The Next Morning on Angvae

Characters: Verroel & Fi Khong
NPC: Vuedueloghz and three chicks (Ruekh, Ingoethakhs, Dzadurr)
Location: The girls' apartment in Angvae City
System: Angvae

1126.15.7 - 4:05 Imperial Time, 9:05 Vilani Time, 8:00 Local Time (31:30 day)

The red sun has risen and so has the group. Long nights provide the means to sleep off one's excesses, so no one appears the worse for wear, though everyone is hungry. The girls, who all have the day off, work together to come up with a decent breakfast.

While they're at it, Vued says in a low voice, "Are we shipping out today? We have to get the rest of our payment from Liishaap."

Fi adds, "Don't forget, we have to see Grnouf first about my medical credentials."

Verroel wags his tail and says, "We'll get the credentials and then ship out. The sooner we head out, the sooner we can return and enjoy ourselves."

All three enjoy breakfast and the company of their hosts. Verroel thanks them heartily for breakfast and profusely for their hospitality. He explains that they have to ship out but will be back. He can't say when given the nature of their profession. The bitches seem to understand.

Verroel offers to buy them lunch in a nice restaurant if they're available. They indicate that they are.

Comm numbers are exchanged and goodbye's are said. With that the trio leaves the girls' apartment and seek out Grnouf.

Characters: Verroel & Fi Khong
NPC: Vuedueloghz & Uknae
Location: Full Belly, Happy Wolf in Angvae City

7:15 Imperial Time, 11:15 Vilani Time, 10:10 Local Time

The trio arrive at Full Belly, Happy Wolf and ask around for Grnouf. Grnouf is unavailable but Uknae is. He leads the group to a back office and hands Fi a form.

"Fill this out as truthfully as possible. The less we have to make up, the better. The Vilani have nothing against vargr credentials, though they are hard to verify. Whoever inspects the license we craft for you will assume that some bureaucrat did his job, though don't be surprised if you get quizzed."

While Fi fills out the form, Verroel inquires about cargo headed into Ninnigam.

Uknae warns him that carrying cargo into Vilani space from outside, especially a vargr world, will incur a thorough customs inspection. "You ok with that? We'll make sure the cargo doesn't get you in trouble, but some wolves can't stand the pinkies snooping around their ship."

Verroel wags his tail in assent. "A cargo, even from vargr space, will help cement our cover as an innocuous puppy trading little cargoes along the borders. Our ship is not a threat to anyone, nor would a corsair really use it for operations. If we can keep our noses clean for a while, the Vilani will treat us like any other merchant and allow us to seek out better information."

Uknae nods. "Sound thinking." He pulls out a datapad and scrolls through a list of cargoes. "Here's one: 30 tons of aluminum tubes. That's safe. It's for Liishaap. Cargoes like this make his other cargoes possible. He'll deal with all of the cargo registration so the red tape won't be your responsibility. You will have to deal with the initial inspection by customs patrols. Just show them the bill of lading and invoice and you'll be fine." He beams the forms to Verroel's PDA.

Verroel looks at the documents. "How come these list planet of origin as Kfoerudzo?"

"Angvae, while technically not at war with the Vilani, is a haven for corsairs. The pinkies issued an edict that imports from and exports to Angvae are prohibited due to its allegiance to enemies of the Empire. Kfoerudzo does not permit corsairs to hunt within its borders. However, Kfoerudzo is home to many shell corporations which do business on Angvae. Kfoerudzo levies a small tax on the companies, who are only too grateful to have a place to launder their loot. In return, all corsairs honor Kfoerudzo's prohibition on hunting. Those that would violate that rule are dealt with harshly by the other packs.

"And that's why all cargo out of Angvae bears Kfoerudzo as planet of origin."

Fi finishes his paperwork and hands it over to Uknae, who gives it a quick look-over. "Everything seems to be in order. We'll deliver your credentials along with your cargo. Give us a couple of hours to be at your hangar bay.

Verroel checks his watch. Just enough time for lunch with the ladies.

Lunch and Leaving Angvae

Characters: Verroel & Fi Khong
NPC: Vuedueloghz, Ruekh, Ingoethakhs, & Dzadurr
Location: The Starside Lounge in Angvae City
System: Angvae

1126.15.7 - 10:05 Imperial Time, 14:05 Vilani Time, 13:00 Local Time (31:30 day)

The ladies have joined the wolves for lunch at a place they picked: The Starside Lounge. It overlooks the starport and, despite "lounge" being in the name, it seems to do a healthy lunch and dinner business.

Verroel splurges, impressing the bitches and his comrades. It's unknown if the wolves at other tables are impressed, however, being that these are attractive fillies perhaps some will notice. Regardless, Verroel is generous with the tip and pays for the ladies to take a cab back to their apartment. All three wolves promise that they will return and will call upon the ladies when they do.

Characters: Verroel & Fi Khong
NPC: Vueduelogh & Rugdhoe
Location: Happy Trails at Angvae Starport

13:05 Imperial Time, 17:05 Vilani Time, 16:00 Local Time

The trio have returned to the ship. A short while later Rugdhoe has arrived with the goods they are to deliver to Ninnigam. The loading process goes smoothly. Rugdhoe also has Fi's credentials which certify that he is a licensed physician and may operate within Vilani space accordingly.

14:15 Imperial Time, 18:15 Vilani Time, 17:10 Local Time

The ship is loaded. The trio began running through their pre-flight checklist and prepare for departure.

15:15 Imperial Time, 19:15 Vilani Time, 18:10 Local Time

The starport grants permission for Happy Trails to depart.

19:15 Imperial Time, 23:15 Vilani Time, 22:10 Local Time

The trip to safe jump distance goes by without a hitch. Jump!

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