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Opposition Alliance
circa 1120
The Opposition Alliance is a collection of small vargr states that have banded together in response to the rimward expansion of the Ruler of Five. After listening to the belligerent tirades of its leader and watching his threatening posture come to fruition on several worlds in Lues and Ungersol subsectors, several small states and independent worlds realized that they had to act to survive. Individually, they were no match for the invader's fleets, but if they could combine their forces, there was a chance for victory.

Neighboring states set aside grudges and met to hammer out the terms of a mutual defense pact. While no one charismatic leader arose to guide them all, there was sufficient agreement among the attendees to stand united under the Opposition Alliance banner.

The resistance caught the Ruler of Five off-guard at first and slowed their efforts. They adapted and pushed on, capturing Arena and Varson subsectors. While the Opposition Alliance is still intact it continues to lose ground and will ultimately lose a war of attrition. With the 17th Disjuncture pestering its spinward border, sorely needed assets now have to be diverted. Attempts to enlist the aid of the Voekhaeb Society have met with failure. The Alliance's only real hope is that the Third Empire of Gashikan re-kindles its hatred of the Ruler of Five and joins in the fray.
17th Disjuncture
circa 1120
See "The Wolf-Headed Hydra: Understanding the Reasons for the Vargr Incursion" by Dr. Athena Kostanapholous.