RIFTSPAN REACHES Subsector H: New Era data, as of 001-1202 / Imperial Era Data, as of 001-1120.

Subsector Map

HEX World Name UWP BS Trade PPG AL Stellar
  De Po Ni M:2
De Po Ni M:2

Subsector Notes:


(3219) saw more traffic from Verge sector than from Riftspan Reaches worlds. Word of Virus came from Sharakhaz (Verge 0418), a friendly Imperial world trailward. This warning enabled the Ahoaheans to prepare with their cousins on Oyoiy (3121) for an attack. Though there have only been a handful of attempts by Vampire Fleets, casualties have been high. Ships capable of crossing the 4 parsec gulf tend to be more advanced than the defending ships.

The gulf which protects Ahoahea from regular Vampire attacks has also prevented any friendly visits as well. As such, it hasn't had any contact with any worlds besides Oyoiy since the Collapse began.

The human population here, as on Oyoiy, has been assimilated into Aslan society. In fact, these humans are considered members of the Iyoihoikyar and Ukhaliha clans. The resultant hybrid society formed by the two races has been a stellar example of race relations. (Based on TD#19)

CT/MT: Refer to Travellers' Digest #19