Antra Subsector/Deneb 1904
Po Ni Lo Vw
Po Ni Lo
Local Day:41.14 hours
Local Year:102.9 Standard years, 21917.5 Local Days
Axial Tilt:45°
Avg Temp:-23.6C°C (3°C/lat row -11.6 to -51.6)
Seasons:+27 Summer, -45 Winter (100% at 33° lat)
Daily Range:+8.7 day, -61.7 night
Surface Gravity:0.25g

Formerly known as Marnig.

Marnig was such a worthless rock in antebellum times that it did not even enjoy Imperial membership. It was designated as a client state. The arid, frigid climate left little to be desired. It never had any natural resources worthwhile to catch the eye of any sort of corporate entity. Even the most intrepid of entrepreneurs couldn't justify investing in any sort of economic development this close to Vargr space. It was this mundane appearance that made it a perfect base of operations for smugglers. These were the very same smugglers that worked with the Cilnodan (Deneb 1805) government to extort money out of Ling Standard Products and funnel it to the Assemblage of 1116.

It was easy keeping people away from Marnig. The starport was nothing more than a landing field. No fuel was available. No lodging facilities were available either. The TAS guide also had this to say, "There is also no government and a law level of only 1. The tech level is also a mere 5. Although there have been no reported incidents of a criminal nature in the Marnig system to warrant an amber rating, the complete lack of facilities, star faring technology, and social structure suggests that Imperial citizens should exercise caution when visiting the Marnig system. That assumes that Imperial citizens would want to visit Marnig in the first place. We couldn't come up with a reason ourselves." That scathing commentary secured Marnig's position as a quiet, out of the way locale. Perfect for people wishing to stay under Imperial radar.

Since the smugglers were already in league with the Assemblage, Marnig faked its resistance to their invasion. The truth of the matter is that the place was taken without anyone firing a shot. Marnig then became a base of operations for both smugglers and the corsairs.

But the war started to go badly for the Assemblage of 1116 and it eventually crumbled, leaving personnel behind on several worlds. The Quarantine and subsequent crackdown on smuggling by the RQS also left the smugglers high and dry. Arguments started over what to do next. The smugglers decided to abandon the base for more hospitable worlds and try again to defy the Quarantine. The corsairs stationed on Marnig chose to wait for reinforcements with which they could attack the Regency, despite the news that the Assemblage's forces had been defeated once and for all. After the smugglers left, the corsairs renamed the world Trokuelats, after the ship captain who refused to give up on the now dead Assemblage.

This loyalty to the cause continued for several years, as did their raiding. In 1141, a RQS survey team performing reconnaissance in the Antra Wilds was fired upon after it landed. However, the RQS did not retaliate. The forces at Trokeulats were much too small to be of any concern and they kept clear of the Frontier. However, they did keep their eye on them.

When the Ursak A 1116 started their forays into Antra subsector, they found willing recruits on Trokuelats. Their knowledge of the area helped the Ursak A 1116 improve the effectiveness of their strikes.

But the RQS had no tolerance for the tactics of the Ursak A 1116 and began to systematically eradicate them from existence. Their first stop was the base at Trokuelats. Caught unawares, the corsairs were quickly pulverized. Only a few escaped with their lives.

The descendents of the survivors carry on with their forefathers' disdain for the Regency, though it's a bit watered down in its fervor. The world is a stopover and hideout for the Pack. Representatives from the Pack often take pity on these "poor dogs left out in the cold" and periodically bring them supplies. During the long periods between visits, the Trokuelatians kill the boredom, and the hunger, by fishing for ousa, a cousin of the Terran shrimp, in the cold, briny seas.