For referees who want to get a start on adventuring in Foreven, the following Amber Zone adventures are suggested. Since none are tied to a specific sector, they can easily be set within Foreven and have the advantage of being ready made.

Of course, there's also CT Double Adventure 5: Chamax Plague/Horde, which does indeed take place in Foreven.
Key: JTAS=Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society, CH=Challenge.
Title Source Location
The Ship in the LakeJTAS 3Cocta
Salvage on SharmunJTAS 4Sharmun
The Werewolf DiseaseJTAS 5Taldor
LoggerheadsJTAS 6Ranther
ScamJTAS 7(Not specified)
Pursue and DestroyJTAS 7Pynchan
Coup D'EtatJTAS 10(Not specified)
Royal HuntJTAS 12Krajraha
Lock BoxJTAS 13Ortai
Aces & EightsJTAS 14Malefolge
FoxhoundJTAS 14Sverdan
ChillJTAS 15Sainte Foy
Last Flight of the ThemisJTAS 16Gwydion
The Day of the GlowJTAS 16Purfyr
Chariots of FireJTAS 18Gatina
Pride of the LionJTAS 19Grizel
Critical VectorJTAS 20Vendetierre
Homesteader's StandJTAS 21Lorelei
The Thing in the DepthsJTAS 22Sturray
SiegeCH 25Launfall
TournamentCH 26New Arcadia
Double FeatureCH 28Palantir
Swift WaterCH 32Indeep

This material was compiled by Greg Videll and Mike Mikesh.

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