rounds each and 1 with 4 rounds.

Instellarms Mk X ACR. Standard barrel
  Ammo: 4 60-round boxes. 500 rounds each DS & HEAP

Odzonfuegouz KHZ-10 SMG.
  Ammo: 4 30-round boxes. 500 rounds each DS & HEAP

Instellarms SPSA-1114 snub pistol
  Ammo: 3 clips. 200 rounds each DS & HEAP. 100 rounds tranq.

20 flashbang grenades
(All TL-14)
Vargr filter mask and goggles set

It was easy to stand out as a child with potential on Rriksanirr. With such a small population, the best and brightest are immediately offered secondary and vocational education opportunities. Verroel showed aptitude in math and physics and was offered to continue with either the Ngath Confederation Navy or the Vurrghadoukfoun, the local corsair group. Verroel opted for the latter.

After 12 years with Vurrghadoukfoun, his career stagnated. His introversion enabled him to become proficient at starship engineering but didn't help with his charisma. Unable to rise above Lieutenant, he was lured away by Touzagh band, an up and coming corsair outfit composed of both vargr and humans. And it was even led by one!

Although the Touzagh continued to be successful, Verroel was stuck on a waiting list for ships. Hoping his fortunes were going to improve, he remained patient, although part of him regretted not choosing a career in the Navy.

One day, while in the midst of repairs, there was an attack on the pirate base his ship was parked at. He and his packmate, Vuedueloghz, realized a slaughterhouse when they saw one and kept themselves hidden. While waiting for the marauders to leave, a lone wolf boarded their ship, the Swift Little Biter. Despite being scarred and smaller than average, this vargr somehow had the ship's command codes and assumed the captaincy. After a challenge from Vuedueloghz revealed this stranger, Darrurz, was not a castaway runt but a fierce leader striking out on his own, Verroel felt that this new pack might just be worth the wait.

Unfortunately it didn't last. A little over a week later, frustration over took Verroel. Embarrassed by Darrurz's behavior when the ship was boarded by a local naval patrol, Verroel challenged Darrurz for leadership of the pack. After a prolonged struggle, Verroel won and became captain. Now he is free to find his own fate.