Arrival at Gadushan

Characters: Verroel, Fi Khong
NPC: Vuedueloghz
Location: Happy Trails
System: Gadushan

1126.12.3 - 21:00 Imperial Time, 13:00 Vilani Time

As expected, the week in jumpspace was uneventful. Upon returning to normal space, the brightness of Gadushan's two suns through the main viewer makes everyone squint. The settings had been left on for Envar's miserably dim star. Now with two giants to contend with the light is blinding. Fi turns it down after the initial shock wears off.

Fi flips the ship around to begin the deceleration phase for their approach. A few minutes later the ship's passive sensors register an active scan.

With nothing to hide, Verroel utilizes the ship's sensors to scan back. The sensor sweep comes back with what the computer says is a Type T Patrol Cruiser.

The ship is hailed. "Attention foreign vessel, this is the Gadushian Defense Force. Please identify yourself and your reason for being in this system." The voice, as expected, is human.

Verroel is expecting this to be the new normal for now on. He takes up the comm and answers the hailer. "This is the starship Happy Trails. We are jumping into the system from Envar, bound for Ninnigam. We're looking to refuel, deliver our cargo, carry any available cargo and depart."

"Acknowledged. Continue your deceleration but change course to the following coordinates." The location appears on the nav computer. "One of our patrols will rendezvous with you and inspect your vessel. Failure to comply will be interpreted as hostile intent and we will act accordingly. Gadushian Defense Force out."

Fi says to Verroel, "That will put us in LPO."

Verroel instructs Fi Khong to comply with their request.

1126.12.4 - 00:35 Imperial Time, 16:35 Vilani Time

A Type T patrol cruiser has pulled up alongside Happy Trails and extended a boarding cable. After being hailed by the vessel, Verroel informed its captain that they would be waiting for the boarding party in the cargo bay on deck one.

Verroel and company are unarmed and polite. They are rewarded for their compliance. The boarding party, wearing combat armor and equipped with auto-shotguns, are quick with their examination of the ship. Their demeanor remains professional, but their weapons are pointed at the deck rather than the crew.

"Thank you for your cooperation," the team leader says to Verroel. "We appreciate your patience with our security check. We don't get many friendly visits from vargr vessels these days."

Verroel nods and replies, "The conflict is unfortunate and bad for business. Your professionalism is appreciated as well.

"I have a delivery for Gadushan Imports. Are they located at the downport?"

"Yes," the team leader says. "They won't be hard to find. There isn't a whole lot of commerce at Gadushan. Once you dock, just connect with the infonet and they'll pop up."

"Are there any port factors or trading companies on the planet you can recommend?"

"There's not a lot to choose from," he says with a smile. "Gadushan Exports is the Sharusharid subsidiary that handles 90% of the offworld trade. Gishlushemiim has a branch here too. They're eager to gain market share, but haven't made many inroads yet. That's about it."

"Thank you."

"Enjoy your visit to Gadushan." With that the boarding party returns to their ship.

As soon as the boarding cable has retracted, the patrol cruiser breaks off from Happy Trails which resumes its descent to Gadushan.

Arrival at Gadushan Down

Characters: Verroel, Fi Khong
NPC: Vuedueloghz
Location: Happy Trails
System: Gadushan

1126.12.4 - 02:15 Imperial Time, 18:15 Vilani Time, 36:17 Local Time

Once the patrol cruiser broke off, Happy Trails was down on the surface in no time. Gadushan's extreme temperature fluctuations force all commercial activity, including starships visits, indoors. Gadushan's downport consists of eight well-insulated hangars in a rectangular arrangement, four on either side. The downport is connected to a buried city of 10,000 of the world's 50,000+ inhabitants.

The ship sits isolated in the hangar bay. There are no docking collars. Ship's sensors indicate the hangar bay is still cold (temperatures drop fast at night) so everyone decides to wait for the residual heat from the engines to warm things up.

In the meantime, the ship has detected InfoNet and connects with it. A menu pops up listing options. Verroel selects "order fuel" and "life support supplies". Before the order can be placed, he's required to pay the berthing fee: 100 credits. He complies and puts in his order.

He access communications and tracks down Gadushan Imports. He sends them a text letting them know their methane shipment has arrived. A minute later he gets a text in return stating that a truck will be by within the hour to pick it up.

With time to kill, Verroel looks up Gishlushemiim. He discovers that they're a large trading company, though not as big or powerful as one of the Vilani megacorps of yore. They deal in freight and cargo, just like Gadushan Exports. Their netsite claims that they're a better option to work with than "the competition" though they don't specify exactly how they accomplish that.

As for freight and cargo, both netsites mention something about BrokerNet for speculative trade and CargoNet for freight (How he wishes they had a trader on board). The prices on BrokerNet are far too high for Verroel's budget so he opts for hauling freight.

Gadushan has 7 lots available for Ninnigam:

Gishlushemiim has 2 lots available for Ninnigam: Verroel signifies that they're interested in hauling the lot of thiomorpholine, titanium oxide, and gypsum. He inputs his docking bay and other pertinent info and is informed that the shipments will be delivered within the next three hours.

02:45 Imperial Time, 18:45 Vilani Time, 36:47 Local Time

The ship's comm alerts you that a representative of Gadushan Imports is at the door. After checking the sensors to make sure that the temperature in the bay is normal, Verroel heads out to greet him.

The human is dressed in a jumpsuit with a Gadushan Imports logo on it. He's pretty hairy for a human with hair covering most of his face.

"Evening," he says. "I hear you've got a delivery for pick up."

"Yes," Verroel replies and hands over the paperwork.

The man smiles wryly. "Paper. Must be from Envar."

While he looks it over, Verroel asks, "Soooooo, what's going on between Gadushan and Gishlushemiim?"

The man pauses and casts a querulous look at Verroel. He ponders his response, then says, "Just two trading companies doing business. Gishlushemiim is trying to bite off a piece of Gadushan's pie. That's all."

Sensing his failure to strike a connection with the man, Verroel lets it go.

"Ok, everything's in order." He signs Verroel's copy. "Open her up and I'll pick up the load with the truck.

Verroel complies and the man drives his electric truck into the bay. He hops out of the cab and into a forklift and picks up the stacks of methane cylinders.

Before he leaves, he says to Verroel, "Once I get back to the warehouse, the accounting department will send you your money."

"Will that take long?" Verroel asks.

"Nope. An hour or two."


"Good day."

03:58 Imperial Time, 19:58 Vilani Time, 38:00 Local Time

An email arrives indicating that the sum of 20,000 credits has been added to Verroel's account. "Good, now we can afford fuel and life support," he says. He hits "submit" on his fuel order and watches 5,500 credits go out.

Leaving Gadushan

Characters: Verroel, Fi Khong
NPC: Vuedueloghz
Location: Happy Trails
System: Gadushan

1126.12.4 - 04:18 Imperial Time, 20:18 Vilani Time, 38:20 Local Time

Freight arrives.

05:28 Imperial Time, 21:28 Vilani Time, 39:30 Local Time

Freight loaded.

05:38 Imperial Time, 21:38 Vilani Time, 39:40 Local Time

Refueling and life support refurbishment begin.

06:08 Imperial Time, 22:08 Vilani Time, 39:10 Local Time

Refuelling and life support refurbishment finish. Crew begins preparations for departure.

06:28 Imperial Time, 22:28 Vilani Time, 39:30 Local Time

Ship leaves hangar bay and heads out to safe jump distance.

10:02 Imperial Time, 26:02 Vilani Time, 1:04 Local Time

Safe jump distance reached. Ship jumps.

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