Antra Subsector/Deneb 2105
Va Ba
Va Ni Lo
Local Day:38.8 hours
Local Year:54.3 Standard Days, 33.55 Local Days
Orbital Period
around gas giant:
63 Standard Days, 39 Local Days
Axial Tilt:27°
Avg Temp:-30.8°C (3°C/lat row -21.8 to -51.8)
Seasons:+16.2 Summer, -27 Winter (100% at 49° lat)
Daily Range:+14 day, -193.9 night
Surface Gravity:0.1g

Torrens orbits the gas giant Adelaide.

Torrens is named after it's first ruler, Sir Richard Torrens, a decorated admiral. He is best known for his work in the First Frontier War when the fleet under his command held off a Vargr thrust into the Marches despite being outnumbered and outgunned. Grand Admiral Plankwell was impressed by Torrens' bravery and skill. When Plankwell left the Marches to usurp the throne, he left Torrens in charge. After Plankwell proclaimed himself emperor, he gave Torrens the planet that would bear his name.

When Torrens discovered that his closest neighbors were Vargr, he sent a communiqué to Plankwell asking him why the world he was granted was positioned so close to an enemy of the Imperium. "Who better to keep an eye on those scurvy dogs?" was his reply. And with that reply came instructions and equipment for setting up a listening post.

In addition to spying on his neighbors, Torrens spent his retirement laying the groundwork for his world's future. Mining rights for the system were leased out to Sternmetal Horizons while the gas giants were harvested for hydrogen. Also, Torrens was the recipient of a stipend from the Imperium to cover the operational costs of the listening facility and to act as a safe house for those defecting from the Imperium's enemies.

Torrens' descendants followed in his footsteps. They dedicated their lives to serving the Imperium, whether through naval service or through intelligence gathering. This loyalty was rewarded. Left to its own GPP, Torrens would not have been able to afford to upgrade its infrastructure to the tech level of 13, which it is rated at. The Imperial government periodically rewarded Torrens' loyalty and service through the centuries by providing the materials, resources, and knowledge necessary to advance the world.

When the Rebellion came and various Vargr nations attacked the Domain of Deneb, activity at Torrens rose to a fever pitch. Imperial spies and informants constantly passed through Torrens starport either coming in to file reports or heading out to gather more information on the enemy. When corsairs began to threaten the world, the navy permanently stationed a squadron of ships here to thwart them.

When the war ended and the Abandonment came, Torrens' mission ended. The inhabitants evacuated their world and journeyed safeside.