Wandering Wolves' Contacts

NamePlanet/ShipOccupationRelationship First ContactLast ContactNotes
AedzazogazedzMiiko BeltAssociate Broker Business1126.25.31126.25.3 Works for Miiko Belt Importers
Aengnouk OudaengllakoudzSuthgzuBrokerBusiness 1126.26.31126.26.3Works for Suthgzu Exports
AenHteh HutLawyerFriend1126.23.1 1126.23.2Hooked up with Fi. Rruell's older sister.
Bob DegurmiirHteh HutEngineerAdvisor 1126.23.11126.23.1Disagrees with the physicists about the jump drive problem.
Dr. Araks AnknavokhHteh HutPhysicistAdvisor 1126.23.11126.23.1Helped Fi to understand the problem with their jump drive.
Dr. Irimaash LashinlurHteh HutPhysicist Advisor1126.23.11126.23.1Helped Fi to understand the problem with their jump drive.
DzadurrAngvaeUnknownFriend1126.15.6 1126.21.7Hooked up with Vued.
Dzo (No last name)NadhellinTrader Captain Acquaintance1126.26.41126.26.4 Met him while waiting for cargo on Suthgzu.
Enli GagidikiEnvarBrokerBusiness 1126.11.31126.11.3Ran Envar Exports. Died in the incident known as the Envar Plague.
FoeghsaerrrreOekhsarkhinsoerakha Captain in the Ngath Confederation NavyAlly1126.8.6 1126.8.6Shielded group from Touzagh at Ugarun.
GrnoufAngvaeBusinessmanBusiness 1126.15.61126.21.7Employs the WW to deliver cargo across the border.
IngoethakhsAngvaeUnknownFriend 1126.15.61126.21.7Hooked up with Fi.
Ksorza AetsadhlarrgAngvaeCorsairRival 11201126.15.6Former Touzagh. Friendly. Serves Sougthuva.
Liishaap LurukemmimeNinnigamBusinessman Business1126.13.41126.18.1 Employs the WW to deliver cargo across the border.
LugaHteh HutAccountantFriend 1126.23.11126.23.2Hooked up with Vued. Works at a brokerage.
MatsuoMiiko BeltBartenderFriendly 1126.25.31126.25.3Works at The Thirsty Buddha. Good for intel.
MickMiiko BeltBelterPossible client 1126.25.31126.25.3Fi & Vued met him at The Thirsty Buddha. Fi prevented him from getting into a fight.
OenagvaezoezHteh HutBroker/Sales RepBusiness 1126.23.21126.23.2Works for Miiko Belt Importers.
Onguk (No last name)Ksuksgaethdhuegae Trader CaptainAcquaintance1126.26.41126.26.4 Met him while waiting for cargo on Suthgzu.
RogzuekAngvaeHenchmanBusiness 1126.15.61126.21.7Works for Grnouf. Reports to Uknae.
RruellHteh HutAdministrative AssistantFriend 1126.23.11126.23.2Hooked up with Verroel. Works at a brokerage.
RuekhAngvaeUnknownFriend1126.15.6 1126.21.7Hooked up with Verroel.
RugdhoeAngvaeHenchmanBusiness 1126.15.61126.21.7Works for Grnouf. Reports to Uknae.
SarrueroUgarunFixerBusiness1128.8.6 1126.8.6Got a new identity for Happy Trails. Former employer of Fi Khong.
SougthuvaAngvaeCorsair CaptainRival 11201126.15.6Former Touzagh.
TaztanguenAngvaeAssistant Starport Warden Friendly1126.15.51126.15.5Verroel hit on her.
TogodzkaMiiko BeltBelter Captain Friendly Client1126.25.31126.25.3Bought some cargo. Offered intel of surrounding area. Kindred spirit.
Uknae SolrudzngaeAngvaeHenchmanBusiness 1126.15.61126.15.6Works for Grnouf. Reports directly to him.
UthgoerUgarunHenchmanBusiness 1126.8.61126.9.3Works for Sarruero.