by Liam Devlin

Switzer (0220): Switzer's former government, a self-perpetuating oligarchy managed to keep personal freedoms despite dropping from TL-15 to TL-13 during the recession of economies in the Hard Times. Virus destroyed their beliefs in "this too shall pass", and they awoke from naivete with a vengeance, replacing their government with a more pro-active charismatic oligarchy. About 1165, they stabilized their tech to TL-10. Personal freedoms were curtailed severely, due to the virulent infestation they endured, and the amount of high-tech gadgetry the populace had on hand. Possession of infected machinery is deemed a capital offense and warrants death.

Switzer is classified as an agricultural world, though this is marginal (bare minimum 40% hydrosphere).

All but one of Switzer's five gas giants are in far orbits from the primary. The occasional vampire steers clear, refueling at the ones further out with a healthy respect for Switzer's planetary defenses.

Military Strength (25%)200,000 personnel
Wet Navy (4%)8,000 personnel (2 MCs & 10 SCs all at TL10)
COACC (20% x 1.5) 60,000 personnel (150 CAC* & 60 PAD batteries**)
Ground Forces 128,000 personnel [6 DEs (TL10) plus 8,000 Anti-Virus Marine Commandoes TL13 Battledress only)]
Space Navy (4% x .5) 4,000 personnel (1 MC & 5 SC's)***

*15 Rampart Ftrs at TL-15, 45 Kestral/Peregrine class Ftrs at TL-13, & 90 Daytona class Orbital Interceptors at TL-10
**6 at TL-15, including one Planetary Meson gun, 18 at TL-13, 36 at TL-10
***Composition is as follows:

Path of Tears Government Characteristics Table
GovernmentCharismatic Oligarchy
Military StrategiesHigh
Military TacticsMedium

Current clack: Switzer has cleared the inner zone of her system over the past 35 years, and has had her C-class starport downgraded to D. Her aging fleet is considering removing the jump drives from the Alpine Condor and relegating her to insystem patrolling only. Since 1188, salvage expeditions to Humbilton (0320) have yielded fewer and fewer parts for the TL-10 industries sustained on Switzer. The TED at Stane (0120) fired his PAD missiles at them in 1189 so Switzer has decided to leave them alone for now. Only at Fayette (0219) were they welcomed. The 90 inhabitants of the former Naval base have been selling them parts since 1191.

Jimmy (0520): Jimmy's relatively early stellar economy (TL-9) and self-reliance though the Hard Times was a remarkable achievement, especially considering that it's a balkanized world. This former non-industrial world re-geared herself as the Imperium's economy receded to the Safes in Ilelish & Delphi Sectors, to become self-sustaining, premier repair starport for the subsector. Thanks to the Guild, she remains so today, though the planet's Data Priesthood leader, Mahatma Tsuumii, has his folks keep an eye on the Guilders for signs of heresy. As such, Jimmy maintains control of her orbital space, but no further. Jimmy's government still maintains mining of her nearby belt, a key source of crystal-iron ore.

Military Strength (25%)5 million personnel
Wet Navy (3% x .25) 8,000 personnel [37,500 Riverine/Lake Patrol Service (12 MC's & 36 SC's)]
COACC (20% x 1.5) 1.5 million personnel (3,750 CAC & 1500 PAD batteries all TL-9)
Ground Forces3.42 million personnel (171 DEs at TL-9)
Space Forces
(6% x .5 x .25)
37,500 personnel
12 MC's: 6 Spear class Monitors (TL9, 1ktn, 1G) & 6 Planetoid Hulled Missile stations (TL8/9, 5ktns, 1G)
36 SC's: Bastion & Bulwark class planetoid hull SDB's (TL-8/9, 200dtns, 1G)

Path of Tears Government Characteristics Table
GovernmentMystic Dictatorship
Military StrategiesHigh
Military TacticsLow

Current clack: Jimmy's people are growing restless. The burgeoning middle class are wanting more say in the planet's affairs. A derelict Broadsword class warship was retrieved by the Space Forces recently and towed to orbit for repairs. The data priests determined she was a wartime era battle casualty. The crew were horribly disfigured and killed each other. Her Jump drives, of unusual manufacture, appear to be in good working order though. Tsummi is awaiting the return of the semi-annual Guild convoy before figuring out what to do with her.

