by Liam Devlin

Libuka (2202): This once high populated world used to be the subsector capitol. Libuka's former military garrison exerted its grip during the Collapse. Even as billions died, industries were nationalized & all pre-war tech level assets were seized. The enforced low-berthing of "excess" unemployable citizenry, was one of the measures undertaken during the Collapse that allowed the planet to survive with the 80 million she has today. However, many who entered low berths before the Collapse, in the "Timer" clubs, were lost when their machines were infected by Suicider strains of Virus and improperly "thawed".

The joint government of military, space industrial complex (Belters & gas giant miners), and other scientific and technical related fields (Medical community for example) has grown more xenophobic and autocratic during the past 70 years. Unfortunately the bureaucracy created by the leadership to support their regime is also its stumbling block on progressing forward technologically & economically.

Military Strength (2.5%) 2 million personnel (10% TL-13 / 30% TL-11 / 60% TL-8)
Wet Navy (70%)1.4 million personnel (467 MCs & 1401 SCs)
ACC (20%)400,000 (1000 CAC & 400 PAD batteries)
Ground Forces 190,000 personnel (9 DEs [1 at TL-13, 3 at TL-11, 5 at TL-8])
Space Navy (02% x .25)10,000 personnel (3 MC's & 11 SC's)

The Navy's ships are all non-jump capable. They include 2 armed LSP-MP ships (TL-12, 5ktn, NJ/1G) and an Escort-destroyer (TL-13, 5ktn, NJ/6G). The smaller ships comprise of 3 Seeker-class mining ships (TL13, 100dtn, NJ/2G); 4 armed Far Rebel STL freighters (TL-8, 220dtn, NJ/1G); 2 Roughneck class frontier Fuel Harvesters (TL-7, 200dtn, Nj/1G), & 2 Drakaran SDBs (TL-13, 600dtns, NJ/5G).

Path of Tears Government Characteristics Table
GovernmentTotalitarian Oligarchy
Military StrategiesHigh
Military TacticsMedium

Illyria (2005): Illyria sits in the second orbit around her primary Dalmatia Alpha, while the companion M-class dwarf, Dalmatia Beta, rests in the 5th orbit. All three gas giants (1 small, 2 large) lie beyond this point (orbits 6, 8, & 12 from primary). The ore rich Illyrian Belt lies astride the 3rd & 4th orbits, caught in the maelstrom of the gravity wells, a natural hazard to shipping. This hazard has made approach to the planet hazardous, and many would-be Vampire predatory vessels have met their doom here. However, the Illyrians have been blissfully ignorant of this blessing.

The Mystic Autocracy which governs here is descended from the 1239th Reserve Fleet Naval base personnel & their dependents, stranded here by the war. The orbital facility is what one might call a "junk-port" built from the remaining orbital station and a non-jump capable Fleet Tanker (TL-11, 700 ktns), with no engines, set into geosynchronous orbit. The Port's Data-Priesthood maintains the station & downport. Those few ships that do visit here are free traders & some Guild ships. Life is regimented by the military clock and duty shifts. Many of the repairs were learned by rote, and are taught the same way. Upon arrival, ship crews are questioned as to which "version" of faith they belong to and, so long as they do not proselytize themselves and pay promptly (Tithe), they may leave unmolested. Proselytizers are sent to the Inquisition, and if deemed heretical, may be promptly executed by an airlock rapid exit-sans PLSS! The Mystics here view the Collapse as "God's punishment" for taking His gifts of technology for granted.

Military Strength (25%) 225,000 personnel (10% TL-11; 30% TL-10; 60% TL-7)
Wet Navynone
ACC (20% x 1.5) 67,500 personnel (168 CAC & 68 PAD batteries)
Ground Forces 154,000 personnel (7 DE's [2 TL-10, 5 TL-7] & 14,000 "Knights of ImMarDiv"* (TL-11 equipped/armed))
Space Navy (06% x .25) 3375 personnel (1 MC [TF-11, 700ktn], & 6 SC's)**

*a Holy Order of Priest-warrior Monks. Their name derives from "Imperial Marine Division".
**with 1,875 "Tech-Priests" assigned to the "Heavenly Port".

The small combatants are 3 armed small merchant ships (1 A2 Jayhawk, 1 Morraine Free Trader, 1 "Fat" Trader), and 3 Sentry class SDBs (TL-11/10/7, 400dtns, 3G), each supported by 250 "Priests".

Path of Tears Government Characteristics Table
GovernmentMystic Autocracy
Paranoia/Xenophobia Medium (unless you're a heretic--then look out!)
Military StrategiesMedium
Military TacticsMedium

Nayda (1904) and Renite (2103) are both planets that suffered from Black War strikes in 1121-23. Lucan's fleet, in their pursuit of Dulinor's Federation Navy, rendered their atmospheres insidious long enough to make them doomed worlds (6 years). Their atmospheres resumed their Pre-War status several decades later, too late to save the remaining inhabitants.

