Fi Khong


Grav Vehicle:0
Vacc Suit:1
Age:36 Homeworld:Voenggaks (Windhorn 1738)
Birthdate:6/7/1090 Languages:Gvegh and Galanglic
Service:Merchants (4 terms) Rank:1st Officer
Wealth:42,163 cr
(All TL-14
except food
& drink)
A box of jerky (43/50 strips left)
2 boxes Earl Grey & 3 boxes mixed tea (20 bags each)
Aviator sunglasses
Insulated shirt and pants
Longjohns, winter coats, snow pants
Multiplexer w Comm dots (vargr style) & Encryption Software
Armor:CS-Lite (AV 2)
Cloth (TL-9)
Weapons: Combat knife (TL-10) with leg scabbard.
NeoArms 18mm/11 Manual Action Shotgun with 40 rounds of DS.

ISAAA-18/12 Auto Shotgun with polearm attachment.
  3 30-round drums. 500 rounds each DS, flechette, tranq, & HEAP.
Equipment: Medical Kit (TL-11)
Redhistak 6 (2 doses)
Adrenalize (2 doses)
SuperSense (2 doses)
LaserFocus (2 doses)
1 box of heatpacks, 1 tube of BurnMelt
Vargr filter mask and goggles set (TL-14)

Fi Khong was born on Karrarrurrsorrg (Windhorn 1136). Ever since he was a pup, he's had a fascination with the vargr body. He desperately wanted to become a doctor. Scoring well on his tests in school, he took advantage of the opportunity to attend the Merchant Academy's Medical School and excelled. For years, he served as Chief Medical Officer on cruisers, returning home to further his education where experience deemed necessary.

Much to his chagrin, the Merchant Academy terminated its Medical Studies program because it was deemed outside the focus of economic studies. Khong felt personally insulted and mustered out. His resignation was received as an ungracious bite of the tail and he was summarily blackballed. His charisma plummeted.

Khong was forced to take what work he could: patching up criminals, performing plastic surgery on fugitives and dabbling in medical procedures that most physicians would look upon as unethical. His work carried him rimward to the border. In the Ugarun system, he found a wealthy benefactor in Sarruero. The wolf was something of a "fixer" who looked upon Khong as a tool, albeit a valuable one, at his disposal. While Khong was free to leave at any time, he had no reason to leave and no place to go. Until now.

As soon as he boarded the ship, Verroel pulled him aside and informed him that he was challenging Darrurz for leadership of the pack. A fierce struggle ensued and Verroel came out on top. Hopefully things will calm down from here, but Fi won't hold his breath..