Imimii (0715): The once former subsector capital maintained her B-class port despite the recession of 1124-28, and hunkered down from her previous Tech level of 12 to 11 to weather out the Hard Times. Imimii remained a producer of TL-11 SDB's throughout the period, mostly the Sentry class, all laser turreted version.

The advent of Virus caused major loss of life, some 3 billion sentients alone, and the B-class shipyard facilities. After the starport was destroyed in 1140, the lack of gas giants aided the planet as vampire fleets from Core Sector bypassed the system, leaving the inhabitants to fight amongst themselves.

By 1142, the planet was balkanized and the tech level slipped to 8. From 1143 to 1168, a series of unification wars killed off more of the population through nuclear weapons exchanges, until one nation emerged with a pyrrhic victory.

Twenty years after the last Civil war, Imimii regained TL-9 and rebuilt her C-class port. Her curent government has nationalized all industries. The mildly tainted dense atmosphere is now slightly radioactive, though portions of the planet have been rendered unlivable for another 1000 years or so.

Imimii is the Zarushagar Main sector HQ for he Starfarer's Mercantile Guild. Although the planet-wide tech level is considered to be 9, the Guild's University for Merchant starfaring remains at 12. Unlike the Diasporan version of the Guild, the Zarushagar Guild tends more towards trade links, than outright piracy and slaving, though a few Captains so indulge their crews whenever possible. Slavery is also promoted for the salvage trade planet-side in radioactive regions (and loss of life is expected). Where they also diverge is the Zarushagar Guild is more into technology theft and smuggling from rising stellar worlds (like the Duchy of Oasis).

A strong Bwap Creche's presence tends to support the authoritarian regime but blunts some of their casual callousness and cruelty. Bwap make up 1% of the overall popualtion (some 8 million of them).

Military Strength (1%)8 million personnel
Wet Navy (7%) 8,000 personnel
18 MC's: 8 PADM subs (2 TL-12 and 6 TL-11) and 10 TL-9, including 8 Aircraft Carriers
56 SC's: 5 TL-12, 15 TL-11, & 36 TL-9)
COACC (20% x 1.5) 2.4 million personnel
6000 CAC: 600 TL-12, 1800 TL-11, & 3600 TL-9
2400 PAD batteries: 240 TL-12 (includes Guardian class Near Orbit Missile satellites), 720 TL-11, and 1440 TL-9
Ground Forces 5.52 million personnel
276 DEs: 27 TL-12, 81 TL-11, 168 TL-9
Space Forces (6% x .5 x .25 x .2) 12,000 personnel (4 MC's & 12 SC's)*

*Composition is as follows:

Some half-dozen Guild Merchants call Imimii "home-port: the SMGS Graven Image, a Nishemani Corsair P-class ship (TL-12, 400dtns, J3/2G); the SMGS Burnt Offerings, an EMMC Bastien Liner (TL-12, 600dtns, J-3/1G); the Jayhawk class Far Traders, SMGS Sweet Sacrifice & SMGS Iridium Heart/Feet of Clay (TL-12, 200dtns, J2/1G); and 2 modified Fat Traders (TL10/12, 400dtns, J2/1G), SMGS Cayenne Chili Pepper & SMGS Original Recipe.

Path of Tears Government Characteristics Table
GovernmentTotalitarian OligarchyBwap Creche
Military StrategiesMediumHigh
Military TacticsMediumHigh

Current clack: The Bwap Creche, though outwardly loyal to the Guild & Imimiian Soviet, is beginning to get appalled by the loss of life from slavery conducted by the planetary regime while ransacking the nuked cities & industrial sites for salvage. They have set out in a Bwap Runabout looking for a better PE to enlist aide. Meanwhile, the Creche is running an underground railroad of sorts, hiding the humans in regions of the planet that are "clear" of radiation (but have not informed the State of these islands status). The State Secret Police relies on the Bwap administrators and is hopelesly riddled with corruption, making it easier for the Bwap to work behind the scenes. If the Bwap were truly pressed, they could cripple the government overnight, so thoroughly are they immersed in its infrastructure.