Worlds of Vakkuum Subsector

All library info is dated circa 1120.

Kilikiir (Lishun 0309)

Excellent starport. Trace of an atmosphere. Vacc Suits required. Ice fields. 66 million inhabitants. Bureaucracy. All weapons prohibited outside of the home. Above Average Imperial technology. No gas giants. Two asteroid belts. Non-agricultural world.

Kilikiir traces its roots back to the First Imperium. Shortly after the invention of a two parsec jump drive, Sharurshid announced its intention to exploit this system's mineralogical wealth. However, the Consolidation Wars put settlement on the back burner until -3600.

After four thousand years of mining, Kilikiir's asteroid belts are near depletion. It is estimated that 90% of the nickel-iron asteroids have been processed. Kilikiir itself is home to extensive mining and ore refining operations. Tungsten, Molybdenum, and Chromium are its chief exports.

Lying along the coreward-trailing border of the empire, shipping in the system has been subjected to attacks from Imperial privateers and Vargr corsairs. The Vilani Navy has increased patrols in the area to bolster security.

Breeden (Lishun 0408)

Frontier Installation: No fuel or facilities. Trace of an atmosphere. Vacc Suits required. No open bodies of water or ice fields. 300,000 inhabitants. Breeden Corporation owns the planet. While there are no regulations regarding weapon ownership, enquire with Breeden Corporation for rules of use. 4 gas giants and 1 asteroid belt. Non-industrial world.

Breeden is a moon of the gas giant Laashuurarir and its official designation was Laashuurarir Zeta. It lay unexplored for centuries as the system was utilized for wilderness refueling and nothing more. The First Survey of the Third Imperium turned up a few nickel-iron asteroids in its belt, which brought some traffic to the system, but no permanent settlement. It wasn't until the Second Survey that the moon's deposits of Palladium and Platinum were discovered. The Breeden Corporation bought the world in 1065.

Although the company places few restrictions of visitors, it offers few amenities to them. No effort has been made to establish a formal starport as a plentiful supply of hydrogen, albeit unrefined, is close at hand. As such, the only people who journey to Breeden are those with business to conduct with the company.

The Breeden Corporation has remained allied to Lucan's Imperium, however, shipping in the Breeden system has been threatened repeatedly by corsairs. Although it lies on the border with the Ziru Sirkaa and is within close proximity to the hostile Voekhaeb Society, the company has had to employ mercenaries to help defend the system.