Deanne (2002): Despite their TL-10 resources in pre-war days, Deanne was a relatively out of the way place. The Hard Times actually increased their prosperity; taking on refugees from Nayda & nearby Renite in the doomed trade, when Libuka halted immigration in late 1125. Deanne lies in the 8th orbit around her primary star. Her gas giants (2 small & 2 large) lie in orbits 3, 4, 7, & 11. Deanne is a known port of call to some 4-5 Free Traders that ply the subsector, as well as the Guild.

Technology Breakdown: Personal Military TL-5, Heavy Military TL-8, Computers TL-8, Engineering/Architecture TL-8, Medicine TL-5, Agricuture TL-5, Air TL-7, Sea TL-8, Land TL-5, Space TL-9, and Power generation TL-9.

Military Strength (25%)1.5 million personnel
Wet Navy (90%) 1,012,500 personnel (330 MC's [11 Aircraft Carriers (48 CAC each) & 319 PAD missile subs] & 990 SC's [all TL-8])
ACC (20% x 1.5) 375,000 personnel (937 CAC (527 of these are carrier based) & 375 PAD batteries [all TL-8])
Ground Forces 95,000 personnel (4 TL-5 DE's & 15,000 personnel = 10 BNE's Marines TL-8)
Space Navy (06% x .25) 18,750 personnel (6 MC's, 19 SC's)*

These being 6 Spear class monitors (TL-10/9, 1kton, 1G), 12 Lancet class System patrol boats (TL-10/9, 200dtn, 2G), and 7 Roughneck class Frontier fuel harvesters (TL-7/8, 220dtns, 1G).

Path of Tears Government Characteristics Table
GovernmentCivil Service Bureaucracy
Military StrategiesMedium
Military TacticsHigh

Deanne's lack of diplomacy is due to their inability to reproduce jump drives. Their High military tactics (especially with navy & space forces) comes from 70 years of repelling vampire ships. Their lower tech "army" (TL-5) was a sacrifice the government made based on their natural resources. They could sustain CPR firearms more easily than Personal laser weapons, sparing technology for Spaceborne ships' weapons, which they deemed more appropriate for planetary defense. Despite this incongruity, the "Army" is more planetary police. Trooper for trooper, the Marines are the true military might here.

Greeth (2105): Greeth lies in the 2nd orbit around her Primary star. The nearest of her two small gas giants lies at Orbit 8. The second at orbit 11. The asteroid belt lies at orbit 5.

Greeth's Participatory Democracy could not handle the changes wrought by the Rebellion. During the Hard Times, a military junta seized control of the government. They managed to stabilize the tech level at 10, while maintaining the B-class starport. The arrival of Virus in 1129-30 disrupted the Military Junta, leading to a mad scramble for control. By 1135 the planet had restored order, but was balkanized by the continents & island chains. By 1170 Tech had been raised back to a sustainable average of 7. All the governments are TEDs, but rely on various types of relic tech to stay in power.

Path of Tears Government Characteristics Table
NationYaarboZhiinjaBerniiy VuugashBaerensForuscaDownstayHaarjor
Population5 mil5 mil5 mil 5 mil2.5 mil2.5 mil2.5 mil2.5 mil
TalentMedLowHighLow HighHighHighMed
CorruptionHighHighHighMed MedMedLowLow
CrueltyHighHighMedLow HighLowLowLow
AggressionLowMedHighHigh MedMedHighHigh
Paranoia/XenophobiaLowHighMed HighMedLowMedHigh
AdministrationMedMedHighMed HighMedHighMed
IntrigueLowLowMedMed MedHighLowLow
DiplomacyHighHighHighMed MedMedLowHigh
Military StrategiesHighLowMed HighMedMedMedMed
Military TacticsLowLowLowMed LowMedHighHigh
LeadershipMedLowHighLow LowHighHighLow
Tech Level95867 957

Plus 10 other nation-states of approx. 1 million people each. 50% are TEDs. The average TL is 7.

Notes on nations:
Yaarbo controls the D-class downport, and what there is of a space force, with Guild sponsored technology.
E-class downports exist in the nations of Forusca, Berniiy and Baerens.

Military Strength (25%) 1.25 million personnel (10% TL12, 30% TL10, 60% TL7)
Wet Navy (6% x 2)150,000 personnel (50 MC's & 150 SC's)
ACC (20% x 1.5) 375,000 personnel (937 CAC & 375 PAD batteries)
Ground Forces 700,000 personnel (35 DE's [3 at TL12, 9 at TL10/9, 23 at TL7])
Space Navy (06% x .5 x .25) 25,000 personnel (8 MCs & 25 SC's)*

*The large ships being 4 LSP-MP ships (TL-12/9, 5ktns, 1G) and 4 armed bulk freighters [1 Ore hauler (TL-10, 10ktn, NJ/1G), 1 AH Bulk hauler (TL11/9, 5ktn, NJ/1G), & 2 Starhauler class freighters (TL15/9, 1ktn, NJ/1G)]. 16 Seeker class mining ships (TL12/9, 100dtn, NJ/2G), 4 LSP refining vessels (TL-13/9, 400dtns NJ/1G), 5 Jackal class SDBs (TL-12/9, 400dtn, 4G).