WINDHORN Subsector P: Imperial era data as of 001-1120.

Subsector Map - 1120

World Name HEX UWP BS Trade PPG AL Stellar
Kudzthengeg2535D633436-7  Po Ni521V7M2V
Anraeghzuer2536B100433-9  Va Ni603V7M5V M5V
Aksungue2537D782336-3  Ni Lo124V7F7V M0V
Ikeronasotharrgh2631C897362-9G Ni804V7M7 III
Gvarsuerokoekh2632D7A1114-9  Fl Ni Lo924V7M2V
Kaerzdoer2634A588A79-DG Hi104V7G4V
Kuengoeghueng2637C696235-8  Ni Lo921V7G4V M8V
Ghollerzdhou2638D410300-7C De Ni Lo303V7M4V
Rukoelunuerz2639D699100-8C Ni Lo304V7K7V
Azuenueg2734C9A3202-9  Fl Ni Lo803V7K8V M8V
Uezfadon2735B786554-CG Ag Ni304V7K2V
Gaeksor2831B88A8AE-A  Wa604V7K0V M0V
Sanroukh2832D7A4524-8C Fl Ni711V7M1V M1V
Sogvughuedough2834A664877-BG  104V7K7V M6V
Vaengoedzrra2835C573630-5  Ni624V7F5V
Aegzksoudz2837D300234-7C Va Ni Lo802V7M3V
Foghzukaekhedu2838D693400-5C Ni314V7A8V M9V
Votsorsughzkue2840D501200-7C Va Ic Ni Lo524V7M5V M8V
Lagdhagh2931B888531-C  Ag Ni402V7K5V M7V
Oekhsove2932A889674-CG Aq Ni524V7M3 IV
Aeghtharse2933B55A400-A  Wa Ni301V7F9V
Kishadiku2934A5599AA-FG Hi Cp112V7G2V
Irraghdzaka2937C3A0486-AC De Ni302V7M3V M8V
Izidou2940E847674-2  Ag NiA301V7G2V
Kudza3031B557874-8   124V7M0V M4V
Ghorzanerrg3035D678586-5  Ag Ni214V7M2V
Khoegzraerraegh3037C99A101-6C Wa Ni Lo614V7F7 IV
Allorrrrerr3040D9C4421-7C Fl Ni322V7M0 III
Khig3131C848213-A  Ni Lo712V7M2V
Aesa3132D9A5121-7  Fl Ni Lo402V7K2V M8V
Gvolaeghongar3133D551521-AC Po Ni803V7K4V M7V
Koerrtsourz3134D676512-7  Ag Ni924V7G6V M5V
Thoengoun3135C995322-BC Ni Lo803V7F3V
Tsarzaedz3136B6A1234-A  Fl Ni Lo405V7M4V
Gughkheng3139C875676-7C Ag Ni102V7M1V
Ekhsksekhs3140C520789-7C De Po Na914V7M3V
Uenour3231B545326-BG Ni Lo313V7F6V
Orzakhan3232B6A4889-7  Fl823V7M3V M8V
Aekhaedz3233A98A877-DG Wa Hi314V7G8V
Olghitsaghal3238D5757BE-6  Ag602V7G8V M7V
Tsoungae3240C677100-5C Ni Lo712V7M0V

Subsector Notes:

The Kishadiku Empire was a highly successful nation which could trace its origins back to 435. After centuries of growth and prosperity, it seemed an unlikely candidate for collapse. Unfortunately the royal line went astray. The current monarch, Alluesuenoe IV, lacks the wisdom of his forebears. He is easily taken in by fads and was summarily swept up by the Oekhsos tirades. From there, one of his vassals introduced him to Tsaerrgae's philosophy of Disjunctures. Captivated by the ideas contained therein, he was one of the founders of the political entity known as the 17th Disjuncture. He formally decreed that the empire was now a member of that movement and all of its resources would be brought to bear to achieve Tsaerrgae's vision.

As Alluesuenoe was used to getting his way, dissent was not tolerated. Several ministers resigned, some disappeared. Each was replaced by Disjuncture acolytes. When whole worlds openly rebelled, they were punished severely. Starports were destroyed and cities bombed.

This same policy was applied to neighboring worlds outside the empire that didn't believe the 17th Disjuncture was coming to pass. The Izidou League was subjected to extreme retribution for rebuffing Alluesuenoe's "invitation" to join them. Izidou (2940) itself was bombed with nukes. Its atmosphere now bears a radioactive taint and the survivors forced to rely on the mercy of corsairs. Other member worlds suffered similarly until conceding defeat after the massacre of Izidou.