WINDHORN Subsector K: Imperial era data as of 001-1120.

Subsector Map - 1120

World Name HEX UWP BS Trade PPG AL Stellar
Ghoerurgarz1730B798697-7  Ag Ni905VnG5V M2V
Tirrgsougz1830C576530-6  Ag Ni514VnK4V
Khaellung2126A5699DC-BG Hi Cp403V7M0V
Dazginoeg2229D4A4344-9  Fl Ni Lo804V7M4V
Ghuengagaer2326C96A67B-8  Wa Aq822V7G1V
Aedagagh2327A6628B9-AG  401V7M1V
Vaenkhurrgh2430C410599-B  Ni201V7K9V M4V

Subsector Notes:

The high law level on Khaellung (2126) is a direct reflection of the order's need to guide individual lives and keep them on the path. The other two member worlds, Ghuengagaer (2326) and Aedagagh (2327), were slightly less restrictive. Rather than punitively punish repeat transgressors, the courts expelled them to these other worlds. If they demonstrated repentance, they would be allowed to return. However, this was also a good population pressure release valve so only a few token applicants were selected to return. Most Vargr were content to stay on their new worlds as it meant less pressure to conform to the order's constrictive path.

The Khaellung Collective was a reluctant trade partner with the Sunggoe Combine. While not hostile to them, the Khaellung Collective felt that their brothers were too focused on trade and not enough on spiritual matters. As a splinter group of the Church of the Chosen Ones, the religious leaders felt that the Imperium's blatant materialism was sinful and would lead to their downfall. They preached that their distant pre-sentient ancestors had it right and that was why the Ancients chose them for uplift.

When word reached the Collective that the Combine had "got religion", they rejoiced. Tsaerrgae's Disjunctures, philosophy meshed well with their view of the cosmos. Within months, a treaty was signed and the Collective joined the 17th Disjuncture. As a token of goodwill, a large university was turned over to the teachings of Tsaerrgae and he was invited to be its prime rraerongdaedhokhrrogh, "wise wolf who shares his knowledge".

Dazginoeg (2229) and Vaenkhurrgh (2430) soon followed into the 17th Disjuncture. The rumor was that the newly formed state was adamant about seeing its vision come to fruition, meaning that military muscle would be put to use. When the first wave of missionaries arrived, they willingly joined the crusade before the sword was unsheathed.

The two Ngath Confederation worlds in the subsetor, Ghoerurgarz (1730) and Tirrgsougz (1830) saw things differently. They rejected the advances of the missionaries, preferring Ngath's way. Burning with an inner fire, the zealots warned them that nothing would stop them from seeing the 17th Disjuncture from come to pass. While no military assets were brought to bear against these two worlds (the four parsec gulf and their low asset value was likely the reason), the Confederation was thus forewarned that war with their neighbor was coming.